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  1. That was some weak shit gotta be honest turk I expect better
  2. Lucas Joyce born in Longford, Ireland born to the famous The Joyce Family. The Joyce Family are travellers and travel anywhere doing anything they want, constant fighting, scrapping and down right fuckery. As a young lad Lucas was a scrapper and a fighter like his father and uncle and would constantly get into shit as he went through life. As time passed some of his family moved for an opportunity in Chernarus to operate a business of some sort and Lucas ended up going with them to check it out. The business ran smoothly for a while but fell into trouble being Irish some of the locals didn't appreciate the foreigners coming to their country taking businesses from them and decided to attempt to burn the place down. The Joyce's fought and decided to kick back at these dirty chernarussian people but then the apocalypse hit and now it's time to fuck shit up the Irish way.
  3. In sinistok we're talkin to Mr Aron73 and I'm just overwatching the situation and boom outta know where Roman is deaded. I see the man and exchanged gunshots with him but paddy kills him. I notice a bush wookie and follow him and we exchange gunshots aswell but I manage to kill him. I'm continuing to search the area where the situation is ended when Aron dies and we drive off in to a tree and all die.
  4. No staff check the death logs within the last 20 mins please...

    1. TurkRP
    2. Roman




    3. Lucas
    4. IsaiahCortez


      Ok, what happened. I need to know.

    5. GMAK
    6. Challenger



    7. TurkRP
    8. Sassy



    9. Challenger



    10. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd


    11. Cuchulainn
    12. Mommy


      what the fuck?

    13. Whitename


      did S-GRU commit mass suicide?

    14. Rutkiy
    15. AndreyQ



    16. DrMax



    17. Banshee


      The only surviving GRU member, kept safe by the safety of not logging into the server.


    18. Elmo



  5. Gotta be honest, the weapons are a little much and think the loot table needs to be looked over due to the fact we had 39 guns in our vehicles last night...
  6. For the whole "You should of shot me in the leg and rp'd that instead of shooting me" thing, we attempted to do this when Turk began talking but you interrupted him and yelled over him shouting "shut the fuck up you bitch"
  7. Are you serious? The video literally shows him meta gaming by not speaking in character whilst talking to you over discord. I don’t know if you just don’t know the rules or are straight up lying here... not gunna respond unless asked to or feel like it’s necessary
  8. Aleksandr Cheznov PoV: So we get initiated on at the checkpoint and we end up fighting it out, we noticed just after that someone is lurking in the trees and Turk thought he got shot at so we head to them and initiate. Turk is bringing them back whilst I'm inside of the checkpoint. He gets there and Turk gave him clear demands but the OP was busy metagaming and listening to what his friend was telling him to do rather than focus on the roleplay in front of him. The man is told to drop his weapon and vest behind the truck but decides to stop for a few seconds puts his hands down and drops it where he is. We proceed to tell him we told him to do it behind the truck and he continues to walk around without his hands up. We tell him off for this and then we suddenly get a big burst of RAGE! He complains about how we told him to do something and he did the other, I think he calls us a retard and as turk attempts to tell him to shut up he continues to talk over him and tells us "shut the fuck up you bitch" and that's where I proceed to shoot him. This report is funny due to the fact in the video, they even acknowledge that it's a firefight and talk instantly about reporting someone for shooting them and even debate the fact that if you have a gun out or not you can get shot or not but STILL decide to go towards the gunshots not valuing their lifes at all... After this they even after being initiated on the OP continues to blatantly metagame throughout the entire video telling his friend through discord what's happening and what to do and even after dying he is then heard blatantly telling his friend about his death and what happened.
  10. Yes everyone let's all focus on finding food in game to survive the terrible hunger situation rather than roleplay!
  12. 100% Yes! We've had constant days where we'd almost died just for running in the rain...
  13. Aleksandr Cheznov POV: We notice gunshots in town and head towards them as I get there, I notice loads of zombies so I begin to clear them out. I notice someones inside and begin talking to him and notice he has an illegal firearm. As time passes he begins to just tell us "Give me a minute" or something along the lines of that. We notice that he's just attempting to avoid the situation completely just to save his weapon. After some talking, we notice the man has jumped out of the window and I begin to follow him. I talk to him as he's running away and block him into a house he leaves the other side and we initiate on him. He decides to not comply even though it's 4v1 and we kill him. After a certain amount of time we hear more gunshots down the road and I head towards them, I notice someone inside a building so I attempt to talk to him. He doesn't answer for a few minutes and then I'm shot out of no where.
  14. Lucas


    Livonia cars seem to be stashed away very carefully or something, BUT CHERNARUS.... Chernarus has plenty of cars..
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