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"He described mutilating men with the eoquent ease of literature."

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  1. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    They weren't a problem at all. IC they were, but that's a good thing. They genuinely tried to set up shit as Louie said, but just got shit on. Instead of fighting a war on the forums, get IC, organize, and try to fight them. "But we can't win" tough luck then, this is RP, there isn't a script. Like, people in my groups scripted certain moments and it always left a sour taste in my mouth. Anyways i don't even get IC, best of luck to the boys to revive this.
  2. o7 Blue boy I've taken my leave as well. We always got discord. Sometimes there is only one final option, and it's walk away from all the soyboys and keyboard warriors.
  3. Welcome to the community. Run while you still can.
  4. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Open Message - My roof! My skittles! Severograd!

    **Terrano holds down on his PTT, letting out a long sigh.** "It appears your army has abandoned you and your enemies are at the gate. So be it. I'll come find and extract you." **Terrano releases his PTT.*
  5. EveryoneHatesRonin

    D&D/Table Top RPGs Mega Thread

    Add @Anouk to game one. She's the one you missed. The other person is @RileyChan
  6. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Open Message - My roof! My skittles! Severograd!

    **Static begins over the radio and a familiar voice beams over the radio.** "Hello Quinn. Things aren't very peaceful here as per usual. Sadly nothing is the way it used to be. Hopefully we'll cross paths soon, my dear niece. Speak soon." **The static fades.**
  7. EveryoneHatesRonin

    • EveryoneHatesRonin
    • SlimmDusty

    Rebellions are built on hope.



  8. Same shit different day. In the words of the wise @Username, drama, drama, drama.

  9. The internet is a god awful place.

    1. Dank Mems
    2. Play3r_FTW


      I can think of a few places much worse

  10. EveryoneHatesRonin

    You need to appear in court tomorrow.

    1. DrMax


      Ohhhh...But I thought lady lawyer died!? 

    2. EveryoneHatesRonin


      From the grave she tells you to seek out her sister Veronica. She's in law school.

    3. Farmer-BorisRP


      hands off my b

    4. EveryoneHatesRonin


      This is a stricly professional relationship I assure you.

    5. Farmer-BorisRP


      Last change hands of my man Or I will stabb you

    6. EveryoneHatesRonin


      Sir, I am a lawyer and I will sue you for assault.

  11. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    Haha yeah it's how things should be honestly. But I agree with roleplay over ruleplay, just in the situation I describe, and certain other ones like it, it makes more sense to shoot first rather then the usual "drop weps 10 secs u took my apples"
  12. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    I respect all opinions, and understand where each side comes from, however as I said, if three dudes have my friend held up my RP is killing them so I can save my friend. I'm not going to go all Rick Grimes like "We can all live here together, in peace" no I'm going to gas those fools for holding up my friend.
  13. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    Sounds cool man. I know the feeling. Groups like yours aren't able to do anything because of no dynamics.
  14. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    I put other. I think dynamics should return with NO limitations. As is now, it's like this. Friend is held up by three plebs, I need to run up and yell at them some random initiation bs and then I get gassed because three v one. Or, the logical situation that is realistic where I gas all three the idiots who didn't see me behind them, or didn't know I was on a radio with him. This whole thing where dynamics don't exist is stupid, it ruins my RP, and surely several others, and just makes it impossible for the smaller groups of people who's groups GOD FORBID don't have some big story behind them and are just people trying to survive to even thrive i existence. Thought I may as well give my piece, even though no one will take it into account.