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  1. POV: I died at camp hope from the men, after respawning I find a weapon and some ammo and hear over radio chatter that keyan was being held in a castle somewhere, then I figure to check prud since I was so close to it, that was it. They were there. That was when I made my stupid regretful decision to act the way I did in killing the men unjustified.
  2. I really, really badly messed up. For the past two days i have had some rough issues happen within my family. I explained those things that I no longer wish to discuss with Gator on teamspeak. I played this community for three years and I don't want a stupid decision from my head being in the wrong place to be the end of that. Yes I majorly fucked up and I would never mean to do something so dumb based off of my built up personal frustration and I let it get too much in the way of my integrity to role play. Ive spoken to Gator and I would like to attempt to talk and have the chance to personally aplogize to you as well James. I truly do apologize.
  3. AxelGriffin

    S1: Invalid Initiation behind blue hangars [23:00-23:10]

    Axel POV: I simply was turn coating our conversation and when I walked away. Throughout our chat you were treating keyan pretty rudely and being extremely racist. I walked away and put on my press vest and returned and said Axel Griffin with the gorka times (as we introduce ourselves) and said put your hands up. You walked backwards rather then doing as I said and you got shot for it. Even in your POV you state keyan presents himself the same way, Its what we do. My initiation was in no way invalid. If I were to "Initiate on myself" I would have said Axel Griffin with the gorka times put my hands up, not in black and white...Put YOUR hands up, which you failed to do.
  4. I still do not see how this is a bait in anyway, Lukzo. If you don't know not everyone you meet in game is going to be nice to you, when I got back to my mic after answering my door bell not only was I welcomed back with rudeness and rude comments you told me to leave, you kept making comments about me getting out of here and clean my ears so I flip you off as I walk away, I then continue on into the town and you chase me. That is not a bait. That is me leaving and you choosing to follow. Also, the fact that you told me to put my hands up at gun point could arguably be bad rp, but I mean look where that got you and your friends and your camp.
  5. Baiting is completely irrelevent as you chased me out of the town and initiated on me. I did not lead you into a trap or bait you into some location, you were the ones who initiated on ME, If you guys wanted to search the town for squad mates of mine before hand you could have realized you were at a disadvantage. I see you are somewhat new to DayZRP but perhaps you might like to know not everyone you meet is going to be a little ray of sunshine, When I got back to my computer after having to answer my door I was greeted with extreme rudeness, so my character reciprocated the behavior. You guys told me to leave so I did as I walked away I turned and flipped you guys off for your rude behavior, I was on my jolly way when you guys chased after and initiated on me, my squad continued to completely annihilate the remainder of your hostile friends and then we went down to your schools base of operation where I was initiated on once more, AGAIN not the best idea. I kill the man guarding your tents, my squad and I ransack your equipment and go to exit the school when we are approached by two people in the southern apple orchard who also make the mistake of firing at us. The two of them, guess? Died. We then go to get in the white car the people at the school had when 2 people approach us on the street where we initiate on them due to being in a hostile environment. One of them isnt compliant so they die in a similar fashion to the entirety of your group and then Nick Wilde is captured and set free after my squad member talks over his radio to sort out the situation.
  6. Exactly. That is not AXEL that is TEQUAN you are sitting here saying it was me that said it. I were never trying to blame you about any thing, it was some one else POV It was targeted at whoever it was that made that mindless remark.
  7. According to the logs, you disconnected at this time: 23:37:10 | Player "Tequan Letron" has been disconnected However, you were banned at 01:37 and given your warning points at 01:41. Care to explain? As you can see in the video the player use very often the N word which is not allowed and it you will count the time science the hostile saide "hands up your dead" until the shots you will bairly count 3 seconds, which confirms that i didnt had time to response to the hostile shouts, that meen that it was a bad RP and bad hostile RP Exactly. That is not AXEL that is TEQUAN you are sitting here saying it was me that said it.
