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  1. Jane Campbell is the model for addicts in America. Finding herself in Chernarus, after chasing love in the wrong places, she wound up on the streets with the nerve to ask people to get her high. Jane would shoot up in front of children if it was for the sake of battling her withdrawals. Heroin became the center of her life, and that was the downfall until the infection began to spread. This was a new war, against herself and the living dead. She would continue to manage her life off of stolen resources and dirty needles, the heroin would follow her even into the apocalypse. Though she had compassion for other people, only time could tell if Jane was going to rob her bestfriends blind.
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  3. Azealia Summers is a tough broad from Harlem, New York. She fit the complete stereotype of a woman from Harlem, black skin with a thick Dominican accent. Azealia attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art; with no hope for a realistic career, she thrived off the idea that she would become a socialite in Los Angeles. Two years into LaGuardia, Azealia was expelled for her arrest off of assault charges on another student. From a young age, she was taught not to be fucked with. Azealia lived off of her fast-food paycheck, wasting the majority on 31" extensions. Three years after the same routine of living check-to-check, Azealia fell into the typical first love relationship. She followed her new toy around everywhere, from Manhattan to Jersey. The boldest move of her life was following this stale white boy to the Mediterranean, where of course the plan fell apart. Their one-way cargo ship cruise to Europe fell flat after a storm had forced their ship into a harbor in Turkey. Two dark skinned Americans ending up in the middle of nowhere would obviously have it's complications. The Turkish Government allowed them passage through the country via land, which meant they would take a dingy bus to the other side of the country. Upon arrival at the coast of the North side of Turkey, the couple boarded a ferry that would eventually cross the Black Sea to Chernarus, where they would have access to the cheapest flight to Libya. As the ship docked in Chernarus, government officials shut down all forms of transportation out of the country, where the story would only grow from that point on. TBA
  4. @Lady In Blue Thank you! I don't usually add comedy into roleplay but I thought it was a good laugh. Good roleplay everyone. @Dusty @Wulf_jon @Alexis
  5. From a traditional Chernarussian woman, to a victim of the shift in this disturbing wasteland --- Elena Kovar had no other goal than to protect the remaining members of her family from this sickening apocalypse. She had nothing else to live for than her family, and she was willing to go up in flames if it meant that her nieces and nephews survived. As much as she wanted to sit down and sob over the, quite literal walking dead, she had to hold it together in order to be a symbol of strength for everyone around her. Thick skin was a must, and Elena was a prime example of this trait. Throughout the 1990s, Elena had invested a hard ten years into her career as a personal care-taker. She had grown close to a fairly wealthy family, known as the Getty Family, who had been of Scottish-Chernarussian descent. Elena was their true support beam, from taking care of the children --- to taking care of the plants --- to taking care of Sasha Getty, the man of the Getty family. Rumor had spread across the town, and the majority of women who gossiped had assumed that Elena was sleeping with Mr. Getty behind close doors. Her payscale was deemed far too high for the career path she was in. Elena ignored the rumors, but decided to take advantage of what the locals were thinking. In 2001, Sasha Getty's wife Tatianna had passed away from unidentified causes. Elena had convinced Sasha not to take action on her death, and to accept that it happened and to move on with his life --- she had a way with talking to Sasha, which personally connected the two. In the span of three years, Elena found herself in the will of the Getty Fortune. This reward was much deserved, she had raised all five of the Getty children without hassle. Even though she was grinning behind closed doors at what she was doing, it only felt correct that she was making business moves in order to support herself. Tatianna Getty would've never allowed Elena to be enlisted on the will, but to Elena's luck, Tatianna's death was timed extremely well. More rumors had scattered across the town, it was assumed that Tatianna was murdered at the hands of Elena, but no one had the right to step in and notify Sasha Getty. Elena allowed the women of the city to gossip, and she decided to retire at the age of 47, a very early gap from the typical Chernarussian broad. She was able to fall on her back and breathe, she had the support from the Getty Fortune if she ever found herself in a financial crisis. But with this reward came a giant cost --- she couldn't show her face in public without being stared at uncomfortably, and for good reason. She brought this reputation on herself, but this mistake wasn't of much concern to only the public eye. Elena was worried about the opinion of her family members; she assumed that they would completely agree with the talk of the town, and dub her as a murderous mistress. In 2013, Sasha Getty passed away due to natural causes, and with this came a blizzard of accusations from the law enforcement. Private investigators had sifted through the paperwork found in the office of the Getty Estate, and came across papers written by Tatianna Getty, who was gaining suspicion on Elena Kovar --- she had written down that she had felt threatened by the housekeeper for months on end. When they reopened files from Tatianna's shocking mystery death, the puzzle pieces seemed to put themselves into place. When the research was magnified even more, detectives realized that money was traded in and out of Sasha Getty's private account to the local coroner, clearly having been paid off by a member of the household. On April 3rd of 2014, Elena was charged with counts of manslaughter and fraud, having strangled Tatianna and paying off the local coroner in order to brush past the death of Tatianna Getty. She was sentenced to twenty-seven years in Chernarussian Prison, and her ability to take money from the Getty fortune was snatched away. Forgotten in Chernarussian Prison, Elena Kovar had pressed her hands against her nervously red face and sobbed into her villainous hands. She was fooled by her own mind, into thinking she could get away from the strangling of her once friend and employer. When the wasteland hit Chernarus, the prison sentries had abandoned post and thrown Elena to the dogs. She was on her own with only one goal --- to find and protect her remaining family, if they were even in Chernarus. The past was pushed behind her, there was no fixing it; however, there was redemption in the air, giving her a shot at devoting her life to the ones that she truly cares for.
