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  1. Jamirez Garcia, son of Esteban and Patricia Garcia, was born in Buenos Aires Argentina and as a child he enjoyed playing football and go hunting with his father. He killed his first deer at age 9. At age 11 he moved to USA Texas with his family because of his father s work. There he went to a Latino American school where he was quite popular and enjoyed playing football with his friends. But he still enjoyed hunting so when he finished school he went to the U.S Army (USMC). He fought on the Second Gulf War in the USMC. When the war ended they retired from service. Jamirez married with Maria Garcia who he met in the Latino American school and they had two children. Checo and Carla Garcia. After the war he had a role as a father and a husband and he also went hunting with his sun but he eventually got bored of his life and missed the action and danger from the war. So one day he decided to go on a Hunting trip in Chernarus. But then an infection appeared and killed a lot of the population. Jamirez managed to survive because of his hunting experience but he couldn t find a way to go back to his family who he missed very much. He still has a picture of the family wich he looks at every night and prays that he will one day see them again.
  2. Jamirez Garcia. POV. Friend mentioned. @Method_Flux I saw my friend Ming Quan being released by the same group that had taken me hostage yesterday and followed my friend towards the NWAF and met up with him. Later my friend reported seeing one of the group members near the hangars and we both got inside some barracks and hid inside the toilet. The suspect followed us to the barracks and offered us some gear but my friend recognized his voice and outfit. We discussed this and Ming decided to open fire on the man suspected to be one of the capturers.
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