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  1. Later today I’ll try and rework the thread again and add some explanations for the group.
  2. Ironically enough it’s actually not I’ve had approved groups in the past and never had issues like this yet I did the group page the exact same
  3. Edited some goals, added some, removed others. I am working on a addition that should help alleviate some confusion around our morality and goals. Should be up later today or tomorrow.
  4. I assure you, it is not. Unfortunate you see it that way but w/e. Hopefully the RP in game will show you otherwise!
  5. My definition of true neutral is it can go either way depending on the circumstances, and when the circumstances come to us being hostile towards another group, it is also a goal of mine for our hostile rp to be good. I don’t find that contradicting. The exact quote is “Provide good hostile roleplay when required”. In regards to IC goals D.E,F, and I, I believe this is basically explained by the same explanation above. There are some groups, in which we will be hostile to. There are others, in which we will protect. There is a complex morality to our group which I don’t feel the need to put out there right now to be meta’d but have faith that it is there. Our fluctuation between hostilities with some and relations with others is a part of the abstract ideals that make us V’s. If you have any sort of ideas on how to word that less confusing in the goals section, please leave further feedback.
  6. Congrats on approval! very cool group! very cool people! very cool! : )
  7. @Hammond fixed. Im retarded lol
  8. Thank you for the feedback - I know. I’m trying to update our goals as we speak and have added a few to better represent the vibe I am trying to provide for this group. But the initial goals were very generic.
  9. I don’t know the first thing about graphics nor anyone who is gonna take the time to do it so I’m pretty happy with it for me having done it.
  10. Roster finalized Backstory finalized - polishing being done
  11. Variant: a form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard. We're Different. Really. When Viperial Fell, Jaden and some few former members stuck together. Tyler Lorenze and Jaden became closer than ever before, and became brothers in ways they had not in the duration of Viperial. After the dissapearance/death of Luke Runningham, Jaden became a reluctant leader. Tyler assisted him in running the crew, and slowly some left, some joined, and inveitably, some died. Unsure of where to take the group, Jaden asked Tyler for advice. His reply? "Fuck it." There were a lot of fallen groups across the lands, pieces of a puzzle that no longer went together. Unintentionally, these are the people that flocked to Jaden and Tyler's following. It was many months in the shadows, many months of hardships, and many months of ready to just give up. But eventually, after the crash, they stabalized. Shortly after day 975, the group began to rise oncemore. When they finally felt comfortable once more, they had a tight knit group. Dillon - a brit gangster with a dark past. Paul - a gruff American with combat skills from unknown experiences. Brooke - a shy but deadly woman. Jake Powers - American Gang Banger with a taste for blood. These were the founders of what became the V's. That's what truly makes us special - the lack of unity. We're all variables in our own way. Each and every one of us found our way one way or another. We survived. Many knew each other long before the founding, some new, but all together in one common goal ; survival, no matter the cost. After the fall of old empires - remnants remain - with nowhere left to go. Some say that's reckless, some say its dangerous, but to us its family. By Day 900, the founders hat met - Jaden and Tyler were acquainted. By day 950 the Idea was formed. - They formed the path for their new group By Day 1000 they were ready to move forward. - The members were selected. We had passed day 1000. - The group was born. Jaden removed a purple cloth from his bag, and wrapped it around his arm before throwing a bundle of the same cloths in front of the rest."Enough. Enough of trying to find unity, enough of trying to find a place to fit in. We don't fit - and that's what makes us bind together in our own special way." "Fuck the past, fuck the future, let's live for now and see where that gets us" Some came from the past of Viperial, some the Mafia, and some no groups at all. It didn't matter, because that's what made them special. We're Different. Really. The Variants came together with the common goal of survival, but that evolved. Over time, everyone within this group had made their own observations of the world they now found themselves in, what was right, what was wrong, what was fair, what was not. But they never had a say in it themselves. That changed with the V's. In this world, what is needed, is Balance. Far too often wars in this land are brought upon by an imbalance of power. Someone sits on top, and someone else wants to take the throne - it ends in death on a massive scale, and more often than not, nothing is resolved. The goal of The Variants is to be an Equalizer in said conflicts. They will analyze these fights, pick a side they agree with, and offer their support to that side. By doing this, The V's are able to pseudo fight their own battles, and create a climate which is comfortable for themselves. The V's wish to prevent parties from getting too powerful, and will intervene themselves should one faction begin conquest. We call these - "High Risk Factions" or, HRF. HRF's are defined by their quest for power, whether this be from a political standpoint, or by force. HRF's will be closely observed until a point in which they subside, or a point in which the V's must intervene. There is no right, there is no wrong, only balance. and with balance, comes peace. - Establish a sizable home for our own. - Day 1100 - Draft a Doctrine which outlines our moral code. - In Progress - Recruit misfits to our ranks - In Progress - Gather Building supplies for own home - Day 1030 - Stockpile Firearms and Ammunition for Protection/Aggression - Day 1020 Establish Contact with 10 other groups and analyze them for morality - 1/10 Find and Identify 'High Risk Groups" - 0/5 - Help lone survivors in need - 0/indefinite - Create a list of most heavily trafficked supplies to better understand trade structure and political weight of factions - In Progress - Identify Groups who Target the weak - 1/3 - Investigate “Russians” who seize weapons - In Progress 1. Roleplay with the community 2. Provide a realistic true neutral group 3. Provide good Hostile RP when required 4. Create an enjoyable story line for the server 5. Provide a fun group for others to interact with on an OOC Level Leader - Jaden Kano - AidanVC - 2ic - Tyler Lorenze - OpticVC - Members - Dillon Dixon - RedVC - - Kyle Wilson -MurshyVC - - Chris Leonard -ChrisVC - - Brooke Raines -BrookeVC - - Paul Kovac -DannickVC - - Jake Powers - PowerjakeVC - - Zamir Baatyr - IotaSilver -
  12. One thing I’d like to make clear is EVERYONE in our group initiates. The “Invalid initiation” is just trying to throw out another accusation to point grab. You can clearly see in the video everyone initiates. anyways. Jaden Kano POV: Myself and Joah initiate on Luna and some ghillie guy behind the hangar whilst double micing to our group so they know to initiate aswell. We kill Luna in a confusing situation which myself Luna and Joah talk out in discord later. Afterwards, myself and Red are looting bodies when red gets shot. I push and kill all three of them subsequently and then go to try and heal. I then get shot again and try and push the two, and am killed. I am not present for the “invalid initation” nor “no time to comply*.
  13. Different group Dont hold me accountable for what one ex member does without my presence - not under my leadership - several months after they were last in my group lmao Quite a big stretch your making. If you start the message with “I don’t wanna be an asshole” you’re probably being an asshole lol
  14. Been trying to think of what to say for a my POV here and here’s the best way I can explain it - As someone who predominately plays hostile characters - I’m experienced in what you talk about. I however understand that I have not been in your shoes. I am rarely if ever the victim of hostile rp so I do understand that I cannot really speak from you pov, but I will do my best to explain it from my side. As someone who has lead and been a member of many hostile groups, I think the most important thing that you HAVE to try to distinguish is whether the people are doing the roleplay for them for you. The best way I can explain this is the common misconception of gear rp. Robberies and theft have always been the height of hostile roleplay on dayzrp, and is often the most controversial subject of hostile rp. There have always been people who steal gear for the sake of making themselves geared, for whatever reason, and enjoy just having a lot of stuff for personal reasons. This would be the category of hostile roleplay who do it for themselves. It often is not as enjoyable, but it can in some cases be acceptable (not that it’s good). But what you really have to look for is people who are doing the roleplay for YOU. You really have to keep this in mind. Groups Like Anarchy, or my own group Dalton’s Gang, we’re doing the hostile roleplay for YOU. Not only did the members enjoy hostile roleplay themselves, so we all had fun, but the goals and intentions of the groups were to provide something in the server to encourage roleplay and have “something” be out there to fear. Through daltons gang, we predominately stole gear, but it wasn’t about the gear - it was about providing a rag tag hostile group of bandits (which I felt you would realistically see in the apocalypse) to give people someone to fear, someone to hunt, and most importantly someone to ROLEPLAY WITH. 99.9% of the people who you meet roleplaying a hostile character or a hostile group is not doing it to ruin your day. They aren’t doing it to steal your gear, they’re doing it to provide you roleplay.
  15. AidanVC


