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  1. Lucas

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    -User was Warned for this Post-
  2. Lucas

    Recording Software

    After every kill I get I hit that instant replay for 5m on shadowplay.
  3. Lucas

    Nighttime time

    I'm all for night time unless it's that pitch black stuff where you can't see a arms reach in front of you.
  4. Can someone give me a specific answer lmao... Am I allowed to log out and onto another server, gain an advantage and log back into the server and then kill them.
  5. Lucas

    Skin Mask Questions

    Yeah! Go Communism! On topic, I damn near shit myself when i ran in @Jackfish in game wearing this but it suited his character from what I saw. I like the mask and I think it adds a whole new aspect to RP. Keep it boys...
  6. Reopened [Taking Requests]
  7. Lucas

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Had a few interactions with him. Rest In Peace.
  8. Filed C:\Users\user\Documents\dayz\dayz.cfg, line 18: .postfx Member already defined? Anyone have any idea what this is about when I try and start dayz

    1. Dino


      delete your .cfg file that lies in that path and verify your game files, should fix it

    2. Lucas



  9. I love the walking dead and assuming it's based on the actual series, I'd love to see these replaced with broken zombies.
  10. Anyone know why I can't open emote wheel whilst using DayZ Launcher?

    1. Saints


      Set it up through keybindings on the dayz settings. 

    2. Lucas



  11. 2019... wow

  12. 82.14gb for GTA 5... Jesus Rockstar! What am I downloading nuclear codes or some shit?

    1. JackZRP
    2. Lucas


      Can someone tell me how to report a post for bullying again please?

  13. Lucas

    Bad Version Error Fix

    Make sure you download the recent Winter_Chernarus mod aswell as the dayzrp mod
  14. Lucas

    Rule 4.7

    Chance of survival to me means that they just need to give you food or water. I'm not expecting to get a weapon back after being taken hostage and I think that you have a high if not 100% chance of surviving in the run up even if they don't give you a knife.