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  1. Epoch is fun, but it's too focused around gold and selling items. The fun quickly declines and it just isn't too fun. I'd stay on vanilla DayZRP
  2. Brief Background: Citizen of Kamenka, watched my family die and turn, hid in my basement until supplies got low, ran out in search of fellow survivors. Day 1: -After finally taking that trip out of my basement, I decided it was time to make my way to Cherno to see if I could find any fellow survivors. In fact I did. Just one. William Munny was his name. We ran into Cherno looking for a toolbox. There were shots being heard and we tried to be cautious. Then there it was. A toolbox! I told William that I found it and I ran back to the Hospital in Cherno. The next event stopped me in my tracks. There was William laying on the floor. I went to check his pulse, but zombies started chasing me. I couldn't see if he was dead or just passed out from something. I just kept running. I kept hearing shots as I ran. I just hope William is still alive. He was a good man. One day I hope to see him again. -Nightime has now fallen as I am getting warmed up by the fire here at NATO's base. I met a new friend Dr. Khun. Also some NATO members are here. Their names have been forgotten unfortunately. We ran out and did a medical supplies run and came back willing to trade NATO. I recieved a few STANAG rounds for my newly aquired M4A1. I have now parked my new car in the woods as I slowly doze off. Today was a great day.
  3. why does my position in queue keep increasing when it gets close to 100? Like I got from 104 in queue and then out of nowhere it jumps to 150. Ive been waiting for almost a month to get accepted. I'm just ready to have fun on this game again. Tired of getting kos ed on non rp servers.
  4. in my application, I stated about being a resident of chernarus. If I get accepted, I may stick with it.
  5. I was only 17 when they came. They had already gotten the entire US Army and were sweeping across the US rapidly. The news never came on to notify us. They were already bit. Ironically, I was sitting down watching the season premiere of a show called The Walking Dead. It was all about a zombie outbreak. Next thing I know, what looks like an infantryman knocked on our door, but in an odd way. My mom answered the door and the man bit her. The flesh was torn off her body. My dad went to her aid, but she had already died, then the walker bit my dad. His breaths became short and he slowly died. I ran out my back door and didn't stop. I could hear my brother's screams as I reached the edge of my yard. It was too late to turn back. I knew what I had to do. I ran for the shore. When I got there, I saw a ship about to deport. I went aboard and it as it took me clear across the Atlantic Ocean. One day, the boat just crashed onto land. The sign was in a foreign language, but I could understand it. It read "Welcome to Chernarus." I got off the boat and so did 6 other people. I have survived one month here. The other 6 though, are dead. The sickness got them. It's just me out here alone hoping someone comes around sooner or later. Maybe I will go out and explore the world.
  6. Name: Joe Spinelli Age: 17 Height: 5'11" Weight: 160 lbs Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Pre-Outbreak Profession: Unemployed Demeanor in Three Words: Outgoing, Adventurous, Loyal
  7. Hey how are ya? wonderful weather we are having huh? okay see ya around.