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  1. I've never been one for introductions but... hey here we are. Not sure how long I will be around, hopefully for a while, but I can say I'm glad the site is still around and that I am finding myself back here. I'm sure things have changed a lot since the mod days, but I'm sure the same love for RP is still there. So hopefully I'll see some of my old friends around, and plenty of new faces to learn. The RP Kid is back in town!
  2. MrDisGood

    Interview with Cowboy

    Wow, I have not touched this account in forever... Popping in to give a tip of the hat to you Cowboy, logging back in and looking over some old threads really brings back some old memories. I'll never forget our RP, it really made the whole DayZRP experience for me. Best of luck to you and all you're up to. O7 Old friend.
  3. Thank you, sorry if there was some hostility in my writing
  4. In no way am I trying to portray a specific mental illness. I have basic knowledge of mental illnesses, so I only know a couple facts and the rest is made up. Now, I'm not an idiot. I will not be portraying this insensitively, I know the difference between blurring the lines and being insensitive. As well, this isn't an 'excuse' for me to do w/e I want. My character only has one other persona and it has a very defined characteristic. It is there so I have a constant IC goal to work towards and to make things interesting. Edit: After reading on some of the facts, I would argue this is mostly within the lines of dissociation identity disorder. It involves one or more personalities that have different characteristics than the person's 'main' self. Also, this can lead to anomalies in behavior and mood, along with other side effects.
  5. Entry 0: Backstory Hi, my name is Danny Murs. I live with my parents and brother, David Murs. I've spent my whole life in the states, hardly leaving the coast. Oh, I also have a sort of... second brother... It has been interesting with him. He likes to be called 'Daniel', at least when he comes out. The doctors say I have a weird defect with my brain, giving me something called a 'multiple personality disorder'. I don't fully know what it means, but it seems to mean I have someone else living in me. I don't really like Daniel. He isn't very nice to people, at least not as much as I am. I never really had any friends, Daniel would scare them off or hurt them. At first it didn't take a lot to bring Daniel out, just saying the his name could trigger him. But eventually I learned to control him, and the doctors gave me some nasty pills. After that I almost never saw Daniel. I almost missed him, my thoughts felt empty without him. After a few years, I was sixteen by this point, we decided to vacation in Chernarus. I had been feeling weird after 'losing' Daniel, seeing all the places we used to go and 'talk'. I liked to go in the middle of nowhere so Daniel couldn't hurt anyone. It calmed him down to be free, he got more... aggressive when I suppressed him for a long time. Even with pills he would slip almost every week. I hoped a change of scenery would change things. Obviously, once we got there things went wrong. The outbreak happened in full force and we were stuck there. As far as I know our parents are... gone... and I lost my brother. I am trying to find my brother, but this place is so big, and he could be anywhere. I also only have one bottle of pills... it's been a long time I went without pills. And last time I did, Daniel escaped for hours. I need to find David at any cost.
  6. What is more important? Realism or RP? Sure realisticly major towns would be a bit barren and you need to really worry about food, but you should be a good enough RPer to take that into consideration as you RP. I can act like I am starving without actually being starving. The fun gained by actually having to scavenge is fine for any other server, but this is a RP server. As said above, you can't really go into major RP centers to RP because you'll starve to death. Everyone will be so spread out that no good RP confrontations can happen. Remember, on average there are only 20-30 people online and Chernarus is massive.
  7. Ok, I'm not arguing persistence isn't a good idea. I'm arguing that it is too broken right now. ALL the gear is in the glitched towns. It isn't just lightly dispersed, it doesn't even exist except for a couple towns. What happens when everyone goes west and loots all of those towns? We'll all be horded around the glitched towns fighting constantly to get even a little bit of gear.
  8. Personally I like persistent since it lets you keep stuff laying around, but I think your right Thumper. I didn't think of this but it should only be put back when it is fixed.
