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    dwight schrute GIF

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    love u turk
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    1. The baiting was not baiting at all. Simply put, he got caught breaking into the hospital, beaten within an inch of his life by jackals (without initiation) and then refused to leave because he knew if he let jackals would follow him out (as they were planning to do) he stayed within the area in which he knew he had friends who would back him up in the case he’s initiated on. He had the option of limping away and getting held up in the open by jackals or getting held up inside the compound where we could defend him. 2. I’m not aware of ANYONE who has come into streams and done anything like that but if they have can you please dm me who it was and what they said? If what you’re saying is what’s up than please name drop them in my dms so I can get rid of that toxic shit.
  4. AidanVC

    S1: BadRP West of Stary Sobor - 2019-11-30, 06:15

    Jaden Kano POV: seeing as I was briefly present when this happened and I’ll likely be called in for a POV here goes : I come back from going to the bathroom to find ive been radioed that my group of allies including @tossVC and some others were going to rob a few people in stary. I was heading that way to meet with @JorrdanVC anyways, so I ran around looking for them. I eventually find them and find they’ve already held up the guys and didn’t need any help, Izzy gives me a gun (that was not stolen from the hostages) and I head out towards Kab with @JorrdanVC (who also was not present during the robbery) i had little to no interaction with the hostages as I was not involved in taking them. I arrive at around 7:00 In the OPs video and I can be seen leaving at 8:02. The interaction where I stand behind the OP I believe is where Brooke hands me her AK74U, and I then leave.
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    Ayy let’s get it
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    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    @BandsRP for delta he deserves it
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    they grow up so fast. 

    font is hella ugly tho no cap

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    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Wow loving the new group G19 very epic @G19RP
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    Still loving the profile man 

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      Starting to love it myself @Roland

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    Killing Compliant Hostages

    Afanasyev Kirillovich POV: We roll up in a big truck in Komarovo and Kamenici runs away. We chase after them and finally catch Pips. @Daddy19RP and I initiate on @groovy pips - on the way down G19 makes very clear that “right now, you need to drop your radio and any other weapons you may have - knives, pistols, any other weapons, or a radio, drop it right now, if we search you and you have any of these things, you will die” I felt he was pretty clear about what she needed to do before we stopped and searched her - meaning to drop these things while we were walking. When we get to the house, she has a radio on her, and she gets killed. We continue on our journey and scope out prison island, before heading up towards pavlovo. Upon moving into the pav military checkpoint - we are ambushed and I die nearly immediately.
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    How to cancel rank sub

    I just wanted to know how to do it cuz @RedVC was dumb and got hers stuck and kept paying lol
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    How to cancel rank sub

    @Rovergot it
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    How to cancel rank sub

    Can someone explain how I cancel a sub for ranks? Couldn’t find where I do it I figured it out after posting this nvm
  14. Afanasyev Radoslav Kirillovich was born on November 16, 1994 in Moscow Russia. Born to a Religious household, Afanasyev was raised strictly, and taught to fear the wrath of god. His father was a former soldier, who was discharged when he lost his left arm in an explosion. Afanasyev worked in the coal mining business, and did foreign contracting working in other countries mines for pay. Prior to the outbreak, Afanasyev worked in the Sverograd mine, where he was a grunt for construction and maintenances.
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    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    You actually did it
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    Unnecessary post appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I said Pogchamp on Kamenici thread Why the verdict is not fair: I didn’t post a meme - any sort of anything about monkeys like everyone else - I truly thought this was an acceptable form of saying good luck to them and showing my support. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have never gotten points for UP before so I guess I didn’t expect this would warrant that. I’ve seen plenty of short posts on threads before and I wasn’t even intending for it to be meme-like or pushing the limits of what was allowed, my intention was just to show support to the group. I figured if saying short things like “Good Luck!” Was acceptable, that a short post translating to excitement was acceptable. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: points removed What could you have done better?: In the future, I’ll make sure that my posts are more well thought out, saying things such as Good Luck! Rather than one word replies.
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    Invalid Kill(s) Green Mountain

    Ah ok then. Y’all GM’s are good to close this then.
  18. AidanVC

    Invalid Kill(s) Green Mountain

    Are you with the charity? If you’re not on their roster and did not initiate your kill was invalid as WE were initiated on not vice versa.
  19. AidanVC

    Invalid Kill(s) Green Mountain

    just close this boy (if Andrew William is in charity)
  20. AidanVC

    Invalid Kill(s) Green Mountain

    im a monkey jorrdan told me charity wasn't approved like a dummy - can close report if the person who shot us was Charity.
  21. AidanVC

    Invalid Kill(s) Green Mountain

    Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Your in game name: Jaden Kano Names of allies involved: Paul Pippy @tossVC Robin Robinson @JorrdanVC Name of suspect/s: Green Mountain Charity Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I meet up with Pippy and Robin at the charity center trying to get food. At the time there was people out front dicking around about some bounty on Hutch that someone inside had put on him. (Not really sure) as we're joking around out front - we get initiated on VIA text and VOIP by ONE member of Green Mountain Charity (Charles Rooster). We fall back to try and get to cover and receive fire from MULTIPLE people inside the compound (only one of whom initiated). We try and fight back as we're pinned down and get pushed by a random guy who was originally hanging out front of the gate with us to begin with. He must've in some way been associated with the people inside - but he did not initiate nor were we initiated on by an approved group. Therefore - anyone of us killed by anyone OTHER than the one person who initiated over VOIP/Text is was invalid.
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    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

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    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: G19RP

    @Daddy19RP good interview bro
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    @Pips welcome back for the second time 

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      wait what

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    Hi Guys

    Did you enjoy your extended vacation? welcome back friend
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