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  1. I joke, I joke! I read for like 20 seconds before I realized how long it was.. From the part I read it looks like a good, short way to show people what you're up to ingame. I hate reading stories that are hella long and this seems like a good way to just go straight to the point! (Pls no warn)
  2. Tower Warming Celebration

    How dare you take home in the temple of Kabraxis!
  3. NVFL kab 1-14-17

    You did not follow out demands.. If we're trying to quote rules in this report then: It's stupid that you wanted to die over not jogging? What kind sense does that make.. I hope that you've learnt your lesson from this situation.
  4. NVFL kab 1-14-17

    Kofi POV: Heading over from Vybor, I run into kab seeing joffrey with some people with their hands up.. We were trying to bring them to Pulkovo to do a ritual but they decided to be idiots and not value their lifes. The lady gave false information about her busted up knee, even though Joff had just saw them running a few minutes ago. They are told to speed things up and jog.. They do not follow our commands so we tell them, if they do not jog they will die. Joffrey gives them a shit load of time to do so, but they don't follow his demands and they are shot.
  5. Titan

    Honestly, can you just stop posting? The feedback was left, no need to carry it on.. If you have good feedback for the group then post it, there's no need to carry on for stupid reasons over to explain the situation over and over again.. Also let's stop with the flaming now @Blackburn no need for you need to get more warning points y'know..
  6. rip server

    1. PatZ


      rip lucasss

  7. Yuri Beshnekov

    Yuri, was born to a small and poor family in the outskirts of Novaya. Born to a farm that would grow crops, life stock... It was a simple but boring life. At the age of 18 his father had already died in the war for the Russian's, angry at the outcome of this he only saw fit to follow in the footsteps of his father. His hatred for the chernarussian government grew as he fought, joining a small militia in a town that would eventually grow into what is now known as the BPR. Eventually came along the infection, after many battles.. Yuri was still unclear of what this "infection" was and didn't even care, as long as the people who were responsible for his fathers death were dead. After the battle of Staroye Military Base, he spent time to himself after being injured aswell.. He took a step back from it all and is now ready to get back into the fight!
  8. Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    Chuck me on BPR infantry since it's unbalanced. Character's name will be: Yuri Beshnekov
  9. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Happy birthday Jesus. You were born so we can give each other presents.
  10. Novaya area 12/22/17 Multi KoS ~ 1:00 ST

    Viktor Chesnov: south of the area I hear Joffrey has been shot and killed. After a while I head towards dusty as he has seen people who had shot at him or others I see the two people he had decribed, I proceed to shoot and hit them but they run, making my way around the barn area I get shot at and dip into a shed and bandage and the guy pushes me and I kill him. I then make my way north east with exotic and find people in the woods with Erik. Exotic and Erik exchange shots with them and they die. Making my way back to the barn a ghillie in the woods trades with exotic and Erik and we then kill his friend looting him. We then head of south.
  11. “My character used to be apart of the super soldier program that created captain America but he turned evil!!! He’s hardcore badass who loves getting revenge, he shall take his morals and shove them up his ass”

  12. Viktor Chesnov POV: Mostly sat in the background of the whole thing, giving out small words as I wasn't to much involved in it. I mostly worked security and watched over the whole thing.. I don't really have much to add considering I did little to nothing in the whole situation.