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  1. Yes Thank you Diamond - Going to write some more lore elaborating on that time period tomorrow, and then blend that story into the present. Just need to finish my draft and update the page
  2. Brayces, It is not that we brushed off your feedback, but your feedback seemed extremely misinformed and as if you genuinely did not read the thread - I wasn’t saying that sarcastically. Please read silvers reply above because he breaks it down piece by piece. Most of your feedback you gave had already been suggested and then the feedback you gave on it personally about your issues were literally wrong/inapplicable which could be seen if you read the thread. Some things silver doesn’t explicitly mention : the gun contact is not chernarussian. It is never stated that he is chernarussian in our lore anywhere so I don’t know why you got that idea. He is (was) Italian. Therefore your advice on lore regarding a chernarussian contact does not apply, like I said. In total, over 2/3 of your feedback was on things that literally was just not applicable and the rest were easy things that we actually did in response to your feedback.
  3. Just to update you all - working on a few things. 1. New name. It’s unique, I have it selected, should be finished changing everything in a second. 2. graphics - they’re being worked on. No eta
  4. 1. no 2. No - I am not concerned with the group name being used twice in the last 5 years and not at all in the current lore 3. Although I agree the graphics could be upgraded, I would rather focus on roleplaying than making a cp look pretty. I have some people who have offered to make graphics so if they do it I’ll revamp them 4. As far as I’ve seen - everything fits within the current lore. 5. I personally have never done a gundealing group before , so I’m excited to try something new ! 6. Goals will be updated once we play in game - starting goals are always a little bit generic but I think it’s pretty good for right now. 7. Backstory is being worked on but it’s not going to be much different than what already is there, just clarifications and a better format. 8. it’s capitalized but if it’s not in all places I’ll fix it 9. I will have a better attitude towards criticism when it’s like the above ^ and not “graphics suck, looks generic” if you had posted something like the above feedback first instead of posting an unnecessary post that was more complaining than any sort of feedback. Thanks for your actual feedback
  5. Thank you fae worked very hard !!
  6. what????? Please do your own work on your group
  7. Brayces feedback was brushed off with a lmfao because it was so innacurate it seemed she didnt even read the backstory, as silver said. There is no attitude, I just struggle to see how i use the feedback on how to improve the group on ppl who either didn't read it or didn't understand it properly.
  8. A group that I A. Didn’t know about and B. Got forced archived not really concerned about it. I seriously do not understand either of your statements. If I wanted a group for quick rights (I.e. getting approved) I would have done some cookie cutter chernarussian group or Russian group that would A. Appease the sentiment of not playing a foreigner and B. Be able to get into quick gunfights with other nationalities because we hate those foreigners am I right. Not a group for rights, it’s a group for roleplay.
  9. Ok - so, an italian american crew is seen a thousand times (which i have personally never done before). But i cant say im not interested in being chernarussian because i have seen it over a million times and have done it before and find it boring.
  10. As I’ve said , we are not roleplaying we had any sort of connections in chernarus that would effect the lore. if it is against the lore to suggest that a minuscule number of foreigners were in country when the borders were sealed i would argue that makes little to no sense at all. Also, it is not “something new” for any of us in the group. We have all played Eastern European / chernarussian characters before. It’s not that we can’t - I just don’t want to because that’s not the type of group I want to do. All I’m saying is - if what we have created is so abnormally against the lore that we literally cannot do it - say so - and I’ll do something else. But as far as I’ve observed - it’s not - and what we’re doing is completely within the realm of reason to do both in the lore and within the rules.
  11. If i was playing for rights i wouldnt make a CP at all, I'm comfortable enough staying dynamic. Although many (not staff) members have expressed their "Concern" for the precious lore - in my private conversations with Staff I have been told that we are perfectly fine until lore masters say we're not - which, they haven't. If you read, this gang had no pre existing footholds in chernarus which would concern the lore. The group was not here because they had some unknown connections to gangs here, they are simply foreigners who got stuck inside the country when the quarantine began. There are no issues here that would contradict the lore. I feel the majority of you are grasping at straws for issues but until someone who matters (Staff, Lore Masters) say that there is a problem lore wise (Which they haven't thus far) I will be continuing on the currently planned schedule with this group Thank you for the feedback Charlie!
  12. These things all seem pretty clear to me in the CP but i'll clarify. 1. the gang was pre existing, was not made in chernarus 2. army contact was italian, not chernarussian 3. same way everyone else is now, nobody yet because the group just started lmfao
  13. sorry dude my bad lemme join the group of 40 chernarussians cuz i think thats what the server needs
  14. entirely different group with the same name that i didn't know about that also got force archived i think im good xD
