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  1. A big pile of crap.. wish i could get a refund.
  2. Immortal


    So how many people actually have tattoos, I like to see other peoples tat's .. Just cool to see what other people want to tat permanently on them for the rest of their life. I have 4 Tats, I'll post soon.
  3. Definitly wouldn't mind that! If you get whitelisted PM Me and I'll let you know when I do too.. Then maybe us two together could fend for ourselves!
  4. Any servers remotely close to Dayz RP? That i could play on now?
  5. No miracles expected, Going to donate within a few minutes.
  6. If I Donate for a skin, Will that up me in the Whitelist queue or no?
  7. MREs!!! and Hello Josh, Hope you get whitelisted !
  8. From what I've seen from videos / people saying , I believe it is worth the wait!
  9. Thanks! Cannot wait to join you guys in game.