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  1. Frigated

    [GUIDE] Setting up your Mic Properly!

    Nice guide mate +1 Should be stickied so all the new players / people with difficulties with their mic can reference this thread. +1
  2. I made this thread on the brink of the mod and the standalone servers. I'm Not sure might advance on it in a week or so currently busy at work in London. Never really felt the standalone as much as the mod so I might take some time out to play a lone character until I get back into things.
  3. After given feedback I will delete this idea and come up with a new one.
  4. I see, did not realise there was another Irish group. I did not see it when I was looking through the list. Also this group is not full bandit. It is simply a bunch of Irish business men running a mob of Irish mobsters which can deal in weapons, food and other survival essentials. I was planning on doing a loaning system where someone can loan items off of us if they have nothing to trade at that moment in time. However we will hunt them down if they do not pay up. I was planning on not making a simple bandit group but more of a chaotic group who don't have the tendency to kill everything they see. All will be explained in the thread.
  5. I have had a look through the group list and I have not seen a single Irish group. This is not another IRA we don't get up to the same antics. If you furthermore have a problem with an Irish based group please say so and I might make amends. Disregard that just seen the link to the other group. We will not remotely be like them.
  6. Cheers lads, just got back from being ill want to get this started.
  7. [mp3]http://puu.sh/d2CZr/eca929f903.mp3[/mp3] The Dwellers was founded on a basis of two survivors. The survivors who lived in a homestead within Chernarus. The group was formed when two survivors of the out-breaking infection ventured out of their safe homestead in search of survivors to bring back. The two survivors one named Dinny Brennan and the other his brother Vinny Brennan ventured long and hard. Unfortunately Vinny lost a fight with a zombie only wielding a can of beans and a shovel, quite a fight it was. Dinny carried on his brothers legacy in search of survivors and eventually found two young brothers. He quickly introduced himself and took them back to his homestead only to find out it had been occupied by another group of survivors. After a furious battle Dinny and the two brothers came out the worst. Pushed back they had to venture else where to dwell. - Survive - Look for other survivors - Dwell and Settle somewhere - Take what we need and no more - Never harm anyone under-armed - Never back down from a fight The Man Dinny Brennan [Frigated] Second Man Frank Hansen [Nicolaj] John Hansen [Prepper] Foot Soldier Medic Dweller Markus Eriksson [[CTC]risekill] Ariton Debrliev [Ariton8]
  8. Frigated

    DayZRP mod End of Life

    Everyone get your banners and protest! #SaveTheMod
  9. I think you should donate some to FPM. Making videos on my group entitles me to 50%. Only joking I will watch it and best of luck
  10. Home day for me guys. I will be on in approx 12 hours. #longdays
  11. I have a few things I will add Friday when I'm home.
  12. Tbh fisher you should of done it via radio or pmd me. Also everyone stop flaming on SVR they are a good enemy and they do provide good hostile roleplay. Final warning guys sick of my thread getting spammed with bullshit.
  13. Wreckage? Nope. Also everyone quit ya bitching including FPM. If you die you die it's a fucking game. What? thats not what i meant. The second message wasn't directed towards you sorry. And nope I don't remember a wreckage.