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    S1 / Kabanino / Invalid KOS

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    S1 / Kabanino / Invalid KOS

    @RealizeI’m really confused how I’m even brought into this after reading the report, I don’t think I was even there for this? My group attacked kabanino with like one member of OREL previously but I can’t recall based off of reading this report if this is the one I was involved in or not As far as I know none of the names in hit logs are any of my boys or allies, so I don’t think I was allied with OREL in this conflict The raid Vipers and I were involved with was with bobby and that wasn't this attack being reported, different situation
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    I had a shift of work today I forgot about cuz I was on dayzRP F in the chat boys prolly getting fired 

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    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    Correct, we did not have rights at 00:59:54 when Toss killed Fae. We got defense rights AFTER that when Optic and Jackson were engaged by your group after arriving at the compound to defend. Therefore at the time I sniped at you with the Mosin and Chase shot at Charlie it was valid. The only invalid shots fired were by toss before we entered the town.
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    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    @ItsChocolateMan we had defense because of Charlie shooting at @OpticVC and @Andrew Jackson while they were in the town. I fired a mosin shot at you after Optic said "i'm being shot at" and I saw you fleeing from where Optic and Andrew was shot at from. Chase @Forest Gump was also shot at by Gosha before he fired back and hit gosha. I then obviously killed Charlie after he initiated on me.
  6. AidanVC

    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    My POV: Jaden Kano (with the group that opened fire) We got called in by some custodia guys to come help them in Orlovets. On the way there, it sounded like a gunfight started, so we picked up the pace heading towards the town. I spotted three people in the field to our right, called them out and Toss opened fire. I didn’t fire at them because I didn’t think we had rights yet, and I just ran away from the shooting. In regards to the "suspected more invalid kills from the group" the only member of our group who shot without rights was Toss in the very beginning. Optic and Chase got shot at while entering the town, and I (and Chase) was validly initiated on by a member of the Chernarussians before killing him.
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    Been having a shit ton of fun rolling with you guys. Some of the coolest guys ooc I’ve met on the server, thanks for having me! Look forward to the future of this group
  8. Jaden was born on June 16, 1977, in Chicago Illinois, USA. Jaden grew up in the suburbs, and out of High School he went right into the military. After a honorable discharge after a wound from a frag grenade, Jaden went back home and became a lumberjack near pawnee illinois. As he grew older, he made a full time career out of lumberjacking and construction, traveling around bidding on contracts for the small company he worked for. Shortly before the outbreak, Jaden was contracted for his first out-of-country contract, working at one of many logging camps in Chernarus.
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    Officially a roleplay free agent any groups wanting to recruit HMU 👀 

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    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: NorwayRP

