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  1. Felix was born in Malmö in Sweden, his dad was a part of a biker gang in Malmö so he grew up a round tough men. When he was young he was a bit of trouble maker usually starting fights in school and robbing kids out side school for money. When he was 15 he started selling drug and using drugs a lot. But when he was 20 the police had started to catch onto his illegal business and he fled the country. By that time he had spent all his money on a bike and a fake passport. When he left Sweden he didn't know where to go. Felix decided to ride towards Eastern Europe until he came to Chernarus, where he stayed at a crappy motel in Chernagorsk, he noticed that there were people out in the streets screaming and he heard lots of gunshots, so he decided to get the out of there. He left and didn't look back. Felix had no idea where he was or what he was going to do, he just had to survive.
  2. Oscar grew up in a town in Sweden called Lund. He had a good child hood and was very active within sports. When Oscar turned 19 he joined the Swedish Armed Forces. While in training Oscar did well, he was best in his class and they even sent him to Officer school. He went on to try out for the Special Operations Group (SOG). He also did well and learnt a lot. Oscar was sent to Chernarus and he was there for a while helping civilians and people in need. While in Chernarus Oscar met a girl named Megan. She was a Swedish nurse stationed in Chernogorsk. He took a liking to the women and they started to spent a lot of time together. She taught him alot about first aid and general medical stuff. One day when Oscar was at Megans house, he looked out the window and saw some Chernarussian soldiers shoot some people which isn't rare but it was that the man they shot looked ill and slightly rotten. Oscar heard the door break open and he quickly pulled up his handgun and opened fire. All of a sudden the firing stopped and Oscar and Megan stood up. Then all of a sudden a shot rang out. Oscar quickly fired off his last bullet into the soldier's head. He looked back and saw that Megan was bleeding heavily, the bullet had hit an artery. Oscar knew that Megan would die so he took her hand and talked to her trying to calm her down, in those last moments Oscar changed he went from a very diplomatic type to a violent and aggresive type of guy. After Megan died he carried her body into his car and drove to a nice tree where they would usually meet. He burried her right there and left quickly looking for a group of other Swedish soldiers.
  3. Apparently I am from Tanzania....


  4. Welcome back man Hope you enjoy
  5. I was born in Chernarus in a city called Novaya Petrovka. I had a pretty good childhood I went to school but I never really liked it. When I was about 17 years old some American fuck shot and killed my socialist dad. After that I always hated Americans. I joined a group of like-minded individuals who also hated the Americans. We would train so that one day we could stand up and fight the Americans. When the outbreak started I already had my training so I knew how to act if something went bad. At first in my head I wanted to blame the Americans, hell I blamed the Americans. I still do to this day... My first few days in the new world were tough but with a good plan and a group of people, I knew I would survive.
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  8. My name is Felix Magnusson, I am 25 years old and I am First Sergeant in the Swedish Jaeger battalion. I am trained in paratrooping, reconnaissance, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, CQB, Long Range Engagement, and surviving for a long time behind enemy lines. I am not a master in all of them, I am just trained in them. I was born in the south of Sweden in a city called Malmö. I grew up like any other kid, played lots of games. When I was about 11 years old I decided I wanted to join the army when I grew. I was always very kind growing up, helping people who were in need. I am also very restrained when it comes to violence preferring to negotiate instead of shooting. In my opinion, talking gets you further than shooting. I don't mistrust anyone, I like to give people a few chances before I make a decision about them. I joined the Swedish army at the age of 18 after I graduated high school with all A's. I did very well in the normal army so they put me into the airborne training, in the end, I decided to join the Jaeger battalion. Both my dad and my uncle were in the army. My uncle named Robert was a general in the Swedish navy and my dad was a Major in the Airborne part of the Swedish army called Fallskärmsjägarna translated into Paratroopers basically. Before I was sent to Chenarus I had served in Takistan with my squad helping the locals take out a bigger militia/rebel group. It was just my third deployment so I was quite new but from all my training it ended going well. Then I got the word from my superior that there was some shit hitting the fan in Chenarus, Something about civil unrest and the Swedish government wanted me and my squad to see what was going on inside the country so they sent us. I got sent to Chenarus to see what the situation was a bit before the virus broke out. I arrived here by boat, it wasn't an official boat we were smuggled in by some cutthroat thugs. When I arrived in Chenarus I met with a Croatian Sergeant named Rex Wheeler. He was a part of a Croatian Armed Forces Mechanized Brigade and he helped my squad and I get around Chenarus safely. Everything seemed so safe, I didn't really understand why I was called over here in the first place. Yes, I hade seen the news about the battle between the United Nations and the VDV. But shit like that happens all the time when shit gets rough.
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