  15. On April 28th, 1945, 6 ½ hours after the execution of Benito Mussolini, 3 men had a drink in a bar in downtown Florence. Luca Romano - a former italian soldier from Genoa who had just returned home broke. Giuseppe Firmino - A brewer from Palermo with a stern face and a slightly problematic addiction to Gambling. And finally, Franceso De Luca - A lowlife from Mantua with a tendency for violent crime and history of armed robberies. The men, childhood friends reunited amidst the celebration of the end of Italy’s role in WWII, discussed the possibilities now that their fascist leader had been overthrown. What was discussed at that table that day was the idea that became one of the largest weapon distribution, bootlegging, and gambling networks Europe had ever seen. But at the time, however, that’s all it was. An Idea. Giuseppe had a slight bit of funds he could invest from his brewery, and Franceso said he knew a guy from the army who could get them surplus firearms for cheap - he apparently had been buying them himself for his armed robberies. These two paired with Luca’s military training and hardened sense of morality led to a perfect storm for a Criminal Enterprise. What was discussed at the table that day, is what became L'impero Tre Corone Reali. The Empire of the Three Royal Crowns. Luca Romano Giuseppe Firmino Francesco De Luca April 28th 1945 - The three founding members create the idea. May 1945 - They begin recruiting family members and close associates June 1945 - First shipment of Surplus firearms is bought with an investment from Giuseppe Firmino September 1945 - Medium scale weapon dealing begins throughout Europe. January 1950 - Luca Romano emigrates to the United States to found the New York section of L'impero May 1950 - Franceso De Luca begins selling firearms in Russia August 1964 - The three original founders begin taking a backseat in the business, leaving their children to begin to manage the enterprise. 1970 through 1980 - The three original founders retired and left the business to their respective oldest sons. 1987 - L’impero‘s area of influence has spread throughout the entirety of Europe, Large portions of Russia, and Northeastern America. Between 1990-2000 - The Third generation of the family was born. 2011 - Frank Firmino assumes leadership of his family branch after his father dies of a heart attack. 2014 - Stefano De Luca assumes control of the De Luca branch after Johnny De Luca is shot and killed in moscow. 2015 - Luca Romano II becomes terminally ill of colon cancer and leaves his business to his oldest son, Dominic Romano. Present Day - -2019- After outbreaks of the Frenzied Flu worldwide, Business screeched to an all time low. You wouldn’t think it, but just as worldwide pandemics affect legal businesses, it affects the illegal ones too. When people are scared to death of catching a disease and dying, surprisingly their will to kill others is lowered, albeit briefly, sales on illegal firearms from L'impero was at an all time low. -2020- January 1st 2020 - Frank Firmino celebrates what appeared to be the end of the virus’s presence in Russia alongside his family. He and Dominic Romano make plans to revamp business and begin dealings once more - primarily focusing on expanding business in Russia. February 2020 - The large majority of L'impero high command travels to Livonia for a leisure excursion. April 2020- Worried by a new wave of disease, they cut their Livonia trip short, and travel to Chernarus just before the borders are locked and quarantine ensues. May 2020 - Now stranded in a quarantined Chernarus, Dominic Romano, Frank Firmino, and Stefano De Luca begin to do what most businesses had to do in these times. They went online. They begin to run their business remotely through Chernarus to the rest of the world. Reports of the virus being seen worldwide once more are relayed through their communication channels. Unwavered, the three push their associates to continue business as usual, assuring them that things would go back to the way things were, just like they did after the 1st and 2nd wave. It would not. The virus got worse than it ever had, and the world - and L'impero - began to fear that things would never be the same. June - With Chaos ensuing in Chernarus, L'impero began to lose contact with their outside sources. Business as they knew it began to collapse, and the families failed to find a smuggling route out of the country. They were trapped. In most people’s minds - this is it. The end of the fucking world. Game over. But in a businessman’s mind, one begins to consider the possibilities. Stranded in a country with no contact to the outside world, the business could be reformed like never before. These people were going to want guns. And the Saints began to think that they would be the ones to provide them. There was work to do. Regain Communication with the Outside Business (Ongoing) Stockpile surplus firearms (Day 25) Find/Build a private shelter for members of The Saints and their Families to reside (Day 40) Reach out to civilian groups about Firearms dealing (0/3) Recruit new soldiers to defend high ranking members of The Saints (0/5) Stash valuable personal belongings such as Jewelry and Cash to avoid theft by militia groups or violent groups of Civilians (Ongoing) Secure a personal stash of supplies (Food, Water, Clothing, Ammunition)and protect it from outside groups (Day 35) Establish Contact with all Relevant Factions within Region - (Day 30) Add a market sector to our home to conduct business dealings and handle trade (Day 50) Find 0/1 group to extort/strongarm (Day 20) 1. Provide a Fresh take on a Gundealing group 2. Participate in the foundations of the new server lore 3. Provide good HostileRP when necessary 4. Provide overall good roleplay with the community and create a realistic and engaging storyline within it. -Leader - Dominic “Dom” Romano - @AidanVC -Council- Isabelle “Izzy” Romano - @RedVC Frank Firmino - @Powerjake Stefano De Luca - @Jacks Drago Firmino - @IotaSilver -Soldiers - Rafael “Rafe” Santalini - @Murshy TBA - @brookiehiggh TBA - @ChrisVC TBA - @OpticVC Alejandro Fisher - @DannickVC TBA - Shepherd TBA - Red
  16. Dominic “Dom” Romano was born in New York in 1992. Heir to a successful crime family, he worked hard in his family business to earn a living before replacing his fathers place in the command alongside his sister, Izzy. In 2019, Dominic traveled to Livonia to expand his gun business, and in early 2020 traveled to chernarus before being trapped when the borders sealed and quarantining began. He is now stranded with a few close family and friends with no way out of country.
  17. More than happy to. Won’t play till they’re done. Shit is stupid lmao
  18. I’m literally just waiting for all this lore faction shit to be over with to play again lmfao
  19. Wanna get back into playing but I got no idea what to do 🤷‍♂️ 

    1. canadian_boi


      There have been a bunch of events going on so just run to the town that the event is in and you will find RP and whatnot.

    2. Malthis


      For the time being it's really just enjoy the in game events and decide what you want to do for the new lore. Hopefully they'll release the new lore soon seeing as it's a week away from launch.

  20. Team Name: Verified Chads player 1. @AidanVC player 2. @OpticVC
  21. +100 better than mAss by 1000
  22. Yeah I’ve been inactive so nobody else has been on, had some irl stuff doing on but I’m back now
  23. I have added an "Our Purpose" section to the page which explains a lot of what i had in my mind and not on the CP for the group. This should better explain our group and our goals - aswell as the roleplay we hope to accomplish. Thank you for your feedback and please continue with it if there is anything else you feel i should change! Thanks guys!
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