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  1. WOW... Just Wow.... Best part about that shot, was the way you got up, turned around and jogged off, as though saying... "yep, that's how its done boys" One of best shots ive seen in any ARMA Mod.
  2. //90% males 10% females.. Yup this is true internet dating alright.
  3. Wanted to try out DayZ without getting Instantaniously Killed. Found Psi DayZRP videos. Rest is history.
  4. BeerHuntor

    Overpoch Napf - Official thread

    Forum Name: BeerHuntor In Game Name: James Walsh Profile Link: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-BeerHuntor Clan: TFW (Corrupt)
  5. To be honest, the only attraction to the DayZ mod these days is loot. I remember when you only spawned on the coast and you would walk into cherno and find someone within 5 mins of spawning, the bandit roadblocks at solnichiy factory, deasel plant at berizino. Nowdays I find myself spawning in some remote location just to try and find my way to the nearest city or TP. A RP server without anyone around for hours just becomes boring. I say bring coastal spawns back and make the hospitals the only main medical spawn.
  6. Good luck with your application and welcome to the community.
  7. Just searched my name in the forum search bar, as I know I have never been in a report, and it come up with the only thread that has stated my IGN name, which is TFW thread. But this is a great idea. Gets my vote
  8. Im sure a group could raid the many pubs basements that are in chernarus for a keg or two. I miss the days where you could get a beer from the machine in the old settlement
  9. Im GMT mate but usually stay on quite late, and yeah you do get your odd people that camp places but I played for a solid 2 hours and didn't kill or get shot off anyone and I was loot running northwest to bash. EDIT: also note that the server was full 50/50 for the entire time. Awesome. Ill definitely check it out then, im GMT also so that's why I was asking Question, is this CCG servers? I know they have an overpoch server and I'm a member of the community but mainly play wasteland
  10. BeerHuntor

    [GAME] Rate the person above's Forum Title

    Sounds like a town in wales 6/10
  11. I have seen this mod, mainly from PsiSyndicate, It seems interesting, but fear it will become more like vanilla DayZ with KOS random BS, I know you get that on all mods, but with Epoch you have more things to do other than sit on Sniper Hill shooting into Electro etc. You can build bases, AI missions etc, with all the new weapons from Overwatch some of which are completely ridiculous, does it actually work well with Epoch, or is there more KOS than normal. Wouldn't mind checking this out with some people though, so I can form a personal opinion on it from experience. So if anyone wants to have a go with me hit me up EDIT: Just read your last sentence Kanen, wouldnt mind playing, what timezone are you?
  12. BeerHuntor


    I call them squad net, platoon net, battalion net as that is what im used to using them as coming from a MilSim background. 117 and 119 are backpack radios, but they also function as a backpack if playing with ACE also. 343 radios only have 16 channel frequencies, and the 148 has around 100 (just re read up on these radios) the 343 has a radio range of around 1000-2000m dependent on terrain, whereas the 148 has a range of around 5000m. This will mean that 117 and 119 Backpack radios do not need to be in the game, the only issue with this being that Air, will not be able to communicate effectively with ground forces. Explain how having both 117 and 119 radios would be too unrealistic when we have a map that has 3 airfields with army barracks, with soldier zombies? I am not saying limit them to the military clans, but make them rare. If you wanna run around with a 117 or 119 with a massive antenna sticking over your shoulder then by all means. We have clans with NATO weapons why wouldn't they have LR radios aswell. Have you ever used ACRE, Just sitting there whilst out of game listening to more than 10 people who are all on comms is damn near impossible, not imagine that with 30-70 players? You wont be able to. I believe there is already a script which detects when your in game, and if you are not withing X amount of time it kicks you from the channel. So none needs to be made. If at all because its just not feasible. Also, everyone in the server knows when someone is not connected to ACRE in game, as everyone can hear them. Clearly as they were in a channel with the current set up.