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  1. GalloWB


    Added @Gibby8023 to roster.
  2. *Terrano responds still a bit in a astranged state.* "Dude like, I agree. My eye man, some cucks tore it out awhile back. Sad shit man. I'm like.. a pirate." *PTT.*
  3. *PTT.* "Well, it is my only offer... So be it. You'll be evicted from Tion's reseting place soonish." *PTT.*
  4. *Terrano presses his hand against his forehead. the headache from the graze felt especially painful today. However, with the pain he powered through and held down on his PTT.* "Hello my strange, sadistic friends who drugged up my brother Jaxon and shot me. I am so dearly sorry we could not deliver the doctor to you, that is entirely our fault, I assure you; However, I have a counter offer. Give up. Don't go after us. We have no intention of redistributing your drug, so we are no threat to you. Don't take this offer lightly, I don't say this just as a lone solider, we have allies in places you wouldn't believe. Literally, you wouldn't believe me. I don't believe it myself..." *Terrano pauses for a moment, the headache causing him to forget what he's doing for a moment.* "Uh.. Anyways.. This is my only offer. Tell me if you feel it's 'fair'." *Terrano releases his PTT.*
  5. GalloWB

    Chedaki's Claim

    *Terrano holds down on his PTT and speaks in a Chernorussian accent.* "Eh yes hello am Chedaki supporter where is your base? I want to say hi." *Terrano stops the accent.* "On a serious note, can't hide forever, Chedaki. Whether Nikoli and Phoebe are with you or not, we don't forget." *PTT.*
  6. *PTT.* "Tick tock Chedaki. Tick. Tock." *PTT.*
  7. GalloWB

    Slava Chedaki!

    *PTT.* "Chedaki? Huh. I welcome you with open arms. Should of destroyed us at Chapensk two years ago. We have not forgotten." *PTT.*
  8. Brandon Terrano greets you with open arms. Cocks shotgun.
  9. GalloWB

    Dead Batteries {Restricted Recruitment}{Active}

    Fantastic RP from this group today. No complaints at all. I would like my eye back.
  10. Most certainly was entertaining. Can't wait to see where all of this goes. I've heard many good things about the internal conflict and you all lived up to it, it was hysterical. All good mate. Again RP was great better than my last hold up.. Like three months ago Anyways one final time, fantastic RP today! I end this with I tried to lock the door, and I hope I was a good table.
  11. @Elmo @Para @Whoever else from dead batteries lovely RP
  12. GalloWB


    Got really confused for a moment didn't realize it was you Boris I'm sure you'll see me eventually. I look forward to seeing Boriqua
  13. GalloWB


    Never forget. ❤ Hope is our most valueable ally.
  14. GalloWB


    Page updated. New goal added.
  15. GalloWB


    Thank you very much!
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