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  1. My friend got blacklisted for apparently copying his story on the whitelist app, which sucks cause he did write it, but I can't even be mad cuz of the meme it's created in this moment between us! lmfao

    1. Lyca


      Well, everything can be sorted out when he write a ban appeal. :) 

    2. Ronin47


      Tru tru, it's quite funny honestly not even he's that mad


    3. Eagle



    4. Lyca


      Well I mean if he is mad or not.. also depends probably if he really did something or not :P 

      I will happily look into it. ^_^

    5. Ronin47


      Yeah of course, I've actually got it up rn trying to put together what exactly happened. It's an interesting read to say the least lmao

    6. Aiko


      He already sent in an appeal we will look into it ^_^ please let him know its best to be truthful.

    7. Ronin47
  2. I'm so happy i found a reason to use those giphs finally lmao

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    The servers up but keep rejecting my connection!

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    When I woke up on my snow day to see the server down ¬¬

    1. TateRinefield
    2. BorisRP


      Ehm fun

  5. *Brandon would pick up his radio, laughing and sighing as he held down on the PTT.* "Brilliant playground insults. I'll choose not to argue if you'll choose not to take my warning. Have a good day, Mr. Guard, you as well, Mrs. Gray." *Brandon would release his PTT, placing the radio down again.*
  6. *Brandon would grab the radio from the table in his house at Sin City* "Well, 'Mr. Guard' as Mr. Derek called you, I feel obligated to warn you to not get into the pile of shit Quinn will lead you into. Accept her exile, and let her die out there, because it will keep you and a lot of others alive. She did indeed accuse a man falsely of rape, to which for a time I did believe her and harm the man to which I apologize for. She did indeed threaten to cut a mans hand off for not bowing, she may of forgotten that everyone who was there isn't dead, meaning myself. When it comes to murder, I'm sure Mr. Derek has experienced many times she has attempted, including yours truly. Lastly, it's the end of the world, they can kick someone out of their town for whatever reason they like, even something as simple as being a cunt. 'Mr. Guard' take the warnings of myself and many of these people please, I'd rather not see anyone else be harmed because of her." *Brandon placed the radio back on the table, then sat down to rest*
  7. Show some love <3

    @Rainey Always enjoy the RP. Brandon and Jordan have been through hell and back, he wouldn't of made it as far without you. @Lady In Blue I was the first person to find you on your strange Korean character, and your friend got me killed! None the less, always fun. @Dubstep212 Always fabulous RP you Punisher wannabe. Try not to punch anyone so we don't have a repeat of last time! @Sergeant Mexico Give me all your apples! *Dead.* @Everybody Hates Banks Ah yes, DAD! Lovely RP always, never forget them dank Mars Corp days. @Rory Some of the best RP for me has come from you honestly, Viridian itself was perhaps some of the best RP for me. never forget, don't let me tab out in front of you! @Dirty Dan Same goes for you always fun! Sucks it's hard to come across you cause I'm a yank and time differences and all, but we'll meet again. @Legit everyone else in Viridan - Don't got the effort to do ALL of you! Sorry! Flawless RP, miss the lot of you! Hopefully there will be a run in soon! @Dvlinhb We still have that thing to take care of. RP is always wonderful whether it's Everest, Laurence or some insane guy who thinks he's Leonidas! @Roach Thanks for having me and Braddock in your Famiglia. Let's see where this goes, shall we? Sorry to anyone I've missed which is probably a lot, but in all seriousness most people I come across give me amazing RP!
  8. Screenshot_4.png.62005e910678d09d2a894e7e880ee44e.png

    I had to lads

  9. Papa? You alive? [Open Frequency]

    *Brandon looked at his radio for a minute, contemplating whether or not to respond. He sighed as he picked it up.* "Mr. Derek, such intellectual words. I will choose not to argue here, all I will say is there have been many instances where people there have been robbed or shot at. Just earlier today, a man took up a boxing match and the person he was up against cheated and used brass knuckles. They ended up stripping him down and throwing him on the coast. Get what I'm saying? That's the kind of stuff I not only hear, but see happen in Tortuga. Anyways, as I said I won't argue so unless I'm insulted again I will not respond. Have a good day, Mr. Derek." *Brandon released his PTT, clipping his radio to his belt.*
  10. Papa? You alive? [Open Frequency]

    *Brandon held down on his PTT for the last time.* "Alright Mrs. Gray I'm going to tell you where we are on a different frequency because of certain individuals. You will come alone, telling no one at all where you are going. Also, if I may, stay as far away from this "Tortuga" as possible. It's not a safe place in the slightest." *Brandon released his PTT, putting his radio down.*
  11. Papa? You alive? [Open Frequency]

    *Brandon held down on his PTT again.* "Mrs. Gray, don't trust Mr. Leewood, even though you two would probably get along quite well. Also, besides that, do you even care?" *Brandon released his PTT, sighing.*
  12. Papa? You alive? [Open Frequency]

    *Brandon'd hold down on his PTT, sighing.* "Mr. Leewood, this is a frequency that many could hear including Mendenhall. I don't advise you try anything stupid here. As for you, Mrs. Gray, what reason do we have to trust you at this point?" *Brandon'd release his PTT, putting his hand over his face as he leaned on the fence beside him.*
  13. The Station: E98 [Open Recruitment]

    Thank you for the feedback! I understand what you're saying and must agree to a certain extent honestly. I tried looking for evidence of a station or two like Rainey said "behind enemy lines", but it seems the location of most of these stations are still classified or something along those lines. I myself wouldn't call it impossible we'd have one in Chernarus, but I totally understand what you mean! We'll attempt to find either proof of one of these babies in the Soviet block, or if it really becomes to large a problem I'm sure we can find an improvisation!