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  1. @VodkaWolf Enjoyed meeting Joel and hearing a bit about his plans, also getting invited along to take part in the establishment in a town is an idea I will be considering.
  2. A few years back, Chris was running one of the most popular gun stores and firing ranges in the Queens area of New York. Many customers would come in setting down orders for specific weapons to be shipped in, allowing him to get a good feel for many different types of weaponry. He became knowledgeable on a large variety of both new and old weaponry as well as attachments, munitions, military surplus clothing and other gear which was stocked within the store. Every year he would tour several conventions which occurred around the States in order to select new stock and browse for future additions. A large convention was held in the region of South Zagoria, Chernarus and Chris could not miss out on the opportunity to sample the wares being displayed. He booked a flight to Chernogorsk and stayed within the town for a week, sampling the local culture before moving inland to Zelenogorsk where the convention was taking place. Before he could arrive at his destination, the coach was turned round after reports of people attacking eachother throughout the countryside began circulating the radio stations. Once they arrived back in Chernarus the military began to round the civilian population up and relocate them to a "safe haven", however the convoy never arrived due to a group of opportunistic criminals attempting to make a profit out of the ensuing chaos. Chris was able to sneak away from the ensuing gunfight and headed inland towards the more forested areas of Chernarus in search of other misplaced survivors like himself. Eventually he came across a small group made up of varying nationalities, all wishing to leave the country by any means necessary, therefore they agreed to support each other until they were able to flee the region and find out what had become of the rest of the world.
  3. *Hank presses the PTT button on his radio, after examining the settlement of Stary Yar and finding no one nearby* "Hey, this is Hank. I came through to a settlement the other day with a hostage I had rescued, you will know who you are if you met me. Just wanted to check in with you, however it seems none of your group are around for me to talk to. Everything is resolved and the guy is safe, don't think the bastards will be a problem anymore. Hank out." *He releases the PTT button and places the radio back into his bag, waiting around a short while to see if anyone comes by*
  4. Hardie

    S1 NWAF- Avoiding RP/Logging 22:04

    @Farmer Giles, You couldn't have been harmed by the zombies and therefore had no reason to shoot at them anyway..you were on the very roof of a firestation shooting them. seems convenient too that you led down and hid from us to log out when we approached the station too..
  5. Hardie

    S1 NWAF- Avoiding RP/Logging 22:04

    Sorry about Akuma, he isn't always at his pc and may take a few days to respond.
  6. *Hank is wrapping up after taking what is left of the old supplies from base, he removes the radio from his backpack and attempts to make contact with whoever took shelter* "Sorry to say friend, but I think someone got to your "gift" before we did. Ain't nothing here but a load of old crap." *Hank sighs before letting go of the PTT placing the radio back into his backpack*
  7. Hardie

    S1 NWAF- Avoiding RP/Logging 22:04

    Hank Weston POV: been wandering the North West Airfield and surrounding area for the past few hours with my group, eventually it was down to only me and Shaun Harding. We ran into Moe and his group, after about 10 minutes we headed to Vybor chasing another group, upon our return to the airfield we saw Giles atop the Firestation taking shots at the infected. we ran towards the building attempting to make contact with him, he saw us coming and ducked out of our line of sight. We recieved no response despite being at the base of the building. We had people watching the ladders and the four sides of the station the whole time. After waiting roughly half a minute with no response we stormed the building and climbed the ladders and found no one in the building.
  8. *Hank is about to bed down for the night, when he hears the radio transmission, he presses down on the PTT button and prepares a response* "Hello Cormac, Can't say I've ever heard you before. Name's Hank, that settlement - or what is left of it - would be the remains of my home." *Hank stops talking for a moment, reflecting back on what he has said* "If you wish to meet in person, we can remain in contact here. Perhaps we can meet up, right now we are rather..preoccupied. Nonetheless I am glad that we managed to provide shelter for you, and I am personally glad to hear that you are doing well. Signing Off." *The radio falls silent as Hank releases the PTT button and continues laying out his bedroll*
  9. Hardie

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    Hello? My name is Hank Weston.I have heard the name Chief spread around on this frequency a fair bit, and I need to make contact with the man named previously. Please, if you are listening "Chief", I have information which you must hear. If you can possibly contact me somehow it would be much appreciated, this can not be shared in detail across an open radio freque- *Hank is cut off by the sound of gunshots, he can be heard running, and the transmission ends.*
  10. coming to ts now, dunno how my voice comms will be as I'm uploading atm. I've spoken to the accused (Ryan) and I am happy to close the thread, problem resolved.
  11. Because you are part of the squad, I just listed the names of everyone I believe to be involved in the hostage situation.
  12. your name was mentioned here as you introduced yourself to me during the hostage taking, you were present at the time of the hostage taking, and were a part of the group. It is stated within the rules under section 8.6 that to check through someones gear you must handcuff them and check through, or roleplay searching through the persons gear. What your group did was a case of bad rp as they told me to drop all of my gear on the floor (stripping my character naked) and threatening me with death if I refuse to do so.
  13. Server and Location: DayzRP - S1 EU- Role Play - www.Dayzrp.com Time: 8:10 Name: Hank Weston Name of Allies: No Allies Name of Suspect: Ryan Sawyer, DAVID CRUMP and 1 other (unknown) Additional Evidence: Youtube link provided when upload finishes Description of events: Was walking through Gorka when a group of 3 led by Ryan Sawyer held me and another player up, they then proceeded to take us to a building where they knocked the other (complying) hostage out, and left him with no weapons or food or drink, they untied me and told me to drop all of my gear on the floor or they would shoot me, then released me with only a single can of food, a bottle of water and my bat, removing my guns and anything else valuable. I believe this to be classed as Bad RP under section 8.6 as they told me to drop all of my items to look through them and take anything they fancied, rather than role playing the removal of items. Video evidence will be provided once upload finishes.
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