    Can I actually buy a 2.3 shirt or what
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    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Legion is by far my favorite group I’ve seen from you guys. Really enjoy the aesthetic you guys give off. Keep it up boys
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I haven’t played here in a few weeks, wasn’t me
  14. Chapter I Introduction Where to begin? Probably after, I reckon. Before didn’t matter all that much. I wasn’t anyone before, which I know is a cliche to say, but it really does apply here.I was a stupid kid, drove fast cars, muscle cars, preferably. I had originally traveled to Chernarus to trade my old car for a new antique Muscle car. If I’m writing all this down I probably should put my name near the beginning, so someone doesn’t start reading and wanna shoot themselves because it’s so boring. It’ll get better, I promise. Alec Ryker. Yeah, Crazy, it’s me. Maybe you knew me, maybe you didn’t. I’ve lived a crazy life. I’ve done bad things, I’ve done good things, I don’t know who I really am anymore. I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve killed and those I love have been killed. I’m probably getting ahead of myself, I just want to write these things down, all this shit in my head…. it’s fucking with me. Really, it is. If I don’t let this out I’m scared I’ll lose it forever. So I guess we’ll start somewhere, and if by the end I feel better I guess my mission will be accomplished. Chapter II The Blues. Let’s start with the car. It was a 1960’s mustang, nice thing I’d been building since my teens. I used it for smuggling guns, drugs, small time stuff really. That’s how I got stuck here if you hadn’t guessed. Anyways, I had the car, and myself in the beginning. And then I found the first group i knew, The Blues. Led by the most despicable coward I’d ever met. Liam Hatch. Liam was a bitch really, terrible leader. He was a coward, and people died for his cowardice. But out of everyone who died, I wish it would have just been him. Hindsight is 20/20 though, right? So I met these blue guys at this construction sight between lopatino after having fought a pack of wolves up on the northern road. I was driving my car along the train tracks towards Vybor/Pustoshka area when it got stuck in the mud. I kept revving my engine trying to get it out to no avail, which apparently attracted a lot of attention. Shortly there after I was surrounded by some men in blue armbands, said they had come from down the road. One’s name was Danny I think, the other one I don’t quite remember all that well. The helped me get my car unstuck and I headed along on my way. If only I knew what would happen in the future, how I would look back on this and reflect. Crazy really. But I met them, and they were nice, yet the future Would bring better and worse Chapter III The Bar Here’s where my life changed the first time, really, one of many times. So mark this down. Change #1. Street Smuggler to Bouncer. What a leap right? It was also the first time I’d wear a color to represent myself. Take it upon myself to brandish a color, wave the flag of a group, a higher meaning. It was the Bar’s color. A Neon green armband. Pretty sure they dyed them with some grass or something. Anyways, so I roll up in my car on this old building between Lopatino and Vybor, and out steps this fast talking Irishman speaking about liquor and a free sample and this and that and another, calmer speaking guy with a British accent. The first, was Paddy Alexander. He was a decent guy but I don’t think he really wanted to be a leader. He just wanted to run his bar and got caught up in the political bullshit that comes with running a place in a world like this. The second was Deacon, who would become one of my closest friends. I tried their alcohol, and it was good quality. Then I met Lotus, who I later came to know as Alidia. Alidia and I got along the best, and when I was hired as a bouncer for the Bar, she was as well. We stuck by each other's side. We were loyal to the bar. Then the Red’s came. Chapter IV The Reds A group popped up in vybor. Out of nowhere. Led by a mysterious man named “Kaiden”. Something had happened. The bar was worried, we were told we may be attacked, by a group called the Reds. I don’t know what it was that caused it, but Alidia and I were curious, to say the least. She and I traveled to Vybor to find Kaiden, and the Reds. and we found him. Somehow, after a hold up, we were recruited into the Reds,It was almost forced, but in a way we wanted it. Kaiden was completely different than Deacon and Paddy. He was powerful, charismatic, brutal, yet loving. He was the most complex man we had met. The Red’s did attack the bar, and we were there when he did it. I watched him kill Deacon’s best friend, Valentine, in front of him. Me and Alidia stood there alongside him, Red Armbands wrapped around our arms, as it happened. We had betrayed them. Chapter V The War The bar collapsed after the Reds’ Raid. Several members, including Deacon, seceded over to the Reds. Shortly thereafter, we went to war with The Blues, and their allies, a Rogue squadron of Marines. I don’t know how it happened, but after executing a lot of their groups The Marines caught Kaiden and a few others alone. I don’t know how exactly it happened, but I know that it happened. I never saw a body, I never questioned it. I just took those I cared for and hid. Alidia and her sister, Bear, and a young boy named Max who we were taking care of. We tried our best to hide, but we could never really escape the past. Chapter V! The End / The Beginning After Kaiden’s Death, Alidia, Deacon, Bear, and Max were separated. I was alone until I met Gryff Izzy and Tucker. We made a new family, with new values, and I felt I belonged yet again.
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    "Pick me up!"

    -1, that’s what unconscious is for.
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    Dalton's Gang

    I put a farmer in a present box once and now I'm expected to do it to all of em
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    Dalton's Gang

