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  1. @FalkRP after watching A Better Tomorrow I miss The Time ... I better see them again friend 

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  2. Unnecessary to put it like that, but nah, you’re completely wrong. I’ve done more RP in this group than I’ve ever done on this server previously.
  3. Thanks for having me boys it’s been a blast so far look forward to the future
  4. Thought it might’ve been April fools day but guess we just wildin out here

  5. AidanVC

    Upcoming new mods

    This is a terrible idea. A safe zone trading post with a casino on a roleplay server, fast travel? This is turning into a modded pvp server with rules. This all just doesn’t make sense and has no place in this server. - Trading posts should be made by players and made “safe” by players -Fast Travel has no place in a RP server, a large portion of roleplay IS the travel, why cut that out cuz people are lazy? -Casino is just completely pointless along with the trader. Why on earth would ai stuff like this be added on a roleplay server??
  6. excited aaron paul GIF

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      I’m Comin back boys 

  7. AidanVC

    Meet The Chad: AndreyQ

    @NozzyRPme next wtf
  8. I am again a roleplay free agent 👀. @MouseWB thank you for the good times with a great group and you know I’m hyped for what we doin when you’re back ❤️ love you Brotha

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      Sign this man

  9. AidanVC

    The Runners, The Messengers, Legacy, 503

    *Jude would press his PTT annoyed* Not gonna lie, these guys got a point. Half of you retards freaking out on the radio are a. Not even involved and/or b. Not gonna actually do anything about it. If you wanna be a radio rebel, please, back it up. I hate these guys as much as the next but being a coward over the radio helps fucking nobody. Either grow a pair or stay out of it. *he would release his PTT*
  10. AidanVC

    The Runners, The Messengers, Legacy, 503

    *Jude would press his PTT and chuckle to himself* Good luck retards. Hasn’t worked out all that well as of yet, doubt sending some amateur bounty hunters will make bit of a difference. *and then would release his PTT*
  11. James Novak was born in Los Angeles California on October 22 1990. His childhood was mostly uneventful, he lived in a bad neighborhood, and got involved with the wrong crowd at a young age. He (barely) graduated from high school, and did not attend college. He vagabonded as long as he could, traveling the country, but nowhere he looked could he find a place he wanted to stay. He used what money he had to go international, and toured Europe and Asia. On his way back east, he had to pass through a country called Chernarus. The country was known for its high political tensions, and James was warned to make his journey through quick. Distracted by the beauty of the Chernarussian countryside, James did not heed the warnings that he had been given, and when a strange outbreak of what would become the end of the world for James began, he didn’t even notice. Now trapped in a foreign country, with his life ruined, James blamed the political tension in the country for his troubles, whether he was correct or not. Had the country had been more stable, maybe he would have been able to make it out.
  12. I’m gonna give my feedback here : controversial, but, I think this is one of the greatest groups I’ve ever seen. Really, this group is just done perfectly imo. You’re the definition of what a hostile group should be, you have your own unique motives and way of life which provides for seriously good rp. You guys are everywhere, all the time, intimidating, and all around just a badass group. Keep it up boys
  13. AidanVC

    (rule change) Runs in to active fire fighting

    +100. It’s really hard (especially with approved groups who don’t wear armbands) to determine who is the target in long standing firefights including many people. If people intentionally run to the scene of a firefight knowing they “can’t” get shot and they get killed it shouldn’t be on the person who shot them.
  14. Remember the Alamo @MouseWB

    1. Hex


      I dont remember the defenders of the Alamo logging out before the Mexicans could finish slaughtering them.

  15. Advice of the day : never go take a piss during a firefight 

    1. AidanVC


      The pre-firefight piss is key to success 

  16. AidanVC

    Remove NBC Clothing from Item Shop

    I mean, just look at the most popular items in the item shop, it’s clearly being used to get NBC lol. Boots pants and jacket are in the top popular items bought rn.
  17. AidanVC

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    Server wasn’t out 3 months ago and no safe zone rules when it came out The wiki isn’t run by anyone with any sort of association with TRZ, there were safe zones in 2013 for like a month (when that wiki was made) and it was removed because it Didn’t work, for the same reasons I’m saying it wouldn’t work on here trust me im an expert on this server lol. Regardless, this is an entirely different community and the issues on here would be slightly different, but because of the larger nature of groups on here I think it would be even worse
  18. AidanVC

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    TRZ does not use safe zones. The zones that rotate around the map are KOS zones, lmfao. There are no safe zones.
  19. AidanVC

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    What’s your point? Issues for hostile groups are still big issues
  20. AidanVC

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    I like the idea just you know damn well everyone and their mother would sit in the safe zone and not leave so that they’re “safe”. Having a safe zone would cause so many issues
  21. Alright Ladies and gentlemen. Second run through of Dalton's Gang has been a ton of fun. We got the approval and it made me really proud of myself and my boys, so thank you guys for that. Unfortunately, I just do not have the time to dedicate to leading a group right now. We'll be back, but I hate to upkeep an approved group when im not even playing. Thank you guys so much for your support and we'll be back soon babes
  22. Ahh shit, here we go again. Good luck fellas!!
  23. Welcome back Queen @RedVC to the gang ! Edited Goals aswell
  24. Thanks man. I told him to put the pants back on for a reason LOL. I appreciate it brotha
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