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  1. Thank you, just feels like I would do it irl
  2. Hey welcome, this is an awesome mod for dayz and a great community to go along with it. Everyone is really cool and helpful so you wont have a hard time fitting in.
  3. // on my own, FM are famous enough for me to use them and this is just the type of stuff I want to happen in game and am working towards. So I made it up
  4. Hey welcome. Good luck on the whitelist and make sure to hang out on the forums to get to know how things work.
  5. Just from that you should be able to make it in if you took time with your app. Good luck!
  6. 9/10 always stands out to me plus it's cool
  7. Hey welcome, It's decadently different, if you have no experience head over to the roleplay section and make sure you know the server rules and FAQ to help ya out.
  8. Hello welcome, Hope you find a nice little home here. Every one is quite nice here.
  9. I have no concept of time any more. I know day and night, light and dark. I could not tell you how long I have been here. the pages of an old book that were worn and ragged from the sun and rain where all I had to keep myself from, losing myself again. I'll share the events if a few days ago. Not for anyone who finds this but for me I need to hold on to who I am. I am no monster, I am no thief and I am no killer... Then why did I do what I did. the pages were frail and it was hard to finde any that were thick enough to write on but it had to be done It started when I knew I was desporate for medical supplies. I have heard over my broken radio *kssskkkkttttt*"... Help.... Call ... In need ... Free Medics" *ksstpsss* it was someone calling for help from the "Free Medics". I have need ever met them as I try to stay away from anyone. But I was starting to fall ill from the unclean water and food I have had. I knew the injured party was close as this junk radio hardly worked and only picked up close frequencies. I started to head up the hills in the forest I was In to get an overview of the area. As I neared the top and took my binoculars , I saw him after one pass. It was too late they were being over run by a few of the dead and were too weak to defend. the pages are worn and it looks like a bit of the written word has fallen out. Not much but still my story is missing parts. After I finished checking and setting up for the plan I deviced I waited as I knew the Free Medics would arise soon. My hands shook and my head felt tight. I let out an exasperated sigh knowing I could not go back now. My hands grew clamy and sore with anticipation. That's when I saw them and my heart sank. Now adrenalin kicked in as they came closer and I ran out to meet them. "Over here this way!" Now I could not describe this person the adrenalin made everything feel like an hour and a few seconds all at once and details about who I was about to hurt were blocked out to spare me the agony that I now feel in the moment. "How bad Is it?!" They replied. "Bad he is sick and needs help it's just around here." the pages have marks of recent moisture as tears welled up writing these passages down. As we went out of the clearing into the trees I pulled my pistol. I couldn't even look right at them. I had to look past and pretend I was acting they must know I am not like this but I have to survive. "Drop your radio, and... And your bag... Now!" I stammered and shouted. The Free Medic complied, "Why, people need help we must..." Cut off by me I stopped someone for using logic and reason on me to try and save someone when I was just passed being bad I was now a monster. "I need help, I need to survive now hush and hurry drop your gear here and stand by the tree" I motioned with my gun. They complied, I dove at the bag looking for the medicin I need. It was not hard to find, and I took it I left the old caring me someplace lost that day. That's when it happened, a dead came towards us and my heart sank. Muscle memory hit and I went to shot and... *click* I forgot ... I had no ammo, never did. Then in one motion the Free Medic ran grabbed the hatchet they had with them and took it down. They looked at me with a look I can't quite remember but I knew in that moment I had to run. "You can keep the medicine, I understand" and I ran... I ran fast and hard even with how sick I felt. I wish I could just be sick and not feel like an evil evil monster. I vowe to stay away or help. I may be alive but at what price. Who did I put in danger or kill by stealing from someone who was just trying to make this word a better place. the final few pages are torn out and the book is now bound and put into my pack. //I will fix up when I'm not on my phone, I am moving tomorrow. Let me know what you think.
  10. I can say the community has some super cool people in it. Also it's made the game fun with RP aspect to it.
  11. The one in the 11th place the lower the better
  12. Hey welcome, I recommend goin over the FAQ and rules a few time to make sure you got it all. Also check around the forums and hang out it will woo pas the time and you will get to know people.
  13. Hey welcome, Hopefully you get accepted. There is a lot of great info and people err that can help with any questions you have. Make sure to check the FAQ and rules first but good luck!
  14. Hey welcome, The game is a great time and this is an awesome community. If you need any help make sure to check the FAQ and read the rules but also most people are readily available to help out.