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  1. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    Haha yeah it's how things should be honestly. But I agree with roleplay over ruleplay, just in the situation I describe, and certain other ones like it, it makes more sense to shoot first rather then the usual "drop weps 10 secs u took my apples"
  2. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    I respect all opinions, and understand where each side comes from, however as I said, if three dudes have my friend held up my RP is killing them so I can save my friend. I'm not going to go all Rick Grimes like "We can all live here together, in peace" no I'm going to gas those fools for holding up my friend.
  3. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    Sounds cool man. I know the feeling. Groups like yours aren't able to do anything because of no dynamics.
  4. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    I put other. I think dynamics should return with NO limitations. As is now, it's like this. Friend is held up by three plebs, I need to run up and yell at them some random initiation bs and then I get gassed because three v one. Or, the logical situation that is realistic where I gas all three the idiots who didn't see me behind them, or didn't know I was on a radio with him. This whole thing where dynamics don't exist is stupid, it ruins my RP, and surely several others, and just makes it impossible for the smaller groups of people who's groups GOD FORBID don't have some big story behind them and are just people trying to survive to even thrive i existence. Thought I may as well give my piece, even though no one will take it into account.
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    @Mr. Blue

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      Mr. Blue


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    3. Pastor
  6. EveryoneHatesRonin

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10 Love that movie!
  7. EveryoneHatesRonin

    The Game

    If you think about the game you lose. So you lose. As do I. Shit.
  8. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Lore question - 1st Chernarussian Revolution

    I feel otherwise. Considering we're in Chernarus we should have as much history as we can possible develop for the country. Why have the first civil war even exist if we have no information on it?
  9. EveryoneHatesRonin

    The Game

    @Mr. Blue @Lady In Blue @Mortico @Rainey @Jono the giant @Wolfstorm Nothing to see here.
  10. ErebodyH8esBanksRP

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    • EveryoneHatesRonin

    I appreciate this profile. More women required...

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      less women more communism

    3. EveryoneHatesRonin


      Dimitri Fedorov approves.

  11. EveryoneHatesRonin

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    Big facts. Needed to be said my man.
  12. EveryoneHatesRonin

    My Watch Has Ended

    o7. RIP the lore. Time for it to be really stagnant.
  13. EveryoneHatesRonin


    Well, shit.

  14. EveryoneHatesRonin

    o7 folks

    o7 Major. Don't be a stranger. "None of our allies have responded... The hope is gone, the fire, it's been extinguished.." ~Leia Organa
  15. Dimitri Fedorov, born in Novaya Petrovka in the shit country that was Chernarus. His parents were very kind and loving, and dreamed of moving to the motherland of Russia and away from Chernarus. When Dimitri was seven they got this chance, and moved into a crappy part of Moscow. Dimitri got into some very bad things, with some very bad people during his younger years. Helped rob a convenient store when he was only fourteen years old. His parents were heartbroken of how their son was, so they sent him off to a private school when he was sixteen to be disciplined. By the time he was out of school two years later, he was a changed man. He was kind, caring and disciplined. Ready to go out into the real world. A few years later, Dimitri met his love Svetlana, and they were wed eight months after. They had two beautiful children, Vasily and Vadim, after a year of marriage, Vadim came first, then Vasily. Dimitri worked a simple job and provided for his family. Many around his town called him the nicest man they'd ever met... That was until a very unfortunate incident. You see, Dimitri was noticed one day by a man named Donovan Kennedy, who came to him with an offer he could not refuse. Do as he said, or he will go after his family. At first Dimitri just got mad, that this small Irish man tried to threaten him, as he got up to say something he noticed all around him the people were reaching towards their jacket pockets, they all worked for Donovan. He was no small time thug. Donovan wanted Dimitri to kill a mob bounty hunter who was causing him a lot of problems, and refusing to submit to Donovan's, "offers". Dimitri went to the United States, and attempted to kill the man... He failed. When he returned home, he found Svetlana dead on the floor, and his two children were gone. As Dimitri sobbed and panicked, he saw a note on the table from Donovan... "You and I will be doing a lot of work together, if you ever want to see your children again. Don't fail me, or they'll end up like your wife." Dimitri cried silently to himself that night. Then when morning came he set out to find Donovan, feeling weak and helpless, having to obey...