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  1. I just want some comments on the situation of the servers and if any of the admins or friends of admins or donaters get special privileges that is game breaking like spawning with gillie suits or admins abusing power to hunt someone down just because they have scripts on their side. From my experience with white listing so far I've been bumped down the queue because of people donating to get to the front and keep anyone who is serious about joining and not impatient to just wait. I will donate as soon as i get white listed and see if the admins regulate rules regularly and if they enforce them onto people, till then i can't take anyone's word about it because it's the internet and i don't trust anyone. Please leave comments below on what the situation is on servers and if they essentially pay to win either by donating or by being friends of the admins who abuse their power.
  2. The whole server role playing is now in shambles and everyone seems to become what ever they want or something. Why doesn't the server have a lore that explains why would all these armed forces groups are in Chernarus. There's got to be a goal or some sort back story to why people would be here and why would the people who survived actually survived the apocalypse. If you have any ideas or you have any control on this kind of stuff i would love your input on this, it would be great to hear.
  3. Why would you -1 when it's only an idea and doesn't have to be immediate i mean cars are ridiculously slow off road why not fix that first so a get away isn't rendered by a vehicle that can't go up a small patch of grass with any speed what so ever. Why would anyone +1 this when its only a suggestion? i have my opinion and everyone else has theirs. And for one, it removes the diversity of any chase. while some are good off road, you have to make a decision "Can i outrun them and take some off road or can i lose them on road?" For a second thing the paneling is unrealistic. to modify any type of metal for use on an automobile require power tools. its a zed apocalypse. power tools wont be at our disposal You say -1 when you also say why would anyone +1 it seems you're either butt hurt about something or you're just a negative person also saying its not realistic i don't think you know how treads on tires work or how cars even work off road. My BMW M3 does 80 kms/ph on dirt i think its abit unrealistic for the Gaz or any of the non military cars doing 30 on dirt. You should learn if you got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all because the rest of the people actually liked the idea of different tread tires.
  4. Why would you -1 when it's only an idea and doesn't have to be immediate i mean cars are ridiculously slow off road why not fix that first so a get away isn't rendered by a vehicle that can't go up a small patch of grass with any speed what so ever.
  5. DXMark

    4 door white pickup

    Is there a way that the objects in the car can be animated into the boot because that will also be awesome to see, it would make it easier to see if people are hiding weapons or something in the car at a non weapon checkpoint or something, that would be great.
  6. Many cars are unlike the SUV's or the military vehicles and aren't as good off road. What if there was a way to make normal cars or sport cars can drive a little better on grass and off road than the current cars are maybe with different tread tires. (Still not white listed but i love being part of the community). With that maybe also tires that you can put paneling on the side of them not to make them invincible but can take a few shots before they pop. (If this idea has already been done i'm sorry i will delete it ASAP). Leave your addons or any new ideas with that to the forum that would be great. It's just a discussion more than an idea to put out there of what you'll think this kind of thing will change in the game.
  7. Hi my name is mark i am 21 years of age and i'm from Australia and i am a student of mechanical engineering at the university of technology sydney. I provide an ARMA 2 veteran to the servers knowing many tricks, combat skills and trap skills all together. I think i would bring a fresh face to the servers as i am well knowing of this game and my skills will show through game play and behavior on the server. I am currently not assigned to any clan or neither am i looking for one, but if there was an opportunity i can somehow gain from being in a clan i would reconsider. This is why i think i should be considered kind of a threat and no im not talking smack before i get even in the servers but i am telling you that i should not be overlooked because this game is a passion that is great and i would love for everyone to play it and have fun. Thank you to the moderators who took time to read my thread and everyone else who reads and replies, have a nice day.