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  1. Wow what an active member of the community you are! 


  2. Lucass

    Staff level system

    It sounds like a good idea but seems pointless.
  3. It's more for future situations at this point.. So from what I'm getting here is that we should of all complied if they initiated on us because of the fear for boris being executed?
  4. @Taryn I'll make it shorter for you lmao.. They initiate on Boris, They give demands to not shoot, they then find me and initiate, I don't comply, they kill Boris We're not an official group so where did they get rights to kill Boris? None of us had rights on them considering there's no dynamics anymore
  5. But me and Boris are not in an official group.. Also isn't in invalid demands considering they give us demands to not shoot or they'll kill Boris but then 2 minutes later they initiate on me?
  6. Viktor Chesnov POV: I'm in Novaya when I hear Boris has been initiated on inbetween Ratnoe and Grishino, I'm close so I head over towards there and see them taking Boris south. I follow them towards the torture barn north of NWAF where I pretend to be minding my own business whilst keeping any eye on them at all times. We then get demands to not shoot or Boris dies, which we comply with. They follow me through Grishino as I keep an eye on them and to the point where my headset broke. I sit in the woods just south of Grishino where I attempt to mend my headset and at this point I then get initiated on. I run off and kill one but fall unconscious due to low blood. I am then executed. -END- Also at 1:57:00 the guy is blatantly metagaming whilst right next to one of our members
  7. @Spartan, @Ark or any other staff member can you explain what we're meant to do in this situation? So my good old idiot Boris gets initiated on and taken hostage, I follow behind to make sure they're not doing anything stupid and don't shoot considering I don't have kill rights.. (FeelsBadMan) They give demands to not shoot or they'll kill Boris, after a short time they then initiate on me but I'm a filthy pvper so I don't comply and kill one and fall unconscious then get executed... They then execute Boris? Is it not stupid that they give demands to not shoot yet initiate on us shortly after giving demands? Did they have rights to kill Boris considering they broke the demands?
  8. DayZRP without the DayZ.. Not going to happen, nor will it ever work.. There have been endless amounts of threads for us to go to Arma 3 and it would be pointless and stupid.. Especially considering that DayZ is about to hit BETA and modding will be added, it would be like giving up a chocolate cake for a carrot..
  9. Anyone got the game Day Of Infamy? Hella boring playing alone

    tired school GIF by Originals

  10. Why not create a media thread instead of constantly making a new thead ?
  11. Damn dude.. 


    1. Eagle


      Shroud and summit tbh.

    2. Lucass

      I know but damn..

    3. Eagle


      Yeah, big names draw attention, could be juicy for DayZ.

  12. Didn't realize how good .63 will run if it runs like the stress test.. There are a few problems I have with it but everything seems to be looking fine 

  13. Even if it worked by some magical powers it sounds like a big pain the ass to develop...