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  1. William 'Bill' Berg was born within the ANZA Sponsored and ran Humanitas Eternia bunker on the outskirts of Nyheim. Bill was born to a Norwegian father (inheriting his surname) and British mother inside of the bunker. His father was a Civil Engineer in his past life, this is a passion which was passed down to Bill. Bill is fanatic about being able to rebuild structures and civilisation as a whole and this is his main driver. His mother was a holistic healer, using natural remedies, some of this information was also passed down to Bill however he took less of an interest in this practice. Bill found it difficult growing up within the bunker due to the lack of socialisation, in his adulthood his is now a social butterfly and is generally the heart of conversation with his fellow comrades. He also respectful and trusting of his superiors, although his cunning and wit may sometimes get himself into trouble with his superiors.
  2. Albert or also known as 'Al' to his closer friends and family was born in Yorkshire within the United Kingdom the year 2028. Al was born into the time of the great depression, he felt this heavily as his parents both perished to the frenzied flu at a young age. He was left with his grandfather to raise him through these strange and dangerous times. He taught him his whit, and how to utilise the wilderness to his advantage. Al's Grandfather decided to relocate to Ander's Holdfast for protection as he feared he was growing old and would soon be unable to raise Al to the best of his abilities. Here Al grew up to be an adult. It wasn't until 2042 as the UK's political system began to crack, more fractured communities began to arise and some of these communities became more hostile as resources began to be spread thin. At this time Al had met a woman at Anders Holdfast and they had been dating for around 2 years, they were soon to be wed. It was at this moment as the community began to fracture Al's fiancée decided to move to a new community so she could be with her cousins. Al complied and followed her. They spent for a few years happy experiencing life in the settlement, this is where Al took a liking to the wilderness after his grandfathers’ teachings. He spent many evenings sneaking out of the settlement to go and forage for food & experience nature, he only imagines what the world used to be like without disease and conflict. It was a misty evening when the peaceful settlement was attacked, Al was outside of the walls when in the distance he heard all the commotion. He knew it wouldn’t be wise to rush back so he sat and prayed that his fiancé was safe. Once the commotion has stopped, he headed back to the settlement and only found flames, rubble, and charred humans, he searched for his fiancé but could only assume she had perished in the attack. Al managed to salvage what he could from the settlement and headed into the wilderness, this is where he stayed, away from any other human life however helping the occasional person if required. He went through the five stages of grief. He was not made to be alone, being a bit of an extravert, he had heard rumours of a place called Nyheim where the quality of life was rumoured to be much better. He had made the decision to try and make his way there, to find his purpose and put his stamp on the world. He devised plans, some failed, some taught him things, he was humbled by his own failures. It wasn’t until he saw an old decrepit boat which was still floating before he had his lightbulb moment. He set up camp around the area and began work on patching up minor repairs on the boat. He crafted a sail and mast and erected it on the boat. The time had come, using only a map and compass he intended to sail to Nyheim to find his purpose. He successfully reached Nyheim in 2059, he noticed massive rebuilding projects within different communities, this excited Al and he wanted to help where he can. He embedded himself within the city helping construct and rebuild homes, shelters and help create infrastructure. He was finding his purpose, helping people, and finding his inner peace. 2071 the chaos came, Al had flashbacks and anxieties back to when he was in the UK. He fled to the outer borders of Nyheim and went into the wilderness once again…
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