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  1. hey man looking forward to playing with you
  2. garscott


    hey I hope you get into the community. I am quite new as well and I am looking forwards to meeting you in game
  3. Congrats Man! I've also just gotten accepted. see you in the game dude.
  4. hows it going! good luck with app!
  5. welcome to dayz rp! im new as well and im looking forward to playing with you
  6. done here is the URL http://www.dayzrp.com/t-my-charecter-bio
  7. I am Hanlon Ó Raghailligh. I am a Irishman, born and raised in the city of Dublin. I spent most of my childhood trying to meet the standards society has set for everyone, trying to fit in, like a wolf with no pack hoping for someone to take him in. I realized like the wolf would sooner or later that only the strong will make it into the pack, so i pushed myself to learn martial arts, and to build my body so i could one day be strong, and become the leader of the pack myself. When I turned ten, my family moved to New York City. life was very hard for my family because we had very little money, and we could not pay for luxuries such as electricity and running water; we could hardly buy enough food to get a filling dinner. we were strong however, and although all odds seemed like they were against us we managed to pull through. On my eighteenth birthday, I enlisted into the Army. Boot Camp was rough, and the food was rank, but I toughed it and got stationed in Afghanistan. The skirmishes i faced there were some of the worst in my life, but i survived long enough to get promoted to captain. I took leave to see my Family after my promotion but, on the flight back to the united states as we were flying over Chernarus, the airplane was hit with a rocket and we crash-landed. I wandered the island looking for a way home, and I managed to find a city but by that time the island was already infested with zombies. I have already survived one war and i'm going to make sure i survive this one, and come out of it alive at all costs. Through strength and dignity I will prevail! Name: Hanlon Ó Raghailligh Age:21 Height: 6'2" Weight: 175 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue/Green Job before outbreak: Captain in the Army
  8. Hi, i'm Garscott. I have alot of friends who play on DayZRP and im trying to get whitelisted to join them and make new friends. Cheers!