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    Operation Custodia (Open Recruitment)

    Congrats on approval!
  2. AidanVC


    People do use it, a lot. Its one of the main reasons high grade military loot became such a well earned currency, because only people who run the zones can get it.
  3. AidanVC


    With the recent increase in military spawning, this may be the solution we need. I personally really enjoy roleplay servers with KOS zones, as it feels more realistic. same as the toxic zones from before, this may deter people from constantly looting high grade military loot and hoarding it away. A KOS zone would prevent people from entering NWAF without worry, and overall would make sense for such a high grade military zone. As of late, NWAF has been extremely easy to get fully geared in after the change in weapon spawning, and this would hopefully balance that out imo. big +1 from me, good proposal @AndreyQ
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    • AidanVC
    • Turk-chan

    How did this happen....

  5. AidanVC

    Operation Custodia (Open Recruitment)

    Only took months of me tellin you to make a group page . Not the same without @MuffMart tho
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  7. AidanVC

    The Time.

    Glad to be a part of this
  8. AidanVC

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    This plus 100
  9. AidanVC

    The Time.

    @NozzyRPthis is your chance to roleplay with me again take it or leave it
  10. AidanVC

    The Time.

    @FalkRPi knew you’d bring it back one of these days - so glad to see it. One of my favorite groups from the server, good luck dude
  11. AidanVC

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    “Not my fault you all get overprotective about your group being called out on the forums” I don’t really know what you expected them to do when instead of a real meaningful post to the thread which mostly consists of real issues and constructive feedback - you instead just put “I’m tired of seeing anarchy”. I started as someone who only knew what the rumors were. “Anarchy bad” “anarchy evil” but after seeing the group in game I really liked the concept and was lucky enough to be able to join. After my experience with the group, I can confirm that the amount of roleplay and thought put into everything the group did was far more than anyone who didn’t experience it within will ever know or understand. It was a very simple group to get along with imo and the only way that you had bad experiences everytime means you HAD to have been either too prideful OOC/IC to give in and follow the rules or were just a dick IC (which is a pretty general term, so to each their own). overall if you want to start a discussion on something maybe start with the specific issues with a group than saying you’re tired of the entire group as a whole.
  12. AidanVC

    Shepherds - [IC Recruitment]

    Let’s go boys approval
  13. AidanVC

    • AidanVC
    • JorrdanVC

    0/10 profile because you are John 

    1. JorrdanVC


      i'm literally your father

  14. Aidan Conrad was the son of a Vietnam veteran who was killed in the war. Born to a single mom in Atlanta, Aidan was raised in the memory of his patriot father and his family’s love of God. Aidan was devoted to religion - and volunteered at his local church. He also was a firm believer in America, patriotism, and the second amendment. By 25, his two core beliefs began to coincide, as he helped run the local NRA instruction program while also continuing to support his local church. Present day - Aidan is a different person. Stranded in chernarus after a mission trip - he finds that the only way he and others may survive, is through the will of god, and the strength of a gun.
  15. AidanVC


    We back out here

    1. JorrdanVC


      Of course you pick the ugliest font known to man

  16. AidanVC

    Shepherds - [IC Recruitment]

    Thanks for having me time for a crusade
  17. AidanVC

    The Mob

    Hey group looks pretty good boys
  18. AidanVC

    The Black Roses

    Can y’all remove me from the roster pls thanks
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  20. AidanVC

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Good RPing with you BB
  21. AidanVC


    1. OpticVC



  22. AidanVC

    Organised Safezone

    Yeah no. If you want a safe zone, MAKE IT SAFE IC. No OOC rules should make a place “safe”. However due to your opinion on hostile roleplay (which I obviously disagree with) I don’t think there’s anyway to convince you of that. Regardless, to continue with “getting the conversational ball rolling” definitely, definitely, a no from me.
  23. AidanVC


    @FalkRP after watching A Better Tomorrow I miss The Time ... I better see them again friend 

    1. FalkRP



  24. AidanVC

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Unnecessary to put it like that, but nah, you’re completely wrong. I’ve done more RP in this group than I’ve ever done on this server previously.
  25. AidanVC

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Thanks for having me boys it’s been a blast so far look forward to the future
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