  8. Hi, in your pov of that report on Tequan, you SEVERELY have a misundarstanding in place, my character never has, and never will refer to anyone as the N word. I would never even think to use that word in real life, you are obviously lying through your teeth if you actually believe my character said those things. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else, so dont go claiming things about me that are false and making dumb accusations, as you are obviously completely new to DayZrp I wont make a big deal about it, but watch what you say about other people and try not to lie in a report like that as people get banned for that.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-RDM-Invalid-execution-X2-30-10-2016-03-50ish Why the verdict is not fair: First I would like To state that not only do I feel my verdict was unfairly given, I want to bring up that in my opinion the justice served in that report was arguably very, very unfairly given. Why I believe my ban was wrongly given, even stated to be valid enough to make this report by the GM, SpaceCowboy, is that I was banned for BadRP. This is due to the fact that while we had Dusty and Rocka captured we did not RP with them much while running to the GM base summer camp. While running with them, the two did not exactly show much RP of their own by constantly making remarks of how we are going to die and constantly making threats to us and singing dumb songs that arguably could be trolling, at this point I took a look out position for our group, so I was not even near them to RP with them as I was far off keeping an eye due to the fact that our group members Alexis was calling out blue arm bands chasing us after Luna and Dinozords told them twice to tell them not to follow us, I rejoin my squad at a point where we close in on green mountain now call me crazy, but the fact that we have 2 members of as group on about 12 people, and in our current moving dynamic there was three of us asking us to give them good RP as all they do is threaten us while we run even continuing to threaten our lives AFTER the radio demands were given, that is bad RP on their end. We tell them to shut up because as we close in on a safe postion to actually RP with them, we have Alexis get on the radio and call out blue arm bands in the woods surrounding Green Mountain, so not only do we have two members of a large group in a surrounded location, even as they are on their knees they continue to say how much we will regret killing them, knowing what we know there was just no way having good RP in that situation could be shown unless we stayed in the one hostile location blatantly showing NVFL as we knew how many hostiles were closing in on us. Now I believe that our many arguements made on that report were not read through clearly enough, So I would live to state some points. 1. https://gyazo.com/4982bc9c499bc6d197b066fd75f9e6eb Blitz, VERY clearly absuing a game mechanic of the animation delay during character interactions and arguably practicing NVFL by running out of a building as hes being tied up AND then proceeds to run passed fully armed luna, myself and Tequan. No punishment was given for that. 2. Dusty, Blatantly lying in a report even to the point where GM castiel thanks luna for bringing forth this evidence, seen here: https://gyazo.com/516b5805bbc5492dc6cece8014269015 also a link to the imgur Luna posted http://imgur.com/a/sYrB8 which contradicted Dusty`s statement. Also I`d like to ask a question out of curiousity, is making up your own rules in a report something that is allowed within a report? Becuase how can the community be expected to follow a rule that is not stated as a rule, and how can an admin punish someone based of something that is not listed as punishable? Dusty clearly made these remarks in And is it not BadRP that Dusty smashes his Radio WHILST his hands are raised? Is that something that is possible even in a roleplaying game? How can someone expect to give him radio demands if before instructed to do so and his hands being raised, he smashes it all on his own? Making up his own rules screenshots: https://gyazo.com/d0f9e747aec7424f429682d6af944df7 Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I truly believe although many reports are made daily and admins can become busy reading them, that our report was not read through clearly enough, our arguementative points within the reports comments were not read through as even while talking to a GM , he admitted to our reasons being valid. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have the propper justice served in this report as clearly people were not given the punishements they should have and I would like the GM`s and admins see from my perspective how hard it was to RP with them while in a situation like that. What could you have done better?: Sure, I could have stopped and RP`d with them but myself in my group is to keep watch for us as we move, Tequan even says for them not to listen to Luna or me as he is the one giving the orders. I could have maybe spoken with them more but after giving them radio demands, and continuing to see multiple members of their dynamic in a field, technically stopping and speaking with them would be a clear display of NVFL for my own self as knowing how many hostiles are surrounding us and stopping making myself a clear target would basically be asking to get shot.
  10. AxelGriffin

