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  1. GalloWB

    Knights Templar (Recruitment: Active)

    There was once a group called bounty hunters that wanted to do this exact thing but never did
  2. GalloWB

    Knights Templar (Recruitment: Active)

    Please do this the bounty hunters never went through with this and I really want this to exist.
  3. GalloWB

    What's your biggest noob moment?

    @MouseWB Quote: "What is a Rolle?"
  4. GalloWB

    Initiating on area 51

    Dw im finna gunna make a flying machine and glide on it
  5. GalloWB

    The Black Roses // Media Thread

    Yeet I love the pics! But thats not me in 'Leaving a mark' Brandon Terrano doesn't torture people because I think it's weird
  6. *PTT.* "I lived on that island a lot longer than you guys in the past. I know something I assure you you don't. Your walls are useless. See you soon.. You're presence is always welcome, Phoenyxx." *PTT.*
  • GalloWB

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *PTT.* "See you tonight. I am totally coming to the island to bring you a woman of immense beauty." *PTT.*
  • GalloWB

    The game

    *Terrano holds down on his PTT.* "What a scam I'm done playing this stupid game." *Terrano releases his PTT.*
  • GalloWB

    The game

    *Terrano holds down on his PTT and holds back laughter.* "Hi, it's player one. I've been playing pong with my opponent for the last six hours since you first said this.. Where's the prize?" *Terrano releases his PTT.*
  • GalloWB

    SOS - Severely Wounded

    *PTT.* "I'll find you soon, Drew. After the doctors get to you." *PTT.*
  • GalloWB

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Of course, I noticed it's more of an organzied crime ring just generally. As I said, it's the apocalypse, adaption is KEY and you do it flawlessly. I'm just nitpicky as it's a topic I quite enjoy! Anyways, keep it real gents! Hope I see yous tonight.
  • GalloWB

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Bit of a late praise, but I like how you guys operate. I've only had the pleassure of a few radio conversation, but hope to see any of yous IC soon. However, my love of my own Italian heritage and Mafia history however will cause me to point out a few things also: -The 'Godfather' or 'Capo dei capi' (boss of bosses) is not a rank to a singular family. Think Luciano, he was the 'Godfather' (although that title wasn't used.) To the 5 families. Along as Don to his own. -Mafioso is not really a rank but a term, sorta like wiseguy. I think what you mean there is a soldier, and what you call soldiers are associates or 'hopefuls'. -A Consigliere is most certainly not a 'rat' or 'bird' they are to advice, and there is usually at most two. They, in a strange way, hold more power than even the boss, and are not to be trifled with. I will end this with the above honestly doesn't matter, just me being me. It's the apocalypse, so there is room to adapt, and you certainly have and provide good roleplay along with it from my knowledge. Keep it up boys.
  • GalloWB

    Kamensk Expedition

    *PTT.* "Yes.. My plane. I remember you, of course. You can meet me in Novaya. I'll be around in about four hours if you are."
  • GalloWB

    Kamensk Expedition

    *PTT.* "I was told of an arrival there a few days ago, was unnaware it was you. You're free to come to Novaya aswell if you like and we can chat. I wish to know of your research, and I will restate that I need assistance from doctors. Perhaps we can assist eachother." *PTT.*
  • GalloWB

    Kamensk Expedition

    *PTT.* "I will extend to you the same courtesy of a warning as I did the last doctor with the idea. Do. Not. Go. To. Kamensk. If you truly wish to know anything I have use for doctors in Novaya. Ask for Brandon if you come." *PTT.*
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