    The beginning was simple. Dalton was starving. Not a town for miles had a lick of edible food. The call for desperate measures was necessary. A couple walked down the road. The two looked healthy and nourished, their packs appeared full. How could Dalton pass up this opportunity? Dalton grabbed his shotgun, only one slug left inside, and ran in front of the couple. Their packs were a gold mine. Canned peaches, bacon, and beans. Canteens filled to the top with clean, fresh water. Dalton’s life had been saved at the expense of two others, however, when it was all said and done something didn’t feel right. He felt incomplete. As if something was missing. Then, the realization came. Dalton enjoyed their fear as his victims gazed down the barrel of his loaded shotgun. He thrived off the feeling of control during the encounter. This marked the beginning of the gang. Dalton’s Gang. Over the next couple of months, Dalton would emass a small following. Individuals he could trust to hold his back and make him rich. The self proclaimed king of the apocalypse. Until the robberies became far too frequent. Dalton’s name reached the ears of a group of straggling U.S. military forces, led by Morgan “Preacher” Boone. The two parties clashed for weeks, until both found themselves low on munitions and man power. The victor was determined at an old factory. Dalton’s gang and the U.S. forces clashed for one final time. Neither side was crowned winner due to the mutual loss. Dalton was left with only his right hand man, Tyler Pearce, as he escaped the factory. Dalton’s Gang was gone. The legacy Dalton and his men created had been defiled. This is when he realized a simple gang of unsophisticated roadside robbers wasn’t enough. This is when recruitment for the second gang began. There would be no more roadside robbery. No more unorganized raids. The new gang would be composed of like-minded, loyal individuals with unique talents and backgrounds. The result: a well-organized and improved group of individuals who could be the cornerstone of a new empire. An empire constructed through cold, calculated heist-like takeovers. Dalton Weathers is back in business. CHAPTER II “The Toys” The Toys. A perfect subject for enslavement. The take over was met with little resistance, other than a small group of “Roses” who tried to defend them. Once The Toymakers were subjugated, relations started to improve, perhaps too much. Members of the gang began to sympathize with the enslaved, and this culminated in Daltons left hand, Brodie, betraying him to flee with Alyssa. After a struggle, Brodie shot Dalton in the chest and left him for dead, and most members abandoned him and fled into hiding. After Daltons Recovery, he did as he did best, and recruited. He charismatically invited several members of fallen groups, echoes of what once was, like his own gang. But what was, Shall be again. Collect a sufficient amount of soldiers and recruits such that vassalization of opposing parties can be conducted without resistance. (COMPLETED) Establish a network for weapon, ammunition, and drug trade (COMPLETED) Establish a chain of information through other parties (COMPLETED) Infiltrate other parties for information (COMPLETED) Complete 10 Successful Heists on Compounds (1/10) (Day 830) Complete 3 Kidnapping and Ransoming's (1/3) (Day 830) Establish 2 Vassals (0/2) (Day 840) Claim territory for the gang (Day 850) Establish an outpost for us to conduct our meetings and allow for selective trade with allied parties, factions, and individuals. (Day 870) Have Enough supplies collected (food,water,guns,ammo) that new vassalization can cease and operations can slow. (Day 1000) 1. Roleplay above all. Bring and provide proper banditry-like Guerrilla intimidation whilst providing and promoting RP first above gunplay. 2. Keep demands reasonable. No one wants to be looting day and night to pay “taxes”. 3. Create a new powerful faction for other parties to interact with and influence the stories on the server . Command Dalton Weathers, Warlord @AidanVC Tyler Pearce, Right Hand @Dannick Lieutenant Tyler Lorenze @OpticVC Luke [email protected] Guerrillas Kase “Ryker” Mcilwrath @groovy kase Jake Powers @Powerjake Jordan Versock @JorrdanVC Soldier Owen Reddfield @Reddd Marty McMaan @Nick Plasse Carl Sanders @ChaseVC Daniel Cleft @ElsynVC Lucas Williamson @KadenDaSniper Yuri Maklovich @TIMELAPSE Alexis Edwards @RedVC Gang Recruitment is Currently open, but strict. Please DM me on the forums or discord if you’re interested.
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    +1 I’ve seen this mod it’s pretty dope
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    Riza Mustang must hold the record for longest LOA 👀 

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      Ive been on LOA for just over a week what you mean

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      Lmao when I left in feb you were on LOA and when I came back you were on LOA so I didn’t know if there was any time between 😂

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      Oh yeah ahah I was on LOA for the end of Feb cause I was in NZ for a wedding

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    S1 South End of NWAF

    There was 4 of us in the shack and one outside, only two of us were even able to get back in before the initiation was dropped, the other 3 were still logging back in or in queue. (Not meant to be back & forth, just clarification of the circumstances) if needed to help clarify this for staff I can get footage of us all inside the shack when server crashes and then compare that to the two of us in when initiation drops.
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    Invalid Kill (on sight) S1 Kabanino Appeal.