  6. Veronica Dwyer was brought up in the North side of Chicago, Illinois. As a child she was tossed back and forth throughout foster care, due to the imprisonment of both of her parents. Education grew very important to V, inspiring her to develop into something besides just another heroin addict in the mid west. Veronica always had the strangest obsession with studying narcotics, and the various effects that had on the human mind. When she had graduated public school, and with the cycling of different families that she lived with, Veronica had been granted an opportunity to attend courses at Midwestern University, under the major of chemistry. Veronica had began taking her thoughts into the factory floor, conversing with several other professors and students who had similar thoughts as hers. Six years later, Veronica had made a name for herself within the university --- labs from across the state had been notified of her success and workmanship. At the age of twenty-nine, Veronica had been registered and licensed as a Pharmaceutical Scientist. Her career consisted of experimenting with different narcotics, taking in the data of how these drugs effected human brains, and working on new medication to mass produce within the country. Around twelve years into Veronica's career, she found that her passion for the study of these once fascinating drugs was now dead. In between these transitions she had been married, and even that was falling apart. She had no progress, only fellow co-workers telling her that the resources she needed to develop new narcotics was simply illegal, and that it wouldn't be possible to import such things. V had given up on her six digit salary, and abandoned it for back alley dealing. Reselling muscle relaxers would only pay so many bills, so Veronica had brought it upon herself to get involved with the internet's notorious black market trade. With information coming in and out of her ears, Veronica had began secretly exporting illegal-for-use narcotics, not only out of the state, but out of the country. This business had much more revenue than a simple pharmacy back in Chicago Heights. Standing tall at forty-seven, Veronica had created a fortune off of the shipment of illegal narcotics. With this wealth came a risk, she had more than just the eyes of customers on her, she had the federal government watching her business moves, live and in action. The risk grew too high, and like many infamous internet criminals, Veronica fled the country. She left behind her home, her husband, and her career. Russia was a place of asylum, and Veronica took advantage of this. Her life turned around when her flight landed in the capitol of Russia --- Moscow. With her movements being watched, she was put on a list with many like-minded individuals, even some people who had the nerve to sell body parts on the internet. Around mid January, she had found herself in a deep situation with a big hancho she had went back and forth with via the dark web. During her stay at the International Hotel, based in Moscow, two associates of said hancho were sent to snatch out her eye. With their success, they retrieved the symbol of power (Veronica's eyeball), and left her to bleed and scream inside of the foreign shelter. Far too much attention was being brought towards Veronica's way, and her only way to exit the spotlight was to get off the grid. Veronica had fled, a second time, to a subpart of Russia, Chernarus. Along the border, she had crossed illegally with a Ural filled with cases of cash. She converted all of her currency into physical change in order to stay off the radar, and remain completely blind from the databases of the world. Adapting to the new setting of an agriculture based country was different --- along with the pressure of now having one working eye. The wasteland began, and gave her a blessing in disguise. With the new found anarchy that came with the apocalypse, Veronica was now completely left alone from the outsiders who wished to finish her off. Aside from the walking dead, which freaked her out more than anything, she had established a good idea of what this new life would consist of. Veronica would put her knowledge to the test, using whatever mixture of anything she could get her hands on to defend herself from anyone that attempted to create a hash between her.
  7. Thank you for the response. I think the website may have had the feature turned off for a little while due to the reboot. It has reappeared now.
  8. I still have no music option on my character page. On my main profile it's there, but not on the character page.
  9. Okay, thank you for the help. Happy lore-wipe everyone.
  10. As a sponsor I should have the option to place an mp3 on my character page, but it doesn't seem to be there as it was previously. Perhaps something with the new forums? UPDATE: I can't put an mp3 on my actual profile either, which is another option I previously had.
  11. In 1999, Sonja's immediate family was forced to flee Chernarus due to the politic uproar that was taking place before their very eyes. Alongside of her sister Melina, the infants were directed to the United States of America by the hands of their parents, who had no other choice but to leave the country. Entering the states via boat was a difficult task, but the illegals had no other choice but to enter these foreign lands. Within the next five years, the family had all been granted citizenship under humanitarian grounds, in which Chernarus played a valuable role in. The Chernarussian-American family had adapted to the country quite easily, both Sonja and Melina were raised with no recollection of their former home, Chernarus. Sonja had a difficult time finding happiness in the world, which resulted in hardships at a young age. The sisters had developed and eventually graduated high school in the United States, opening up doors and windows of opportunity for them. Communication with their distant relatives in Chernarus, who were brave enough to stay, was still strong. With both sisters out of high school, they were granted the chance to visit their distant family members back in Chernarus. The political firestorm was cooling down, so they thought, and it seemed to only be a trip that would benefit their relative's connection. The mass spread of the infection hit Chernarus as the sisters were only hours into exploring the country. Their lines of communication with their parents were shut down, there was no way to contact their cousins -- the two were fortunate enough to speak the native language in this wasteland, allowing them to travel towards their former home of Kabanino via bus convoy. As the two hit the home of the infection, they were left to fend each other from the literal walking dead. What was once a home to these optimistic sisters, was now a landfill covered in corpses. The infection had simmered as the Kovar family reunited. Sonja and Melina had found their cousins, guiding them to their hometown of Kabanino. The family had collected themselves, uniting as a group with the passion to protect each other from the new wasteland that once was Chernarus. Their native home was now destroyed, but there was no other choice but to prosper until they could escape. In the meantime, the family created a place for themselves, a market that would allow them to create alliances with other survivors. Sonja and Melina were put to work as clerks, projecting their independence at a young age. This new life would be difficult, but the family had each other to fall back on for hope.
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