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  1. Tortuga Trading Market Discussion

    I personally love it, walking into a town and seeing everybody sitting by fires trading with each other. It just creates such a great communal type of atmosphere. Of course it's going to go sour soon and it kind of already has with all the recent hostility/rumors being spread about the place but no place ever stays that big for that long.
  2. To the People of Pusta?(Open Freq)

    *Jimmy pushes down the PTT after hearing the mans response* "Who the fuck else would it be, of course I am one of the people in charge. Now let's stop fucking around and get to business. No info no meeting, very easy concept to grasp" *Jimmy release the PTT*
  3. To the People of Pusta?(Open Freq)

    *Jimmy listens to the conversation going on and presses the PTT* "these friends you talk about, could I get something more on them because just because they are 'friends' of you doesn't mean they are the same to me. I'm not going anywhere without some more information and that's not how I wanted things to go with us either, but shit happens" *he releases the PTT*
  4. S1 - KOS Pusta 08/12/2017 3:10-20 Server time

    POV: I walked into the town after being notified that my group was in a firefight and that 2 of our guys were down. I took that as my opportunity to grab my Winchester and get into the treeline. I was scanning the town and saw somebody (that being @Hellspawnceri)crouching in a bush peeking my group with an AKM, I then called out in radio to see who it was and I got no response. I had remembered that Ivans guys were in our town earlier so I asked if it was any of them and I was told "all of ivans guys were instructed to leave the town by ivan and they did" so I took the shot thinking it was the person who had shot at us earlier. Sidenote: I know it was a miss-ID and everything but seeing as we were in an active gunfight and this guy had an AKM peeking my guys i thought he was hostile.
  5. The Future Of Black Fangs

    I really like where you guys are taking the black fangs, I hope to see you all in game sometime
  6. Loscham's Consolidated Media

    Hahahaha I was dying when I saw that on stream, I would have been there if my internet didn't decide to take a crap on me mid game smh
  7. @SlimmDusty @chaz06moore @Kitsunicans @Anouk @jangoskull @Romenthegreat @Joules @Otter @Vito As always thanks for the amazing rp today
  8. @[email protected] @SoalXtractor @Romenthegreat @Roach @neckrorazul As always, great RP with you guys today
  9. Yeah, Thanks for the amazing RP today guys!
  10. As always, a pleasure to play with you guys @[email protected]_rouls @Joules @SoalXtractor @LewellynMoss @jangoskull
  11. That was the most fun I've had in a while and all we really did was sit in front of a house lol
  12. Too early for bandit groups?

    I feel like there should be a slow rise of bandit groups but as long as it's not everybody just robbing everybody, there should be some sort of happy medium. If there is no hostile RP it gets boring, if there's too much hostile RP it gets boring.
  13. @Roachya chooch @Anouk and everybody else who helped us swab the zombie snot today. Super fun!
  14. Proper military comms

    *comms are completely quiet* *Somebody coughs* Josh: COMMS COMMS SHUTUP!