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  1. New Donation Skins

    sorry i dont know to much about like computer stuff i would of though 20 pounds per person would be a good price cos they would earn hundreds of pounds but hay i am no programmer lol i am a fitness person but hay was just a though
  2. Welcome forum

    hay guy's i hope to be playing with you all soon
  3. New Donation Skins

    hay guys i have been looking at the donation skins and i think it would be wiked if would could creat are own skin say for like £20 pounds i would defo pay and it would make the game even more unequie
  4. Week 38 News

    I am new to the site and not yet white listed but congratulations guys and i look forward to playing the game with u
  5. Hello Everyone

    hay guys just though i would say hello to you all and i look forward to playing with people that want to play dayz for dayz and not some rubing call of duty pvp dayz and if i get accepted look forward to playing of this server regards bizzle