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  1. Hello female I've encountered over the internet. I noticed that you are female which makes me obligated to give you special treatment. So if you would like to meet up in game and get some memorable moments that would be awesome xD!
  2. Couldn't have worded it any other way my friend
  3. @Mr_Clean @Major @Jack Rees-Mountbatten Great event guys really enjoyed it. I was honestly was expecting the whole time to be ambushed while we were chasing you down.
  4. Clint

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    10/10 Extremely well made, I almost cried.
  5. Brock was never a very strong person, nor was he very popular. He grew up with parents that gave him no attention, and that payed him no mind. They didn't raise him, he raised himself, which lead to all sorts of problems. Social anxiety, a smaller than average build because of malnutrition, and a nervous twitch. When he was 18 he joined the Marine Corps, but malnutrition and not working out once his entire life led him to dropping out of the camp. Ashamed, and not going back to his parents house, he joined his childhood friend John Locke in Chernarus serving in a PMC. He stuck with John after the infection, watching each others backs, and assisting the people they encountered. After linking up with a few more members of their PMC, they were ready to head out together and face the new world.
  6. The evidence that Yoshi posted isn't even relevant to the actual report. Literally this video shows us with Yoshi at his camp messing with his barrel because our character don't appreciate people cutting down trees and burning logs. If there is anything wrong in this video than is should be taken to another report. But if you still want to know what happened @Mr_Clean and I were roaming in Pulcovo talking to people and providing some role play. Eventually we came across @Yoshi in his camp in the center of town and we had a problem with him cutting down trees and not preserving the forest. So we began to vandalize the barrel in hopes that maybe he would stop. Later on after he had wondered off we stole his barrel and left him alone. A few hours later we met him again in the same area and he had recovered his barrel. Once again we had the same problem and we took the barrel but this time we just decided to give it back after talking it out with him. I do apologize for picking up the barrel while it was still on fire which is entirely my fault and was an idiotic thing to do.
  7. I'm confused because this report is about four individuals trying to act like our native american characters in a crude way. I personally wasn't even there when the people were chanting around the tree. So I shouldn't be held responsible for what these other people did.
  8. Askook was born into a poor and rugged family in Chief Lake, Wisconsin. He spent the early years of his life being home schooled by his grandmother where he learned all about his culture. Askook was very passionate about his culture and wanted to explore it more. Askook was not very found of living in the urban environment and spent most of his days submerged in nature. As he grew older and become more and more distant with his family and closer and closer to nature. He wanted to see all the nature the world had to provide. So he started to roam the distant places most humans had very been. But one day he felt a deep lonely sorrow and wanted to return to his family. Askook wished to reunite with his loved ones. He traveled all the way back home and when he finally arrived and found that his home was abandoned and empty. He broke inside and found a note with a phone number on it. He went outside punched a little girl and stole her phone to make a call. After dialing the phone number he found at that he was selected for a free cruise. All he had to do was meet up with the person on the phone and he would be all set up. He saw this as another opportunity to explore more nature. Unfortunately when he met up with the man he was beaten senseless and knocked out. After a few days he woke up locked up in a box that no matter how tried he couldn't break out of. The people that kidnapped him occasionally brought him food and water but would never talk to him. After a week or so he began to be violently thrown around in his box. Everything started to move very fast and it felt like he could almost float. Moments later the plane he was on had crash landed in Chernarus. Askook was the sole survivor of the crashed. Fortunately enough the impact of the crash had damaged the box enough for him to break free. As he exited the crash he stood before a whole new world for him to explore.