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  1. Welcome back Queen @RedVC to the gang ! Edited Goals aswell
  2. Thanks man. I told him to put the pants back on for a reason LOL. I appreciate it brotha
  3. @Randy No I understand that at this point if we don’t have video evidence we can’t be trusted as to taking Vegas’ radio, but I think in g19’s video it’s clearly obvious they are meta’ing as none of them are speaking as their characters and are speaking in an OOC manner.
  4. @Phoenix no, we Did it physically rather than through //
  5. To clarify - that just flat out isn’t true. Even during the gunfight all the way up until @tossVC ran we had people watching the hostages to ensure they didn’t do exactly what Vegas is claiming he did. In the video, at the point that Vegas was speaking, shots had barely been fired so he 100% still had his hand/hands up at the moment in which we spoke. And even if he DID somehow manage to drop his hand/hands and grab the radio, he wasn’t double micing as you clearly could see he was speaking OOC and not as his character.
  6. Well first, thank you for the feedback and I appreciate you taking the time to do so, but, I should start by saying I wasn’t there at all last night, so my replies are just based off of what I’ve seen and been told of it. But I agree with you 100%, the squad got divided in half, half dealing with hostages, and half trying to gunfight the people outside who were still shooting at us. Due to the extremely small nature of that base, those that were trying to gunfight were constantly hearing the beating/arguing Bobby was doing with hostages and Bobby was hearing the combat comms of the fighters, which made it really hard for both sides. (They were whispering they were just still close enough to hear it) it’s not an excuse, as I agree with you, it’s just pretty hard to dedicate 100% to hostages while you are still in an active gunfight. I’ll talk to the guys and see how we can do this better in the future, again, thank you for the feedback
  7. Dalton weathers POV: we were holding up two guys and escorted them up into the woods. We start taking shots and a gunfight ensues, I rush one with an MP7 and die. After the fact, Chase tells me his buddy (who was a random) was also killed in the firefight. He was not on his was to meet with our group nor did he know there was a robbery or firefight going on to my knowledge, he just stumbled upon it randomly.
  8. AidanVC

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    @G19RP I’m not gonna lie, before you did this group, me being new to the server, I honestly never expected to see such good roleplay come from you guys. I happily stand corrected with the outcome of this group and am glad to have been able to seen it. You guys really showed the server what you’re capable of, and it was a great group.
  9. unknown.png.beb16ad1b2d55926be6261916d5137fe.png

    Good Rp Today ❤️

    1. Milo


      Ok brother you boys arent playing around cant wait to run into you boys. 

  10. Welcome @Dannick back to the gang!!!
  11. AidanVC

    • AidanVC
    • ChaseVC

    Welcome to the club bb

    1. ChaseVC


      thanks dad!


  12. Welcome @MouseWB as Bobby Kalo!
  13. Also updated goals while I’m at it
  14. Welcome @KadenDaSniper Updated roles/ranking/roster/format
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