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  1. Lucass

    Spent about 6 hours insiding a group today.. fun ;)

    1. Macbrine


      wow please tell us more

    2. Lucass


      no, shall be kept secret

    3. Macbrine


      don't blue ball me Lucass

    4. Lucass


      boy, i'll blue ball, red ball and even green ball you

    5. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


  2. *Viktor would pick up the radio, hearing the transmission of everyone talking.. He'd press the button and would speak into it with a heavy set Chernarussian accent* "Jaká šílená kurva jsi ..'' *Viktor would pause before continuing* "Co tím myslíš, šest zůstávají?" *Vitkor would release the button before sliding it back into his backpack*
  3. Lucass

    Oh another night with the server going down....

  4. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    My recent time on the server has been awful.. DayZ overall is dying. The server keeps lagging and crashing recently, which ruins a good night for me..
  5. Lucass

    "Remember we're the bounty hunters! We saved you!" 10/10 line <3

  6. BeanZ WAR

  7. BeanZ WAR

  8. Another server crash.. Died yesterday from it crashing whilst getting mauled by a zombie.. Starting to get hella annoying, i hope Deluxe gaming or whoever is causing it fixes it soon
  9. [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    8.3/10 personally much better ;D To many colors in the first one :D
  10. Cannibal time

    Personally i always loved Cannibal RP, thought it brings a different vibe to the whole RP thing.. there are crazy cannibals and then there are just normals. Is it early enough? I don't think so.. I guess it all depends on what type of character you're playing?
  11. BeanZ WAR

    151 Sike ya thought
  12. [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but you hear all their dirty/sexual thoughts all at once. I wish for a MCDonalds Happy meal
  13. [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but the game is half finished and all the in game sounds are replaced with Kim K's sex tape moans I wish that a zombie apocalypse would happen
  14. Create the WORST group idea

    Group of gamers/developers who came to Chernarus to develop a game called ''DayZ''