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  1. I'm surprised and honestly humbled by the amount of greetings I've gotten. Thank you to everyone who dropped by!
  2. Awesome cinematic, thanks for sharing it with us!
  3. Even though I'm new here, whenever I practiced or experimented with a role while writing film scripts, I often realized that sometimes for the accent to work, you might need to phrase sentences differently than how you would with your normal accents. Also, if you're playing as someone from a different nation other than your native one, it helps to know a few different words from that nation's language that stand out. For example, if I were playing as a German, I might say "Ja" instead of just "yes". This especially applies when cursing, for example if you were in a firefight and a few bullets landed nearby, in a high stress situation switching to a native language and cursing is often a reasonable response. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of the responses and advice for a new player!
  5. Thanks Castiel and Will, I'll be sure to give the mentor program a look when I have the time for it. Thanks again!
  6. Hi confused, I'm dad. Anyways, welcome David!
  7. Just wanted to say hi to everyone on the forum. I'm Maverick or GhillieStorm, take your pick. Hope everyone is having a great day/evening.
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