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  1. hello nice to meet You guys and gl with all !!
  2. oh Yeah that was realy nice and good RP thx @Camo and @TheMcCafeMenu and @CptPeach
  3. Hi, my name it's Dante I was born in Poland. I was leaving a normal life until my father was a move to the different country as a military guy my mom was a nurse and she did pass away when I was 7 years old. after that, my dad quit form military me moved away and from here my story starts. I was rais by my father in the mountains sites. he did teach me the way of surviving by my self. after hitting 18 I did join the military to get more knowledge about firearms. after 2 years I did drop form military. I did spend some time with friend just traveling around the world but the time came when I did decide to go back to my dad so I was on the way home to see my dad but, I on the way to home we i mean me and my friends, we did start to see dome ward stuff. Like people attacking other people trying to eat them. eventualy my friends did split up. And I was with only one friend left on the bout. The thunder strom did take us from a suprise and now im on the cost line of chenrnarus and IDK how. need to get my self up and try to survive and ad some point try to make to the home to see my dad. I hope he will be fine
  4. thx for that gona try this right now
  5. like in title i cant find server by name and by ip .. any help ??
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