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  1. Charlie shakur

    Kovar's Market

    Ok sounds good
  2. Charlie shakur

    Kovar's Market

    Ok well il be down there school holidays for us so looking after kids so got plenty of free time are they just not online in the week or out looking for items ??
  3. Charlie shakur

    Kovar's Market

    Well im on my way down now just passed rogovo
  4. Charlie shakur

    Kovar's Market

    ow yeah i know that i try to not hold myself down over gear i take what i need and thats it but when ur getting attacked constantly daily a weapon is not a bad thing to have like at the military base near kabino going to make my way down to Chernogorsk now
  5. Charlie shakur

    Kovar's Market

    lol yeah Iam in the ts now and yeah its a long mission back actually got a really nice winchester and ammo to didnt manage to find a m4 so the ammo is for any one that needs double stanag mag to maybe a trade or two also got some weapon cleaning kits thanks be good to meet some humans again
  6. Charlie shakur

    Kovar's Market

    ahh brilliant i got accepted where do i go from here join the ts and meet up with you guys has been a lonely existence im currently up at tisy nicely geared up and some ammo for any one that needs 5.56
  7. 27 year old Charlie Shakur was born and raised in London, England after a 10 year stretch in prison for robbery he decided to up and leave el-worth court and move to turkey where his father had been born and had moved back to. On his arrival he met with his father who had started a small time fishing company with very low funds and obsolete equipment and a run down fishing trawler that was doing runs for fish in the green sea just about making ends meat but the life was free and forgiving and thats what charlie strived for . After a few months the boat had taken on a few ruff storms and had just about seen its last legs when on that last stormy day it hid a rock just of the coast and caused everyone to become capsized hitting his head charlie found him self awake on a quite and ere bit of coast line with what he could on describe as the walking dead around him.
  8. Thanks all for kind words means a lot ? Looks like a found a group of lads to
  9. Hey all 26 year old british guy looking for group of lads for survival and comradery based in berezino at the moe been up north few times but keep heading back to berezino can hold my own fully geared up hit me up if you willing to give me a chance to prove myself many thanks charlie shakur ???ps if interested drop me a message on my steam - Tupac25 from hampshire winchester
  10. Pretty clued up on the lay of the land just become quite lonely :-) lol
  11. Hey all new to the area british guy to meet some people for survial and comradery on most days so hit me up ?