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  1. Admin can we have another way to pay for the items because it wont allow my check card to pay pal like maybe credit card so it will accept. I would like to get 3 medic armbands.
  2. Please list my logs for this report as i am listed as an ally. I was the one KOSed . I had to re log due to not being able to transfer anything when logging in i was already listed dead. i was never initiated on in this situation.
  3. sabbie

    DayZRP 19.7.1

    im hoping they cant surround new spawn areas with traps. or place them at other peoples camps. of course this would be common since not to do but there are going to be people that thnik it is funny. Unless they can be dismantled without blowing up. When they were in the game before we had a lot of KOS from people placing live garnades in tents and other storage and it interrupted RP.
  4. i have ran into the hostile groups and RP wise my character was not harmed at all. It did change the characters think but if things are Rped good they tend to leave ya a lone and dont have any story driven reason to pvp. How ever if the build up to a group's story leads to a hostile situation you should have a Rp way out whether being captured or talking your self out of the situation. War in Rp shouldn't always be PVP how ever that does happen and i believe on this server is very actively saught after. I have been in Pvp situation where my character is the only on that has come out of it a live after being initiated on shot firing and being catered . On the other hand any reason to fire i belive they the rules set them up pretty well. but great subject to talk about. see you in game . sabbie
  5. i like the spray paint because you can make your weapon your own style. I like the black M4 look it looks sharp or the camo riffles thay are great to go hunting with. this is why i voted YES
  6. Im not understanding what you mean. Are you saying anyone can KOS this group or they can KOS others. I really dont think since this is a Advance RP server community that there should not be any natural KOS. I think it should be RPed activated and not just put your hands up and then spray. To me that is very bad RP and those who do this are just looking to for PVP and not RP. so those are my thoughts. as for wearing the arm band it does bring attention for non RP settings and i think they should be able to set the rules for their group as they see fit. This is a very large community with a mixed of talent and unfortunately some that just want to interrupt this quality of format. With that said Rping the group guidelines to avoid the non RP issues without having to run to admin every time you get someone that just wants to pvp. If it is proper for the rp story then the armband will stay on anywhere they go. but great subject to talk about.
  7. thanks for the welcome back Thanks for the verification on this subject.
  8. When returning to this server i have seen some Griefing appearing and being explain as stealing so i would like to explain what i know to be the difference When playing a game raiding is always a good and healthy part of the game play especially in RP. The server's community staff place rules and guidelines to allow the healthy raiding system and thus healthy RP. In raiding removing items that can be transferred on your person or unit. penetrating a base security and removing the items that the thief would find valuable to them, make since right? in turn leads to tracking the thief down and RP a response to the Robbery. On the other hand, Griefing is when you enter a space, base or location that you do not own and remove all items to ground, floor so they can despawn back in the game.thus, no one that actually owns it can have the items can have them just so they can retrieve the unit or tent that the items were stored in securely. (do to the mechanics of the game). Griefing is not a positive action for anyone because it messes with the server and interrupts RP. Besides it is a lot of extra work has to be done off game to take care of this violation. It interrupts legit RP . The items that are thrown on to the ground in a small area of the server can cause lag and even a crash. This also interrupts RP and game play. Some solutions to avoid this would be: - bring extra smaller storage unit with you to transfer items that are not useful to person that wants to remove the larger storage unit. -Place extra items in the other storage units around the camp or location. Please Tell me your understanding and maybe we can stop the griefing on the server.
  9. wow thanks for the awesome Rp tonight with several of you. Despite the trouble with s2 all day it was sure worth the wait.
  10. i could only say what i would do to comply state i am turning off my radio and mute my self from the radio source. many are great actors and know this maybe a game mechanic that has to be address.
  11. i agree with you KEKE it does get irritating when you are trying Rp and you have individuals that have nothing to do with the situation keep interrupting the RP. In turn would be bad RP. but i'm not sure exactly why the group decision was made. but i think it may have just to spread the servers out but i really don't know. i agree with the logging many are very good actors and keep logs and vods for evidence.
  12. im not going to say any more bbecause i am not pert of the situation but i kinda like that more people are on s2 beside leads to great RP hostile or not. Its all fun and games.
  13. well if one describes it that way then the one that is following could be possible meta gaming and thus breaking the gaming rules of RP and how would the character know they changed over if it wasn't meta gaming. Unless it was told to them in character. Harassment i'm sure is never accepted on the server and if it is just to interrupt RP i'm sure it will be dealt with when reported by the parties involved. but other wise this is a great subject to be discussing because it could be a concern if it got out of hand.
  14. well i highly doubt it is to avoid any Rp hostilities. I dont know the reason but to tell you the truth the RP that i have had has been on s2 i just ended up running the map on s1. it could be for different reasons and i wouldn't want to concerned myself with it ,if it doesnt effect my story. Happy Gaming. sabbie
  15. Hello my name is Sabrena Holcomb and I am 46, a mother of two grown children. I have been playing Dayz for about 4 years off and on with all the changes. I have 3718+ hours on Dayz mostly on RP servers. In playing many roles i have found that the platform of DayzRp community servers have provided some advanced story lines and thus the RP has been been the same. I look forward to meeting you all in game. I would like to thank those who have already welcomed me back to your community. See you in game. Sabbie
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