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  1. Woody texas, born and raised in the great state of Alabama. As a youngling, he and his 4 incest sibblings were all raised the farming way by A strict conservative father and a mother working late shift at the rubber factory. Living the spartan way, woody did not have any electronics or a very social life. And when he was about 17, he tried to milk this big and tall cow, but the cow was not pleased by the look of woody and kicked him in the head leaving him stupid for the rest of his life. The myth goes like this, woody and his cousin harold benton was looking at the computer of a local library when they stumbled upon an ad which promised them somthing they never had before. In the ad it said, "SINGLE CHERNARUSSIAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR HOT AMERICAN MEN! JUST COME TO CHERNARUSSIAN AND U GET TO CHOOSE ANY LADY FOR THE LOW PRICE OF 269 $". Both harold and woody could not refuse this offer and they both made their way over to euroasia to finally lose their virginity. Something they would regret very very much...
  2. Typical aliens, dont yall see??? Green mountain aint go no tower that is a rocketship yall. Dont belive the lies, the aliens trying to gather materials to go back home and nuke this planet
  3. royalbobguy

    the prank

    Hey there fella! It was nice meeting an alien of your kind! Regards, roy
  4. Here we see roy farming some wheat


  5. Hey everyone, since i appear in this video, i wanted to promote the guy. So please give the the video a like and some appriciation.  And follow him on the forum for some awsome ass roleplay videos, his name is @Tony. Hope you like ut.

  6. I would say that my memes are the best kinds of memes. If you have any problems ill call the meme popo on your little ass
  7. Du menar swedistan? Det landet uppe i norr?
  8. Roy the farmer here! @LewellynMoss Thank you for that epic session back at the farm! I really did like that! Keep up that goodass roleplay and find me a bible would you? Come over so you can meet my cousin aswell! @Talkenn Thanks for that backpack and jacket, nice rp too my friend! @Jordan White I know that we played the other day but you i liked your roleplay aswell my friend! Thanks too twitches and danny, i couldnt find your forum names but if yall see this, im greatfull for that sweet RP! In conclusion, i had a great day today! *edit* @Galaxy is a douchebag
  9. *The Alabama farmer scratches his ear as the radio starts to make noises, he picks it up and listens to the man on the radio* throw me a rock and suck my cock, someone actually heard me? well, hi there Mr. western! Your offer seems mighty interesting, I'll have to discuss the offer with my cousin Cleetus because people say im the dumb one. But if yall can protect me from those stinky creatures, that sounds like a deal to me! I can grow you anything you can eat! I can grow tomaters, taters, green ball peppers and even pumpkins! *The farmer takes a final big sip from his beer* But partner, how can you protect me, my cousin and my friend max from all the threats out in the wastelands? You have a camp or something? I'll be happy to hear from you again fella! *The farmer puts the radio back in his little backpack!
  10. *The farmer crack opens a cold one with the boys as he picks up his little radio from his backpack* Hey there yall! Im just a farmer from Alabama who settled down here in stary a couple of days ago and someone took our tent! No we aint got no tent to store our food. I was wonderin, where can a Alabama boy like me find myself a tent or two? Is there any traders out there who got some tents? *The farmer takes a sip from his trusty beer* So if yall know anything about some tents please respond! Thank yall! *The farmer puts down his radio in his little backpack once again and takes another sip from his cold one*
  11. Go go Johnny go!

    1. royalbobguy


      oh shit, are you the finnish guy haha?

    2. Saradomin


      Oh shit I indeed am!

    3. royalbobguy


      Hahah, you sounded like a swede haha. Är du svenne är frågan?

    4. Saradomin


      You should know. You stole my IP adress....

    5. royalbobguy


      Hahaha, it was the other way. If you aint a swede, thats some good fuckin impressions

    6. Saradomin


      We live in the same goddamn town. Yes I'm a swede.

    7. royalbobguy


      No, you just visited us? wasn't it? in easter :P

  12. Well thank you man, im cousin roy and we try our best! Yall were good people to! Hehe, thats nice man! Yall have some good rp!
  13. Thanks yall for helping me! I dont know which one of them actually helped me but it was surely you guys ahah!
  14. Hey yall, im having this problem where im unable to start my game because of the BE service. It says "starting battlEye service" and nothing else. It just freezes and i cant play the game. Does anyone have the same kind of experience? And what do i need to do to fix it? . Its annoying because i cant play, can anybody help?
  15. *A man sits down for a break as he is watching over vybor, he reaches for his radio and sends out a message with little or no hope* Hey.. Im... what you can say.. Afraid, Ive.. *The man takes a gasp for air* Ive not seen another man.. or a woman for.. A really long time, Is everyone gone? Am i the last man alive for miles? *The man hears a stick being stepped on and lowers his voice* Ive gotta go, if anyone is still out there alive, please help me. Im alone and im starting to go insane, im hearing things that aint there im seeing things in my dreams that hunts me when im awake. Only god knows for how long i will be sane or alive for that matter. *The man starts to hyperventilate as he slowly talks louder and faster* Fuck fuck fuck, in god i trust and please god spare me from your wrath and forgive me for my sins. Anyone please, i just want a buddy! Not like a fictional buddy, i mean like a real buddy, a friend so i can know if im sane or what. So please if anyone needs a friend just please answer my call for a friend. I need help please, anyone *Looking nervous, the man puts his radio in his backpack once again and patiently waits for someone to respond. The man starts heading for vyborg in hopes of finding anyone or anything..*
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