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  1. Are anyone else pictures fucking up when they update their profile page?

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      Good Fella

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      Sorry it's like 8am

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      It’s a bug in the system. Roland is trying to fix it soon ™️

    3. Good Fella
  2. *PTT.* "I only got back recently, speak soon." *PTT.*
  3. *PTT.* "Kamenici is also working with foreigners. Sometimes I think Chernorussians dont even understand what they're saying to themselves." *PTT.*
  4. *PTT.* "Chernorussians, so intelligent as to be way to busy fighting foreigners than actually defending their country. Really shows how superior you guys are." *PTT.*
  5. *PTT.* "Thought i'd throw it out there before I go to bed, I can escort you to Novaya if you need, Noah. You and your wife are in to rough a condition to be alone. We're basically sleeping 500 feet from eachother right now anyways, so why dont I just help you get up there in a few days?" *PTT.*
  6. *PTT.* "Noah McKaine, if you can hear this its Brandon Terrano, we have your wife eith us, and she's beaten pretty bad.. Don't worry though, we're taking care of her. Contact me on my private frequency 47.3 and I'll let you know where we are. She's asking for you." *PTT.*
  7. *Terrano holds down on his PTT.* "God, do I wish there were more locals like you, with a steady head of their shoulders. All of us can only hope people will come together, or we will all burn together. Godspeed." *Terrano releases his PTT.*
  8. Sorry but, never ever will I want this. Never.
  9. +1 Dusty being the lovely gentleman who robbed me last is right, in situations where you enjoy your time and RP as a hostage you usually get your stuff back if you're not just getting dicked on by gear RPers. I left the situation with just about everything but my gun, which is honestly the piece of gear I care least for.
  10. Honestly last time I was robbed was like a month ago and before that about... Eight months ago. Just gotta be careful where you go.
  11. Where have you gentlemen been all of time in DayZRP? Can't wait to see you lot IC.
  12. *PTT.* "I'll see you soon, fratello. I visited Severograd not long ago aswell, I had to see James... Stay away from the North for now. Bad times are ahead. I'll be in Myshkino in due time." *PTT.*
  13. *Terrano holds down on the PTT.* "This is Brandon Terrano broadcasting on an open frequency, Sorella, if you're out there, let me know. My friend told me Sam met you, were you in the North when the bombs fell? If you were we'll help you. If not, find me. Someone else has to be alive." *PTT.*
  14. *PTT.* "Then I'll find the undead fuck and take the sword. I know that sword and I'll know it when I see it. And just so you know, that capone Eli deserved his death. Ken never did anything without good reason. Vaffanculo, Sara. Hope you don't see me for your own good." *PTT.*
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