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  1. Oh man! Yeah, it was me saving you and later silently watching you die! I asked those guys why did they executed you and the answer was something about "he called our friends @#$%...". Were those 2 men your clan hostiles or what? However, nevermind. They left me alive and I ran away. But what I've experienced later!!! TRUE DayZ stuff! What I've seen 15 min after your death, is your killers making some kind of a bait with UAZ van on the road down to Dubrovka. The plan of REVENGE rised (I pictured those guys bold in my memory), I had 1:45 left ahead As my conditions were far beyond perfect I decided to run for one of my stashes. 30 min running, passing out every minute, thrist and hunger blinking... Oh man... Finally found my stash: no food inside. Grabbed CZ550 and AK, and since my stash is in the middle of nowhere I ran to the fields hoping to find a cow/sheep/goat/boar... Not a single animal on the field. Almost dead, hands shaking - killing a poor rabbit with 30 AK rounds No matches in toolbelt also. First steak in a raw, second cooked in the fire of some random survivors camp in the middle of the field. Then I recalled that I have an ATV hidden 2 km away, packed with cooked meat and in perfect condition Once on ATV I flew to Dubrovka full speed. No soda/water in ATV gear! Thrist blinking! Searching Krasnostav market, barns, houses: no loot. Searching Dubrovka: no loot. Finally got to the place: the UAZ van is on the road, bandits's Land Rover hidden in the treeline 200-300 m up north. The guy with the crossbow sniffing around UAZ. I'm 100% sure it was their bait! Pull out my CZ550. Land Rover, UAZ, treeline: these bandits somwhere close! And then my hands start to shake again because of thrist! Perfect scene for revenge but NO WATER anywhere! Blood fastly goes to zero! No time/blood left for stealthing between zombies inside villages finding waterwells. Jump on ATV - full speed to nearst pond I know: the famous "Prud". Riding in a laying position because of random pass outs. And finally... Get out the ATV 10m before pond. Pass-out. Stood up. 10 m between me and water. Down to the water and... "wait 5 sec before continue"! U R DEAD!
  2. Pafnutiy

    DayZRP Bug Reports

    When logging in the time on server seems to be shifted back by couple of hours. Then after 3-5 minutes playing the flash/blackout comes in and server runs into its normal time of the day. And yeah: no loot at all.
  3. As far as I understand this fact could be the cause for me stating the formal report on bad rp or RDM? I'm not sure I'm gonna do this anyway because this is just a game blah-blah-blah... But I didn't like this RP experience since I believe they executed my character not for inagame reasons but just for lulz (C4, container, 6 people on server early in the morning, boooring... stuff like that). And from my POV random actions like that (initiations just for fun, following server rules just in FORMAL way and not for the sake of good game) slowly downs the DayZRP community back to common DAYZ run-and-gun practice. With the only exception of not a simple KoS but INITIATE/ROB/EXECUTE practice and nothing else underneath it.
  4. Hello everyone. Just have to ask some questions. Excuse me if I chose the wrong forum, but anyway... Recently I was executed at Raven's Nest. Nothing special in this fact, but I was a bit disappointed. First of all I've been disappointed by the reason of my execution. Well, the reason my executors gave me was "being a russian". Why just not for "being a human"? Yeah they made it in a nasty way, with C4 planted inside a container, they tried to read something important to me, about how some clan called CLF or something is his enemy, and them being americans, and russia defends Chernarus, and americans defend themselves... shit like that. They appreciated my help I gave to one of him before the initiation, but then just said "we must do this sorry man" and just KABOOM. So the questions are: 1) Is having a given nationality (not a clan member) could be the reason to be executed? 2) Why I was unable to disarm the C4 inside the container? Is the only person who planted it can disable/touch off the bomb? Thanx
  5. Pafnutiy

    GET OFF!

    How could I ran away when I had a chase by at least one guy with KSVK, the other with something scoped, just a plain field ahead of me and was pretty low on blood? Anyway I'm new to dayzrp and this was my first firefight here. What mistakes did I make (but please consider the intense situation around which we all were aware of)?
  6. Pafnutiy

    GET OFF!

    Hey That's was me. The situation around Raven Nest was so intense, I've been robbed, luckly got a chance (due to arma freeze while being robbed) to sneak to my disabled bus and grab SA58... So I just wanted to understand what was going on here: people shooting and running back and forth, killing some random guys in a UAZ van. Anyway I was so nervous (as Chernorusian civilain), that I shouted not to "back off", but to "get off" . As I'm a chernorusian person, you should understand this situation. Why didn't you include the whole video?
  7. Hi there everyone! Hope to see you soon somewhere in Chernarus outskirts