  9. The poll is live - http://www.dayzrp.com/t-poll-dayzrp-standalone-gear-respawn-persistance
  10. Ok, so I had asked a question about this before so make sure to read this first - http://www.dayzrp.com/t-dayz-standalone-gear-spawning Now, I have gathered all the information now and want to make a complete suggestion with all the details. So, the 'problem' I am looking to solve is that gear is too scarce in high-RP areas. I mean such as Novo, Elektro, Cherno, etc. Now I've experienced this first hand with a few people in Novo who were starving and poorly clothed because Berezino, Svet, and Novo ALL had little to nothing. Now the argument is that when gear is picked up on one area that it then re-spawns somewhere else. Now, this is either false or broken. For I've been all around Novo and found nothing new, both before and after restarts. Now this is sad because there is a good RP at Novo tower of a sort of safe haven. But without a supply of gear they can't stay there. Now, why is persistence a problem? Well gear does not spawn as it 'should'. It is argued it spawns slower, like explained above, but that is clearly untrue or it spawns at towns in the middle of nowhere that have no one there to RP with. And this is a RP server. Now to play devil's advocate: This could possibly be a good thing. The RP of scavenging around and being desperate could be fun. That is, if it happens. People usually result to banditry in major areas, or keep to themselves while they loot. Now, would the server be better on non-persistence? Maybe? The problem is people like setting bases up with lights, tents, stores, etc. But, with gear spawning stashes aren't important and bases can be re-made constantly. As well, you can RP quickly once geared. I personally don't like RPing as a fresh spawn or something close to one. Now, the biggest thing that makes me upset is that it is possible to get gear easily. It's just really idiotic. You see, Mista is a town off the the side in the middle of nowhere. Yet it is the most important town on the server. Why? It's broken. It re-spawns gear normally, BUT, the gear doesn't go away since it's persistence. Why is this a problem? The entire server's gear gets stuck in one place in giant piles of clothing and food. Well, now that my rambling is over, post what you think below and vote in the poll.
  11. I've been told by my friends that all the gear has been spawning over is Mista. So it seems it is just broken. So perhaps its best to just change it back? So we don't have a gear fest at Mista?
  12. Honestly, it's a awful thing in my opinion. I've been after restart and literally NO gear has spawned. Which means if you die once you lose your entire set and can't get a new one (usually). And the whole argument about stashes is really one sided. The people who hoard gear are a minority and it isn't important. You'll have a majority of close to fresh spawns and a handful of geared players. It is more fun to simply have spawning gear.
  13. So ya uh... Standalone... Now, gear was re-spawning a few days ago but now I've noticed nothing new spawning. Is there some reason for this? Because since this is a private hive it will become unplayable soon if new gear doesn't enter circulation. Also it is really annoying/boring...
  14. Entry 1: Playpen So... I am stuck here. Not what was originally planned, I will be honest. I was hoping to pop in, shatter a few minds, and leave. But the stuffy world governments have quarantined the area apparently. A inconvenience, but I suppose it just means a longer vacation. Perhaps this book will be larger than I thought... Yes, I should mention I am writing a book. A wonderful little document that delves into the deepest, darkest pits of human psyche. The kind of place I love to wallow. Who am I? Why, I am the one and only, wonderfully twisted, amazingly talented Dr. Hale Masters. Doctorate of psychology before anyone, and they always do, assumed I know how to fix a cut. I simply know how to make them. Yes, I spent a while as a... butcher. Yes, a skill that comes in handy in this place, plenty of fresh meat. Anyways, now that introductions are over, you nosy reader (Thought I assume I am dead if you are reading this, so good shot I suppose!) I am here on business and pleasure, it is my personal love to mess with person's mind. You'd be surprised how both durable and sensitive the human brain is. Once someone breaks, they remain broken. There is no turning back, and that is where the fun begins. Wading in the mess of thoughts once someone's mental damn breaks, for that is the science behind the madness. One can only take so much mental abuse. Sadly my job is easy here, with the pesky living dead most people have already had more stress than normal. It only takes some minor... prodding to break someone. Both a blessing and a curse, I am able to indulge on my vacation. Well, enough now. I will keep my journal updated as often as possible. Even I need to keep my thoughts straight. Signed, Doctor Hale D. Masters