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  1. I handcuffed him and robbed him and then after sentenced him to death and shot him in the head. i am not sure if that is allowed. I am pretty new but i have just met a group that explained the initiation and how it is handled. i logged out after because i checked stary and no one was there so i just logged off.
  2. My characters name is Ben Shiverson, he is in his mid 40's and lives in Kamishovo, Chernarus. He has no family as they had passed away when he was younger. One morning ben woke up on a early morning and made some coffee, breakfast, and turned on the television to the morning news channel, as he did every morning. A so called "outbreak" was occurring in Cherno. People were getting infected by a virus that made people eat each other. Ben heard on the radio of a place called NWAF "North West Air Field" where there were no infected and a sanctuary for civilians. so the next morning he packed up and drove to the NWAF to find protection and safety. People said there were no infected at the air field , they were all wrong. infected were all around the Military Bases. all of that military loot is just sitting there for ben to take. ben shiverson is going to take a lot of military loot and for a fully kitted base with weaponry. Ben needs to find a small group of survivors, people who don't care about the consequences, who will make a decision when needed. He will need to grow as a group to show everyone who not to mess with and claim his land and start a community for the people who are willing too fight and are strong enough to handle what is really out there
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