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  1. ragnar42

    MS-13 [Open Recruitment]

    oh no its gunna be gorka all over again. good luck guys
  2. as the UK picked up to the growing concern to the out break many of the royal marines battalions were sent over to see what was happening but mainly their main purpose was to see if the virus could be extracted and used in a vaccine. unfortunately most of the marine that were sent on that mission are either MIA or KIA. this was a result of poor logistics and support as the makeshift out post that was setup on the north eastern side of the prison island was over run which lead to small squads venturing their own way inland as time went on coms went dead with these other units and resulted in one squad being left alive according to all reports this squad was ambushed by an armed militia with one member not accounted for corporal Bradley Collins who was in charge of communications
  3. ragnar42

    S1 Invalid Kill - Kabanino 6/4/17 00:58

    now i understand that the execution was my bad i was not told clear information and had acted incorrectly
  4. ragnar42

    S1 Invalid Kill - Kabanino 6/4/17 00:58

    Bradley collins POV: after we had taken the two hostage we gave are demands and said if we are shot at we will kill the hostages. me and @Eagle headed down near the barns and a guy who was with strawberry group killed eagle even though there was a lot of us around and he knew we would kill the hostages still he decided to kill eagle so we brought both of the hostages down to the barn to fight each other and the winner would live and Brady had lost. with the other situation where strawberry was killed im not sure what was happening.
  5. Bradley Collins POV: I was in the woods north of stary yar in the woods i was running ahead of everyone scouting so i wasn't with the hostage. when the rest of the group arrived i saw the negotiation start but the 101 guys said no so they killed the hostage. after the restart i walked into town then a guy logged he was 101 when we initiated he was asked questions but he was lying so he was killed. end of POV
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: i had to attend an IRL situation and had to attend as it was completely out of my control Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: i understand the rules and have been a part of this community for about a week and have been apart of great Experiences with new found friends and wouldn't want to miss any What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i would like to remove my game ban but keep my points until they are systematical removed What could you have done better?: in this situation i was unable to really do anything it was out of my control
  7. i would like to appeal my ban due to the fact of IRL situations. i completely understand the rules of dayz RP and respect them i have been giving great RP to the community. the fact that the report of bad RP on me was a false report because the reporter wanted to ban me because he was angry. i had an IRL situation i had to attend which is understandable and i can confidently say many people have been in this situation before. the rule that states that i was required to be present for 30 mins after killing my attacker is an understandable but this inst a common situation and there was nothing that i could do about it. i would like to appeal just my ban and keep points till they are removed as i am completely confident that i will never be in this kind of situation again
  8. i log in back at the police station as i was walking around in there this guy was obnoxiously walking around in the after being told multiple times to leave. he did not, after he finally did leave he was telling people to fuck off and was going in peoples house trying to get the towns people to follow him. i wasn't present when the initiation happend
  9. by the way i have bandages on my hot bar like most people you gave me enough time to switch to m4
  10. now that truly depends on how much of an advantage you have not only did i have clear line of sight of you but you were clearly to relaxed in that situation because you cant guess the actions of an individual in a threating situation
  11. so if your life is threatened and you had a choice to retaliate you wouldn't ?
  12. my parents had called me so i had to go for a while
  13. I was in my house at gorka bandaging by the front doors while i was bandaging he told me to put my gun on the floor so when i finished bandaging i pull out my m4 and shot him as he was trying to rob me. I had given this guy good rp before hand and when he felt like he had an advantage he tried to initiate and didn't expect retaliation and he was wrong. he was also standing right in front of me so he made it a lot more easier to retaliate
  14. from my perspective i was unable to tell from where the talking was coming from when the shooting started i ran and was shot in the back as i was running between the hangers. i heard a robbery and ran. I was not invoked in any initiation nor told to stay still as i was not involved so i ran and was shot by one of moodys men. this is all of the information i have and i was not part of any of the party's involved in this.