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  1. mametauro

    Day of the Dead (Last Stand)

    Hi if you can to summarize exact day and time I will try to be there...as an infected of course!
  2. I'm sitting in a truck cabin...my hands dirty with grease. I carefully take my radio and press the PTT. "Remo here. Anyone interested in a brand new military truck? Over."
  3. mametauro

    Greed [Open]

    I take some minutes to think...sitting in my tent. then press the PTT: "You are right...we should help the people who can help us. Even if it means to give away some precious items. The problem is that this infection...the apocalypse...is a lie. Be honest...who is really scared of these infected anymore? Who is stll alive like us is for some reason immune...if we want we could have restored a sort of society...but nothing. Nowadays wild wolfs are far more dangerous than the infected! The real problem is that some greedy basterds use this infection as an excuse to do what they want whitout the problem of being punished by any kind of law. That's why you request my friend could not be accepted...because our world is infected by criminals and bastards! Over." With a little of sadness inside I get out of my tent.
  4. I sit, my back leaned against a tree. Time for a little break...a little bit of water and a piece of baked animal fat...disgusting... I think abaut the guy I just met, could be useful not to lose contact with him...so I take my radio and press the PTT. "Hi Chucky. Remo here. the guy that gave you something for dinner! I think I will be around for some times...so if you need try contact me here. I'm happy about our meeting. Please do not give information about our position on the radio, if we need to meet we will do where we met before! Over."
  5. I press my PTT. "Who's the leader of the club That's made for you and me M I C K E Y M O U S E"
  6. Speeking in a low voice in the mic... "What I have to do?"
  7. I get my radio out of my pocket with shaking hands and I press the PTT. "What the fuck happens? Still there? Still.........alive? Can I do something? Over." I start looking at my radio...as it can answer me all alone...
  8. I smile while listening to the message tha readio is broadcasting. And a smile is precious in these dark times so I take out my radio and I press the PTT. "Remo here. I totally think you are right. If you listen to the radio nowadays we have people looking for work as a killer, we have murderers, military groups, people selling war equipment to guys that a couple of years before were farmers or taxy drivers. But we have no one that cares about culture...and if you think about mankind history every black era coincided with an era of culture loss. We now live in a black era and we have to work not to lose our roots and our culture. I will be glad to help you restore your collection Mr. Librarian. I have a Bible with me that I can give you, and a tent too. I like to roam around and if I found some book I will try to contact you for sure. If you are intrested in my help feel free to ask. Do not give up to those sad souls! Over." I put away the radio in his pocket while the scent of baked meat tell me that the lunch is ready.
  9. I wake up at the sound of someone replying to my message...I recognize the voice of the man I was talking with before. I haven't got time to be happy for his reply that the meaning of his words suddenly broke my innate optimism. I take my radio from the floor an press the PTT. "Well sir, I'm grateful for the pearl of wisdom you are sharing with me. I don't want to disrespect you but since you're not the man I'm looking for I hope not to hear you anymore. And God willing we will never meet I hope! Break." I wait some minutes for a reply...taking the oppurtunity for looking outside the broken windows in search of any sign of danger. Then I press again the PTT. "I'm always waiting for the camp owner to reply. I'm just thinking about settle up in the same region you're living in and I would like to establish a relationship of good neighborhood. And I owe you two plastic bottles! Over." Since outside all seems quiet I think it's time for a piss...
  10. In a quiet and calm voice "I suppose you are the owner of the camp... Let me teach you the word of the day...THANKS. I give you some example... THANK for not have stolen all my shit from my camp. THANK for not have stolen my barrels. Anyway since you probably are a scurvy heremit I forgive you for being so rude. Furthermore I suppose that you are completely regardless of your safety, of your goods and of your privacy since you do not show the minimun respect for someone that knows your camp location and that can broadcast it to every scumbag of the region who may desire to stole everything you have after having raped and killed you. On the base of that let we try with a new start... I'm Remo...can you please introduce yourself and give me the evidence that you are really the owner of that camp? And for evidence I mean that you have to answer my questions: I think I saw five or seven piece of meat in a tent...what kind and how they were cooked? Just to be sure you're not an impolite person trying to get information from me. Over." I throw the radio in a corner and get back to sleep.
  11. Have been two long days in the fields...now I sit in an abandoned yellow house, with no glass at the windows and the floor cold and dusty. But it feels safe like home. After the daily maintenance of my equipment and a good dinner made of fresh water, delicius boiled chicken and a cola I took my radio...changed the old ruined battery with a new one and I press the PTT: "Hello. Remo here. I found a camp yesterday...I do not want to give to any of you thieves and parasites any information about the location so if you do not recognize yourself in the description please stay out of this buisness. The camp was of three tents, two of a kind and one of another. They are located near a house...one even inside! There are two barrels too. I took two empty plastic bottles and left three tape rolls. If you recognize yourself in the description please answer me. Over." And now starts the waiting for a reply...so I leave the radio turned on the floor and lay down using my backpack as a pillow.
  12. ...static... "Remo speaking. Well...so I hope our road will never cross... Anyway...since you did not introduce yourself, I think I can call you Mr. Bravery..." ...static...
  13. "Remo here. I see two options for you to say that... One, you lost your faith in people...Two, you are one of the guy that makes this fucked up world even worse...and I sadly fear the second option is the right one..."
  14. ...Static... "Hi everyone. Someone copy?" ...static... "Remo speaking...I would like to trade some gear, I just had a bad day and i would like to get some stuff...most important off all a map and a compass. I'm in the south right now...on the coast neat to Electro i think...and i just was lucky in finding this radio!" ...static...
  15. A guy from an average italian family...his father was a worker in a car factory and his mother a nursery. Good people, honest workers...and that's what Remo is too. With their savings Remo's parents managed to let him study in one "scuola alberghiera", a school that trains workers for hotels, restaurants and so on. He has become a cook. On the other hand Remo is also a mountain enthusiast, Tourin is located at the foot of the Alpi mountains so it's quite natural for a guy that lives there to get used to activity like trekking, climbing, skiing...all activity that fits the quiet nature of Remo. As soon as he ended his study as a cook he starts working in some little restaurants of the city, until one day he recived a proposal for a career opportunity in an international enterprise with hotels all over the world...obviusly he will have to begin from the lower step as a cooking assistant but he is only 23 years old and there will be time to grow up in the company. So he accepted and in 2010 he was sent for his first season in the brand new just opened luxury hotel located in Chernogorsk. In 2015 he has reached the rank of senior cook, one of the highest before being promoted chef. The salary was really good and he manged to build a new life in Chernarus...he made new friends and also established a relationship with a girl...his life was good. And also Chernarus mountains are decent, not as high as the one he was used to but beautiful anyway. When in 2017 the political situation became dangerous even for the ones who didn't care about politics he bravely choose to remain here with his beloved girlfriend. Then since May 2017 it was only chaos...Remo did not liked to get involved in this country affairs before this crisis and not even now, so he tried to keep himself and his girlfriend away from the fights, the factions, the groups and every other thing that can make their situation more dangerous than how much already is. But only after a few days after the declaration of the martial law his girlfriend decided to get back to her parents house...to scared to leave them alone. But now is too late for Remo to get back to Italy, he is stuck in this region and he has to deal with it. UPDATE He was badly injured by a wolf attack. Now he has a deep and creepy scar behind his head.