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  1. Wanna get back into playing but I got no idea what to do 🤷‍♂️ 

    1. canadian_boi


      There have been a bunch of events going on so just run to the town that the event is in and you will find RP and whatnot.

    2. Malthis


      For the time being it's really just enjoy the in game events and decide what you want to do for the new lore. Hopefully they'll release the new lore soon seeing as it's a week away from launch.

  2. Team Name: Verified Chads player 1. @AidanVC player 2. @OpticVC
  3. +100 better than mAss by 1000
  4. Yeah I’ve been inactive so nobody else has been on, had some irl stuff doing on but I’m back now
  5. I have added an "Our Purpose" section to the page which explains a lot of what i had in my mind and not on the CP for the group. This should better explain our group and our goals - aswell as the roleplay we hope to accomplish. Thank you for your feedback and please continue with it if there is anything else you feel i should change! Thanks guys!
  6. Later today I’ll try and rework the thread again and add some explanations for the group.
  7. Ironically enough it’s actually not I’ve had approved groups in the past and never had issues like this yet I did the group page the exact same
  8. Edited some goals, added some, removed others. I am working on a addition that should help alleviate some confusion around our morality and goals. Should be up later today or tomorrow.
  9. I assure you, it is not. Unfortunate you see it that way but w/e. Hopefully the RP in game will show you otherwise!
  10. My definition of true neutral is it can go either way depending on the circumstances, and when the circumstances come to us being hostile towards another group, it is also a goal of mine for our hostile rp to be good. I don’t find that contradicting. The exact quote is “Provide good hostile roleplay when required”. In regards to IC goals D.E,F, and I, I believe this is basically explained by the same explanation above. There are some groups, in which we will be hostile to. There are others, in which we will protect. There is a complex morality to our group which I don’t feel the need to put out there right now to be meta’d but have faith that it is there. Our fluctuation between hostilities with some and relations with others is a part of the abstract ideals that make us V’s. If you have any sort of ideas on how to word that less confusing in the goals section, please leave further feedback.
  11. Congrats on approval! very cool group! very cool people! very cool! : )
  12. @Hammond fixed. Im retarded lol
  13. Thank you for the feedback - I know. I’m trying to update our goals as we speak and have added a few to better represent the vibe I am trying to provide for this group. But the initial goals were very generic.
  14. I don’t know the first thing about graphics nor anyone who is gonna take the time to do it so I’m pretty happy with it for me having done it.
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