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was banned for KOS (on sight). I feel like this verdict is unfair because of the circumstances of the OP approaching an active gunfight and getting killed due to mistaken identity. I don’t feel this fits the bill of Invalid Kill(on sight) and would rather be Invalid kill (gunfight). Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am upstairs in the piano house dealing with hostage #1 (Lunathecat) my friends outside take a guy hostage, who I don’t get a good description of. The second hostage pulls an AK and guns down my friend, Modi Mundi. The OP hears this volley of shots which to anyone with any sort of experience is clearly a gunfight or atleast someone getting sprayed down and he chooses to approach, watch the shooter run away, and stand in the doorway peering at the body without saying a word or attempting to identify himself at all. When I rush downstairs I see him in the doorway and shoot him, and realized after the fact this couldn’t have been the guy that shot, and I admit that. When I rushed down the stairs, I saw modi Mundi dead, and the other two doors closed. I know the shooter is either hiding in the corner to my left, or running out the door to my left. When I peak the left, I see someone in the doorway I suspect the shooter to be in, see a player, and shoot him. This all happens in a matter of seconds.I know I’m in the wrong, but I feel there is a clear difference between me straight KOSing someone with no logic or reasoning behind it which imo would be Invalid Kill (on sight) and that of a misidentification and Invalid kill (gunfight). Based on various reports I’ve read, the definition of a Invalid Kill-firefight, is exactly what I’ve done here. The OP approached the scene of an active firefight and I shot him not blatantly trying to KOS, but misidentifying him as the shooter in an active firefight. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Lessen my WP and Ban. What could you have done better?: Better identified the hostile targets of the gunfight and communicated better.
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    S1 South End of NWAF

    Server and location: S1 South end of NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-05-25 4:00 Your in game name: Dalton Weathers Names of allies involved: Tyler Pearce, Buck Ryan, Tyler Pearce, Mckenzie Mathis, Jake Powers Name of suspect/s: Unknown House Members Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5ce8c3c8bbfa69490d/-1 Detailed description of the events: We got into a gunfight with House in Kabanino and Killed all of them who were present. We ran to NWAF and were sorting all the gear we had gotten when the server crashed. As we logged back in, we were initiated on one at a time while spawning.As I stood up trying to figure out what was going on we got sprayed at by a FAL so I tried my best to fight. Buck traded with one and then we received fire from a bunch of different directions and died. I don't really know what the rule for this is, but there's no way it's allowed to camp us and initiate while we're logging in giving us no chance to defend ourselves or one another. Myself and Buck were the only two people in the server as the rest of my group hadn't even made it through queue yet when we got initiated on. I think this would be clear abuse of game mechanics. 2.2 Exploiting or abuse of game mechanics (AOGM) is gaining an unfair advantage by using game bugs or mechanics in a way that the developer did not intend them to work.. 
  24. AidanVC

    S1: KoS in Kabanino - 2019/05/25 ~03:04

    POV: it was me who shot him. We were doing a robbery when one of the hostages pulled a gun and sprayed down one of our guys. The second hostage was taken while I was busy with the first one, so I didn’t know what he looked like. As I rushed down the stairs I peaked the corner and saw the OP standing in the doorway and shot. I didn’t know what the second hostage looked like but assumed he was downstairs or just leaving the building, which is why I shot the OP so quickly. Immediately after shooting him I realized I had killed the wrong person, but he was standing in the doorway of the house mere seconds after my boy got sprayed down so I figured he was the one who shot. It was my mistake and I apologize to the OP for shooting him, and hope we could potentially work this out in discord or something. I however feel like it’s completely understandable why I did what I did.
  25. AidanVC

    S1 Griefing, R4.4, R2.2 Eden 01:30 2019/05/21

    POV: Pretty much the same as optic. We Attacked the camp trying to kill the House and free the hostages as we were contracted to do and was defeated. I have no idea what happened in regards to any sort of griefing as I believe this happened inside the camp long after I was already dead.
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