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  1. Born in 1978 , both of his parents were soldiers in the RLI. After fall of Rhodesian in 1980 he and his family moved to South Africa. After finishing studies on agricultural high school he joined The South African Army and fought in the South African Border War. His family farm was raided during the war . His family moved to Cape Town after the war but he wanted to continue fighting. In 2009 he joined the USMC and fought in the Chernarussian Civil War against ChDKZ. During the outbreak he was stationed at Pavlovo Military Base. After the outbreak he found himself fairly equipped and trained but without any of his squad members. His goal is to find his missing squad (or whats left of it) , find and eliminate the remaining ChDKZ members and eventualy return home to South Africa.
  2. Born in 1992 , his father was a soldier and his mother was an accountant. His childhood years were full of problems like beating up other classmates in elementary school , breaking things and other kinds of vandalism. - His motto is : "Your opponent should be smaller , weaker than you or a woman - Hey its not her problem that she is not a man! He studied engineering in high school. After finishing high school he found a job as a engineer in local Lada factory. He loves his grandmother that always makes him good food and kompot. His favorite past-time activities are : - Vodka - Kvass - Hardbass - Cars - Beating up gypsies - Squatting with his fellow gopniks - Generaly having fun and not living a boring life.
  3. Slobodan "Freedom Fighter" Djajic : Slobodans early years of life are not known by anyone but him. He is a Serbian soldier that fought in Bosnian War 1992 - 1995 under Garda Panteri (where he was supposedly involved in war crimes - but was not found guilty). The event that made him a tottaly different man was massacre of his village Kravica on Orthodox Christmas by Muslim Bosniak soldiers. His entire family and fianceé died in the massacre. He swore to get revenge on the killers of his family. After finding the Bosniak unit that caused the massacre he opened fire on them - outnumbered and outgunned he managed to kill the whole unit from afar with his M76 rifle. He has also fought in in the Kosovo War 1998 - 1999 under SFRJ Milicija (where he was supposedly involved in war crimes too - but was not found guilty again). He joined up with his friend Jozef Cibulković in 2009. Together they fought in the Chernarussian Civil War against ChDKZ (Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star) under the banner of Chernarussian Defense Forces (CDF). And then against the USMC in Russian Armed Forces. After the outbreak in Chernarus he makes his living as a mercenary, putting his skills to use, and trying to find his old buddies from Russian Armed Forces and his friend Jozef. He is also trying to set up a base of operations in the Chernarus. He views the apocalypse a punishment for mankind for all bad things that it has done , but also as a new beginning for everything. He folows his own code of morality (thats why he is not eligible for any Alignment).
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