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"Classy not trashy."

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  1. Eyy, how you been doing my friend? How's Philly treating you? 


    1. GalloWB


      Doin' good my g! How about you?

    2. Eddie


      Been doing good pal, just been trying to stay busy!

    3. GalloWB


      Me aswell. I'm not on here much, DM me on discord!

  2. Wipe wouls be nice. Lore has become FUBAR. Would only work if there was frequent lore interaction, tho.
  3. sadboi.PNG.93c0318a8b717700f7bc239d89506c17.PNG

    This is sad Brother. You are missed.

    1. GalloWB


      Busy with my business as you know bratr. fear not the power of my rolex will guide you out of peasantry without my guidance 

  4. Character Name: Brandon Terrano Specialty: Rifleman Lore Faction: CDF Group name: Black Roses Primary Phase: Phase 1 Reserve Phase: Phase 2 I will protect @RogueSolace from the forces of evil
  5. Your profile has an oddly appeal to it

    1. GalloWB


      Do you mean oldy? Hahaha

    2. Duke


      Tbh, when I first came across it I thought you were Mafia because of the theme and all.

    3. GalloWB


      Just an old soul my friend. 😉🤫

    4. Duke


      I completely get it.


    5. Duke


      Also, pls no more raiding in Kabanino, we're trying to create a friendly trade-post 😞

    6. GalloWB


      My friend, I haven't the slightest idea as to what you're talking about 😂 If my friends have raided your trade post I give a thousand apologies

    7. Duke


      Bobby was a nice capturer. Realised i wasnt Wolfpack and eventually let me go.

  6. Real music.

    1. Retro


      dose this come with some parmesan cheese and some good  pasta coz im feeling hungry

    2. GalloWB


      Always. Wine too.

  7. *PTT.* "My names Brandon. If you travel west you can find me. I can tell you more than well, just sbout anyone. I'll keep an eye out for you. Speak soon." *PTT.*
  8. Above by @Major explained in discord.
  9. ::An unknown woman puts her feet up in her house in Zabolotye and looks out towards the sunset as she begins her transmission.:: "Greetings ladies and gents of South Zagoria. I come to you now over the radio waves to tell you of a great Frontier developing in the west. Several groups have already began moving into the many towns along our border, and trade will begin among them soon as possible. The Black Roses will be protecting the Frontier, traveling town to town in defense of others so that, one day, we hopefully can together create a great nation along the west. I must add, that the likes of Legion Corporation are not welcome to operate in our lands, and the Puppy Pack is not welcome to settle, as they have a cannibal within' their ranks who plans to sell his unborn child to other cannibals. Anyways, I digress, and I hope to see you all out west." ::She releases her PTT, and stands up to continue onward down South.::
  10. ::Brandon holds down on his PTT again, and his slowing fading but still noticeable Brooklyn accent graces the radio waves once again.:: "No sir, no slavery or anything. I can't say exactly where at the moment as we are working on something big; However, I promise you you'll find many friendly faces out west. I can't promise you complete safety, as I am sure many unsavory people will wander past the border of the East, but there are people here willing to protect you if you need aid. My name is Brandon Terrano by the way, I am happy to see you understand the ignorance and stupidity of the "Wolf" Pack in Polana. More like a pack of puppies if you ask me. Anyways, I digress, I hope to see you out west my friend." ::Terrano releases hit PTT and continues on his way.::
  11. Ladies and gents, the new goals of the Roses. Ain't just a bounty hunter group anymore.
  12. *PTT.* "One, they're not zombies. They're alive just with an awful illness. Two, I understand what you mean, the world has gone mad, I urge you don't go to Polana where the puppies hide behind the wolves. Theres settlements all over the west with much more of a capacity to survive and help you. Hope to see you." *Click.*
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