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  1. Thank you Rolle, that answers my question completely. (:
  2. That doesn't answer my question. I'm only wondering how the queue placement works, not if regular apps are being accepted.
  3. I was wondering how the queue for the white listing applications works. Is the place in line based on how long the application is? Or is it handled by someone and not automated? Having a debate with my friend and the only logical way I could see the functionality of the queue is that it bases your place in line on how long the actual application is in characters. I've already been accepted since like last month, I was just wondering how it actually works.
  4. My name is Tyler Mills, but my forum alias is Oplet, I would just like to post to say hello to the community! I was pretty excited when I found out that DayZ has a role playing community that obviously enforces the rules very well and strictly, which I like. I was tired of playing Deathmatch with a few zombies here and there, and having these servers showed that not everyone just wants to kill survivors, but actually be immersed in the game with a character that came from that person's soul. I hope to have a great time in this community, I am now just waiting as the second person in the queue for my application to be accepted.