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  1. @VodkaWolf - setting up a PD in gorka and after a nice chat he wanted us to join.... thought he was a really nice guy and even though we were well armed to the teeth and in a large group he still came over for some RP. best RP of the day by far thanks
  2. Shaun Hardings POV: Hank and i were wondering around NW with a few other mates and after a while the numbers dwindled down to just us two which is when we bumped in to the other group (moes). after a while we spotted a group at the side of NW trying to avoid us so we gave chase...after following them to Vybor we gave up and went back to NW where we spotted a man on the fire station taking shots at zombies. we decide to go over and aid him and after him not responding we moved up to him... it was at this point we discovered he had magically dissipated from the roof which was being watched from all over. thus ending my POV of the NW incident
  3. even if not we have about 6 guys i think that all witnessed the guy in question log after we went to talk to him
  4. sorry dont have any vid of it... others in group might though
  5. sorry didn't mean to re-post that dont know how to delete it
  6. the video is to show i was with the other hostage to be honest this is completely not true considering i was with the second hostage from the moment i ran out and grabbed him to the moment i got shot but i will say whoever had the German voice was with me from start to finish also
  7. here is video POV for Shaun Harding and Colton (guy in cowboy hat and with south Kent accent) as said in video description sorry my mic doesnt work...shadow play didn't record my in game mic for some reason
  8. to add to the proof i was with the other hostage i even gave him a MP5 to defend himself if they went for him and died first right next to him before the newly named "naked hostage" was killed
  9. hey there, im afraid i was tending to the other hostage we had taken at the time (on the left side of the hanger) and have no idea what was happening to the other guy. i dont know who made him drop his stuff but all i can really say is it wasn't me for sure ( if the other hostage is in this chat he will also tell you that i was with him and not the guy that ended up without his gear on) also sorry for the late reply i haven't checked the site in a while as my internet was down last night
  10. we were on NW air field and were holding up two players in a hanger (they had no way to communicate in game that would be RP as we checked them for radios and smashed them)..... about 5mins in to taking the 2 players a group showed up and made no attempt at RP....they just shot us down as fast as they could.... i have video proof of this if needed
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