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  1. Where's the "Yes, I'm only here for PVP" option
  2. Lucas

    The Sea Men

    Yoinks, Congratz on approval
  3. Friday night and I ended up going to one of my friends house party.. As the night goes by I find myself in multiple places in the house, the two places I remember is the bathroom and the kitchen floor. The bathroom is where I decided to end my night.. Although that's what I thought! I'd be constantly spewing into the toilet and even continue to drink because that's how stupidly drunk I was. It came to a point where I fell into the bathtub and ended up falling a sleep for a good 20 minutes up until the point where my friend who owns the house walked in and she decided to turn on the taps and the water began to pour all over me including my phone and anything else I might of had. After this situation I ended the night stumbling and wobbling home barefoot and completely soaked. Once I had finally gotten in, walking up the stairs I fell asleep on the hallway floor with my family thinking that I pissed myself.
  4. Fork or I just watch YouTube on my phone whilst holding down running
  5. Welcome back to a dead ass game!
  6. Re-downloading everything what a pain in the ass..

    1. BorisRP


      new pc


    2. Lucas

      ye boi

      @G19RP can no longer tease me about lamps and fires now.. 😄 

    3. BorisRP


      Sounds good

    4. Lucas



  7. @BorisRP I shall return after my new PC comes bb 😄 

    1. BorisRP


      Amazing bb

  8. Alot of new groups have a big impact on the server and it's best to read up a little on them aswell.. See how they might influence your RP in the future.
  9. Well.. worst birthday ever.. 

    Having my 10 year old dog die on my birthday.


    1. BorisRP




    2. ShittyRP


      Sorry to hear man, dogs don't live long enough 😞

  10. A019ED97-588C-41C3-A172-FBE6C7AC9195.gif.59281c31ee8a72b70057ddc9d13a56dd.gif

    1. BorisRP


      Happy birthday

    2. Lucas

      Thanks bb

    3. BorisRP


      Come on ts later And Il sing a song for you

  11. “The weather is lovely! Let’s go to the beach” they said ..


  12. Lucas

    The Horsemen [IC Recruitment]

    Go get em' boys!
  13. BorisRP

    • BorisRP

    what is this profile

    1. Lucas

      my kingdom

    2. BorisRP


      stop beeing a weeb

    3. Lucas


    4. BorisRP



    5. Lucas
    6. BorisRP



    7. UndeadRP


      u goin on the roster luc-ass

    8. Lucas

      for wut

    9. UndeadRP


      roleplay and character development 

    10. Lucas


    11. Lucas

      @UndeadRP that's a negative, atleast not for now.. cba for dayz

    12. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      add me to the roster @UndeadRP xx

  14. Lucas

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Congratulations on the approval!!
  15. Lucas

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    Wales isn't in it, therefore I do not care..