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    S1 NVFL/baiting Zub castle 24/08/2019 22:50 ish.

    Considering another pointless and untrue rule that has been supposedly broken? it is pretty obvious that I was not baiting. You broke into our allies base and expected us not to try and get in? You state that I jumped in fully aware that a hostile reaction would occur but you're the ones who broke in? What was going to happen, we'd welcome the robbers with open and loving arms? jesus... The first conversation I got from you guys were "Who the fuck are you?!" and I responded the same way. I started to make a gate to let people in because it was THEIR base and not yours. It's quite a shame to see that you would commit a hostile action against someone without initiation, which gave me and everyone I rp'd with recently rights to kill you and the only reason you didn't die is because of ghost bullets. As stated here: You had more than enough people around me or so you claim to initiate but instead you chose to come smack me without one. Acting apon these rights due to past hostilities along with randoms being in the base is in my opinion fairly justified. Have a good day
  2. Lucas

    S1 NVFL/baiting Zub castle 24/08/2019 22:50 ish.

    My POV: We come back to kab and notice that the base has been raided, we notice vlad and I decide to boost the walls because shit is about to go down. As I boost in I'm met with instant hostility from the group and others. I look around for a few and go to the tents to find a wire to make a gate to let the others back in. As I'm doing so I get a man ask me what I'm doing. As I'm finishing up, the OP comes over and smack with his rifle without initiation and continues to shit talk to me. I assess the situation and notice 4 of them are there. As I think about what has happened and know I have rights, I notice one go around the corner so it is a 3v1. I attempt to drop the 2 men in front of me knowing I have the advantage due to me having defenders rights but I get ghost bullets as seen in the video and it fucks it up completely. Firstly let's address the 1v6. It is clearly not 1v6, I was not alone considering there was my group, runners and dollars around as you will see in logs. The OP came over to me and smacked me with his rifle with it being a hostile action without initiation. I'd also like to request the rest of the footage (which there obviously is because who only records 44 seconds?) because I believe that there was a case of griefing going on, ontop of the tower due to the multiple items plastered to the floor. I have no evidence of the situation. I will not respond unless deemed necessary for information or if asked to by a staff member!
  3. Lucas

    S1 Severograd - Potential KoS

    Lucas Jones PoV: Find people in Severo after travelling from Novaya, we decide to initiate on the people and the comply. I run towards the non complying and attempt to kill him finding an angle and killing him whilt his body falls through the wall. As we're dealing with the hostage, I'm finishing up putting stuff in the car when I get headshotted.
  4. Lucas

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Good to see it up finally! Good Luck
  5. Recently I've been noticing a few different clothing mods in other communities and have seen them and thought they'd look awesome here. The old clothing is boring and is not exciting anymore. Maybe adding some new clothing mods might spice it up? Such as https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1797720064 I think I've seen this suggested before but couldn't find it at all.
  6. Lucas

    S1 Kabanino NVFL/BadRP

    POV: Noticed the kid standing around the body and we figured out it's missing some shit. Question the kid and he agrees to it. We end up initiating, and decide to fuck the guy up abit. As time goes by he talking about reloging and stuff and he ends up dying to a one punch.
  7. I don't understand what you're asking for...
  8. Lucas

    Barb wire

    Looks like if you touch it, you'll get caught on it and die even if you are miles away.
  9. Lucas

    Barb wire

    +1 died to it earlier on, even though I was no where near it
  10. Lucas


    Ryan was shit talking me in discord so I told him I'd put him dying in it.
  11. Lucas


  12. Hi this was me and my boys, there's a little concrete block at the back/side of the base where you can weapon out jump in. Most of the bottom of the walls were broken so it was completely opened aswell. Hope this cleared everything up.
  13. If you want a base and don't want it attacked/raided then hide it. People will always be drawn to loot and getting the sweet stuff!
  14. Lucas

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    Can't pronounce the name but good luck
  15. Lucas

    Text RP and Metagaming

    Don't get caught, simple.
  16. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The video was posted as a funny moment because the guy who was shot yelled "I'm coming out with a grenade" and as he did I shot him and who ever died, died from the grenade. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As said previously the video was posted as a funny moment and was taken on the less funnier side from which they proceeded to flame. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removal What could you have done better?: Been abit more careful on who got offended over the video.
  17. Lucas


    Good video, I enjoy this video very much. Nice editing!
  18. Lucas


    thanks for the feedback
  19. Lucas


    Inside joke
  20. Lucas


  21. Can't express how hard it is to find a certain car part let alone wheels. Wheels I have barely ever seen spawn and if I do it's once in a blue moon.
  22. HAHAHAHA I enjoy this thread and agree that I've seen people go to others profiles and notice them checking their character but I also understand why there isn't an option to hide it.
  23. I love the beard that comes with my character choice in game and I'd hate to have to wait hours just to get it fully grown and knowing the people in my group, they like to shave it off to annoy me.
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