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  1. *Terrano sighs and holds down on his PTT.* "I don't know you personally, but godspeed. As someone on the outer layer of all this fighting, I can only hope it stops soon. Greater problems are ahead, and a war over some bullshit story that your guys leader is a pedophile or whatever the lie is is the last thing we need right now. No matter how much of a moral high ground either side thinks they have.. It's just Anarchy versus my coalition, all over again.." *Terrano releases his PTT.*
  2. @Mr. Blue - Never forget

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      "That's amoreeeee"

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      "The musical genius of deaaaan martin"


  3. @RogueSolace @Jaxon @AlanM - What a lovely team of individuals, awesome RP provided as always and Terrano will definitely hang around more! Y'all get shot at a lot less @BillyR - I Fucking love Jerk Off Jimmy. Like, you're character is hysterical and doesn't actually feel that memey, like he's funny on a realistic level if that makes sense (which it probably doesn't ) can't wait to see more of you!
  4. Good Fella


    @Semiazas We updated the group thread but it was just some grammarical fixes mainly. The last two paragraphs in red arent supposed to be there aswell, mouse just put them in and isnt here to take them out rn. Whats the word on becoming official if you or anyone know?
  5. Fuckin' hell dude I was in hysterics
  6. Please no there is way to many zombies already just ask Jerk Off Jimmy.
  7. @Mouse @Smashing @Kai @GenjiRP
  8. Good Fella

    Potius Cras

    And so they return, happy to see this! Loved you gents awhile ago, and will love you now. Good luck!
  9. Oh yes I am so happy this gem is back
  10. *Terrano holds down on the PTT, and there is a long silence before he begins to speak.* "Damn well... Shit. Sorry to hear that. I believe you're the one I talked to back when Ben was killed, Dominik, right? I'll happily hand over the ring, it's best if.. Best if it's buried with her if it cannot be returned to Ivan. I'm sure I'll see you soon. Terrano out." *Releases PTT.*
  11. *Brandon chuckles, and presses hit PTT.* "No need to apologize, I feel yah. Just funny I seen so many pleas to Moody recently. Supporting Saviors is better than supporting those other groups out there, honestly. The girl is right though, they get shot at like, a lot. So, hope you can dodge bullets. *PTT release.*
  12. *Brandon holds down on the PTT.* "Is this a new trend for people to ask to join the saviors on the radio? Moody, you've got your work cut out for yah." *Brandon releases his PTT.*
  13. *Brandon holds down on his PTT and begins speaking immediately.* "I'll keep this message short, some may remember about five or six months ago me and some friends of mine killed one of the last serial killers associated with Wes Carter, his name was Ben. Anyways, I met with a few gentlemen about the event and I seem to have forgotten to give them something... Ivan's wifes ring. I have it on me. So, if anyone is out there, whether it be an associate of Ivan or Ivan himself, and you want the ring, I will happily return it to you. It's only right that I do." *Terrano releases his PTT.*
  14. *Brandon holds down on the PTT.* "I agree the pedophile thing is getting old. However this radio frequency has given me a good laugh." *Terrano releases.*
  15. Good Fella

    Surgeon Available

    *Terrano holds down on his PTT after rubbing his eyes stressfully, a long, drawn out sigh insues before he starts talking.* "All of this Fae was uncalled for. What? Are you mad that Mrs. Valentine didn't bend over like a dog, like Moretti did? You're smart enough to know if she submitted the situation would of only been worse. They'd of accused her of something or another when they got bored and they'd of hung her or some shit. Also, even though I don't know the exact situation, I know damn well you'd of never bowed to anyone with your massive ego and ammount of pride. Beth wanted to be a neutral hospital, and she tried her damndest to keep to that. But theres always somewhere out there who wants to ruin an attempt at a rebuilt society." *Terrano releases the PTT for a moment to breath, then continues talking.* "Anyways, whatever this beef is it ends now. Beth is not Rose and she does what she can, and no one can blame her for that. I'll contact you soon enough, Beth. Stay safe." *Terrano releases his PTT.*