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  1. IGN: ( Stiofan O'Martin) Age: 21 Country: USA but Work in Germany English skills: Outstanding DayZ Mod Experience: DayZ Standalone Experience: Still a little new but been a day z player since there was a day z to play Roleplaying Experience: played lots of different games that involved Role play so id say pretty extensive but always room for improvement What kind of In Game role best describes you: Diplomat and Rifleman i fight with the pen the sword and the tongue Have you been in any clan/group previously: Additional notes: Martin is my name in TS Best way to contact you: TS or search me on steam SPC Martin is my name the profile is a picture of a red and black hand shaking hands Backstory: A US soldier sent to guard an embassy due to the outbreak but was caught in a hurricane on the boat ride over just off the coast of Chenarus and was then washed ashore alone and afraid he set off to survive in this new world
  2. S.Martin


    Would Bang because he likes bandits
  3. hey guys long time no see to some of you i am back and looking forward to see all the old faces and meet the new =D
  4. S.Martin

    [MR][WIP] Decommissioned Base R-23

    I know I'm posting a tad late but i would love to see this in-game i think it would be sick because you're right noone has a reason to go to skalka and this would give the opportunity for more RP in more places
  5. I really like this idea i think its awesome! I would love to be able to watch some hostages fight for freedom makes for great RP
  6. Welcome to RP I look forward to seeing you out there!
  7. S.Martin

    DayZRP 1.4.1 Changelog

    Its looking good and i cant wait to see what the supper secret changes are
  8. Hello all im back after a long time had some things happen that kept me away from the game and alot of people thought i died but i am not dead so i look forward to seeing you all out there!
  9. hey guys ive already posted here a while back but i figured id post again and say hey im back so lookin forward to playing with you all again
  10. IGN: SGT. STEPHEN JAMES MARTIN COUNTRY: FROM USA LIVING IN US ARMED FORCES GERMANY ENGLISH 10/10 DAYZ EXPERIENCE: EXTENSIVE (FORMER NO LIFER ON DAY Z BEFORE THE ARMY) What kind of role best describes you: Infantry Team Leader also squad tactics (IRL) Have you been in any clan or group previously: Yes was in the UN Best way to contact Skype: N.Bielski or if you see me in ts Backstory: Sgt Martin was an Infantry team leader in a Stryker deep recon unit with 1st Squadron 2nd Calvary Regiment sent to Chernarus to help with recon for the invasion soon after the zombie outbreak we were retasked to search and rescue. while out on a deep rescue mission out of comms range the US government decided to withdrawl all troops to help with the spreading infection in the states... We were left behind over time my entire Platoon was killed off by either sickness, bandits, or infection. As far as I know I am all that remains of my platoon I still search to this day for my Comrades and maybe ill find them or maybe not