    1. The baiting was not baiting at all. Simply put, he got caught breaking into the hospital, beaten within an inch of his life by jackals (without initiation) and then refused to leave because he knew if he let jackals would follow him out (as they were planning to do) he stayed within the area in which he knew he had friends who would back him up in the case he’s initiated on. He had the option of limping away and getting held up in the open by jackals or getting held up inside the compound where we could defend him. 2. I’m not aware of ANYONE who has come into streams and done anything like that but if they have can you please dm me who it was and what they said? If what you’re saying is what’s up than please name drop them in my dms so I can get rid of that toxic shit.
  16. Jaden Kano POV: seeing as I was briefly present when this happened and I’ll likely be called in for a POV here goes : I come back from going to the bathroom to find ive been radioed that my group of allies including @tossVC and some others were going to rob a few people in stary. I was heading that way to meet with @JorrdanVC anyways, so I ran around looking for them. I eventually find them and find they’ve already held up the guys and didn’t need any help, Izzy gives me a gun (that was not stolen from the hostages) and I head out towards Kab with @JorrdanVC (who also was not present during the robbery) i had little to no interaction with the hostages as I was not involved in taking them. I arrive at around 7:00 In the OPs video and I can be seen leaving at 8:02. The interaction where I stand behind the OP I believe is where Brooke hands me her AK74U, and I then leave.
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    Ayy let’s get it
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    they grow up so fast. 

    font is hella ugly tho no cap

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