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  1. GalloWB

    Potius Cras

    Of course you were! Can't wait to reunite with you lads on common ground when I get a response
  2. GalloWB

    Potius Cras

    I always seem to miss you gents by an hour I did yesturday in Pav!
  3. I wouldn't mind double stamina but I see no point in it. I usually jog anyways because I travel with people 90% of the time and I can't manage to RP while sprinting so.
  4. GalloWB

    The vatos are back.

    *Brandon blinks twice and holds down on his PTT.* "The fuck did I just listen to? Sounds like the parts of New York where the homeless hung out on this frequency.." *PTT.*
  5. Pleasure to run into you gents. Nice to see a military groups that actually acts like a military.
  6. GalloWB

    The Green Dragons

    @Kai Is a superior lad and RPer
  7. GalloWB

    The Green Dragons

    All good. Far as I know (What I was told) you were just on the roof. I'm honestly just the messenger. Thank you though I appreciate it. Apologies for posting here we honestly just didn't know who to PM. PS: RogueSolace says hello Wong.
  8. GalloWB

    The Green Dragons

    Definitely would of. Just didn't know who it was. Was only told by friends "Green Dragon member". Happy to bring it to a PM if the gent it was lets us know.
  9. GalloWB

    The Green Dragons

    Hello, so about 10 to 20 minutes ago from me writing this me and several others including @RogueSolace and @Jaxon were in Dubky discussing very confidential things to some cool story stuff we're doing with @Major in one of the lower floors of an apartment building. One of your members were on the roof listening into us, however, we stated clearly that we were whispering and no one else, especially someone on the other side of several layers of concrete, should not of heard us. Considering this was literally a few minutes ago and I do not think anything has even been mentioned among you lot this isn't really a complaint, just a plee for good sportsmanship, and that you please do not use that information.
  10. GalloWB

    Requesting Medical Personnel

    *PTT.* "Well, welcome back. Whoever told you there was a lack of doctors in the area is quite simply an idiot who has never turned on a radio. However, more doctors are always welcome." *PTT.*
  11. GalloWB

    Where the Fudge is Everyone

    No hot spots far as I know. I ran into a metric fuck ton of people down south though.
  12. GalloWB

    • GalloWB
    • SmashingWB

    Superior lads.

    1. SmashingWB


      Top notch

  13. I like the kinda strong, fast zombies. I'd rather be cautious and there be an actual point and danger to then, rather then know I can manage a horde on my own.
  14. GalloWB

    Current Bugs in Testing.

    Other items that can't be repaired like Lyca said seems to be the new weapons.
  15. GalloWB

    Potius Cras

    Lovely RP from @Smixxa the other day. I love all of you.
  16. *PTT.* "Salud and chin don, Saviors. Good luck." *PTT.*
  17. GalloWB

    Formal investigation in John Moody

    *PTT.* "Listen, I don't dislike the UN, in fact I like what yous do, but with all do respect, don't waste your time on this false claim." *PTT.*
  18. Are anyone else pictures fucking up when they update their profile page?

    1. GalloWB


      *Character page

      Sorry it's like 8am

    2. Mademoiselle


      It’s a bug in the system. Roland is trying to fix it soon ™️

    3. GalloWB


      Thank you!

  19. *PTT.* "I only got back recently, speak soon." *PTT.*
  20. *PTT.* "Kamenici is also working with foreigners. Sometimes I think Chernorussians dont even understand what they're saying to themselves." *PTT.*
  21. *PTT.* "Chernorussians, so intelligent as to be way to busy fighting foreigners than actually defending their country. Really shows how superior you guys are." *PTT.*
  22. *PTT.* "Thought i'd throw it out there before I go to bed, I can escort you to Novaya if you need, Noah. You and your wife are in to rough a condition to be alone. We're basically sleeping 500 feet from eachother right now anyways, so why dont I just help you get up there in a few days?" *PTT.*
  23. *PTT.* "Noah McKaine, if you can hear this its Brandon Terrano, we have your wife eith us, and she's beaten pretty bad.. Don't worry though, we're taking care of her. Contact me on my private frequency 47.3 and I'll let you know where we are. She's asking for you." *PTT.*
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