    S1 - RDM/Invalid execution X2 30-10-2016 03:50ish

    If a rule is not written down in the rules that every player must follow how can you expect someone to enforce something that is not written out clearly and meant to be enforced? By accurate count this was our sixth encounter with the horsemen and previous to this members of your team practiced their execution rights on Tequan. You can not expect a full fledge RP experience as our teammates are getting our three hostages into a not secure environment and having not only have one of your men straight up run away from the encounter while slipping on his "spiderman mask" but as we are reciving multiple call outs as to shots fired and men in blue arm bands spotted.Back to the "rule that isnt explicitly written down" If it is common sense and something the community is expected of, it would be written down in the rule section that everyone signed up for DayZRP has read during the time of their signing up and has probably responsibly read over it again during their time in partaking in this community. We have kindly asked you to show proof of this "Rule" you are so akin of bringing up but it is not being shown proof of. I feel as if you are not taking the time to notice the actual rules here and more or less stating your opinion. This is just not making sense to me and I don`t mean to come as rude in any way, I just feel this is a invalid arguement being made in regard to the "rule" you seem to be attempting to make a report based on here.
  11. AxelGriffin

    S1 - RDM/Invalid execution X2 30-10-2016 03:50ish

    Axel Griffin POV: After 2 claimed to be horsemen initiated on our friend Luna at the eastern end of Kabanino we went after them through the town and after our friend, Gerald`s death, both of them were soon killed. Myself being an over watch type position for our group I start running around the perimeter of the town and as Tequan is leaving I see that 2 people are following him, Luna approaches them and I approach from their North, after the two of us get over to the situation with weapons in our hands, the 2 men quickly out of no where run away and as they leave they state their friend is in trouble, we follow and continue to start the initiation, we get both of their bags in their hands and we order them to follow Tequan, originally heading toward a town to take them through we are forced to change paths towards the southern barn complex to make our radio demands due to the fact that we spot multiple people following us from the fields and in the tree line directly in front of us, as we are making our way to the barn complex we continually ask them to shut up because all they chose to say was things a long the lines of, Our numbers are huge, you`re all going to die, we have more people then we think and constantly just attempting to threaten us. Amber and Tequan take them into the barn complex to make their radio demands as I went to a near bye defilade so that I can ensure their safety and cover the exit for when they were done. They leave the barn complex and we continue to head toward the Green Mountain summer camp and a long the way we hear Alexis over the radio calling out multiple men in the tree line, at this point we had entered the tree line and it was made quite obvious the two men we had captive were purposely talking loudly to give away our position which is where we said again for them to be quiet, I do not see in any way how that is bad RP, but I digress, We make it to the camp and have them on their knees and Alexis joins us with her hostage, as we have them and are interacting with them we see people moving in from the surrounding trees and right after, Alexis calls out a hostage ran as she was going to tie him, arguably an abuse of game mechanics. Now throughout Alexis` call outs of her taking shots and the hostage running away from the situation showing extreme NLR and Bad RP, we have Tequan out of respect ask them to use our execution rights as this their team ignored our radio demands. He says something how if they shot at us we can, so we continued to execute them. At this point we spot multiple people running toward us so we supress fire on them and chase them towards zeleno, a fire fight ensues with multiple people on both sides being dropped. When my radio goes silent I realize I am the only survivor of my squad and I choose to fall back. Also, Id like you, Dusty to further give us details on this statement you`ve made, "It doesn't explicitly state it in the rules, but it is in fact part of that rule." You contradicted the point you made within the same sentence, If you can find evidence of this please just to further my knowledge of your thoughts on this and my knowledge of the rules so that I can better understand what you mean because if it is not stated in the rule how can it in fact be a rule?
  12. It'll get solved in due time, don't bump the report as it's still being discussed. My bad man, just didnt know if it had been forgotten or not