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  1. Lucas

    S1 New Paris - Ruleplay? 02-09-2019

    No I do not. I only have evidence of the recording of my crash due to I knew it was going to be thrown up if a report did happen.
  2. Lucas

    S1 New Paris - Ruleplay? 02-09-2019

    Let's try not to drag this out and actually read my POV next time please @Jasper. Next time follow my demands and you won't be shot. End of Story. No longer replying due to constant back and fourth which is not needed.
  3. Lucas

    S1 New Paris - Ruleplay? 02-09-2019

    Just to remind you, I executed you due to not following demands even after multiple warnings not because of your affiliation to new moon though being a member did play a part.
  4. Lucas

    S1 New Paris - Ruleplay? 02-09-2019

    Can you make up your mind please? You clearly knew what was happening and if not then it's YOUR fault. You can't blame me for your actions of not being able to communicate with your team mates. I had rights to just straight up gat you and decided to take you anyways. Would it of been better if I had just straight up sprayed you down with no talking? I decided to initiate but was only going to allow you so much warning till you got shot. Next time comply with the my demands instead of the constant hot micing. I do not know who told me who you were due to no video evidence of the situation. We knew it was you due to your voice, you have a fairly noticeable voice and deemed you to be New Moon due to it, if you've changed characters we can't just magically assume you've done so. In the end I guess we guessed correctly and it paid off. OK... JUST A HEADS UP THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SOMETHING WHICH CAN DISTURB PEOPLE. BLAME @Banshee FOR THAT ? AT 1:20 IN YOU'LL NOTICE IT. PLEASE SKIP TO 2:02 IF YOU WISH TO AVOID IT. I ATTEMPTED TO CONTACT STAFF TO ASK TO EDIT IT BUT THEY ALL SEEMED BUSY. Video evidence of my attempt to re-connect along with my internet crashed in the bottom right. I didn't have the point where I crashed due to 5 min instant replay being hit too late on shadowplay. Not going to reply unless asked to or I deem it necessary.
  5. Lucas

    S1 New Paris - Ruleplay? 02-09-2019

    Lucas Jones POV: I get taken hostage by new moon just outside of town. We're moving through a open field and my boys start gassing. I get out of the situation to get a gun and find @Jasper pretending to be clueless to the entire situation. We somewhat ignore and am told to take him because he's with new moon. I take him and he starts hot micing saying "I'm dropping my guns" so on, so on. He carries on doing it so I give him a warning to stop with the talking who he'll get shot. He carries on doing it. I give him a firm and clear demand of "STOP TALKING RIGHT NOW OR YOU'RE GOING BE SHOT LAST WARNING" along the lines of those. He then continues to talk and due to him being apart of new moon and being in a firefight with them. I decide to shoot him. I then attempt to flank the guys whilst heading to GM and as I cross the field, my game begins stuttering as normal, my game and internet crash and I attempt to rejoin as soon as possible. I might have video of the crash I'll have to check but it took me so long because I aint got no SSD so my dayz takes forever to load up. FeelsBadMan I'm willing to talk this out in discord. Pm on forums/discord if you want to.
  6. They're just like every other item in the game. If you look for them you'll never find them, If you're not looking for them you'll find them. They can spawn pretty much anywhere but I do believe industrial areas are best or if possible ask a local hot spot if they have one because one of the towns you come across will be building and will need them.
  7. I didn't state it as a means to prove I had rights. Just stating my POV. Also just to add on I RP'd with PAMYATI the same time my boys did. Also just to state once again... We did not come from VMC, we were in the direct area.?
  8. Lucas Jones POV: Wasn't there much for the trolly/bad rp apart from the point in Sophies video where I walk up to her and ask what's going on and they talk about Sophie "Eating their bones" Or something. I know that we've been initiated on so I ask her to unlock the door. I notice one of them against the door and spray into it hoping to pierce the door and kill them, I didn't know I succeeded and then server crashes. I get back in and I notice that the guy has shot sophie and runs towards Stary direction. I attempt to shoot but miss, I clear the house and we lose them.
  9. Lucas Jones POV: I'm talking with a PAMYATI guy (No idea who tbh..) up at Green Mountain and I am told his friends are in a firefight just down the hill from us at Angel compound. My boys are right next to them due to recently talking with them. I head down there and the fighting between our groups have already started. I look around in the tree line before I start taking shots. I keep following the tree line finding Tony and killing him with ease due to his game crashing. I attempt to look for more of them hearing shots from Pustoshka and my boys taking shots from there, I move to that postilion but wasn't able to find him and I back out.
  10. The FFL we were initiating on. @OxeN @Ryan Shepherd @Zipcouda @Finan the Celt I can't @ my boy callahan. I'm requesting this to be closed please. I only reported due to the thought that he had fully logged out and not logged back in. I dun want @Oiram banned.
  11. Server and location: Server 1 - Pulkovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05/02/2019 - 01:20AM Your in game name: Lucas Jones Names of allies involved: District Name of suspect/s: FFL member Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We spot FFL in Pulkovo and decide to initiate. As we get positions we initiate onto the town and spot one running towards GM. I tell Oxen to drop the initiation and I follow the guy heading out of town. The initiation is dropped and the guy drops to the floor and logs out. I don't know if the kid log out or I just have very bad eye sight... but I //timestamped at the time he logged out to make sure.
  12. Lucas

    Back to 80 players...

    After the summit tomorrow GM might turn into a warzone for all we know. No need to dumb it down simply because of this.
  13. I understand letting go of a character you've been playing for a while is hard and being attached to the sort of roleplay that comes with it is also difficult aswell but I think Perma'd characters should remain killed due to the fact that if a perma'd character pops up in a month or so and the person who killed you is like "But... Didn't I cut of your head?" then it makes it really awkward to RP going forward. Overall Perma'd characters should remain killed unless Lorewipe.
  14. Lucas


    Congrats on the approval.
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