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  1. @SlimmDusty @chaz06moore @Kitsunicans @Anouk @jangoskull @Romenthegreat @Joules @Otter @Vito As always thanks for the amazing rp today
  2. @[email protected] @SoalXtractor @Romenthegreat @Roach @neckrorazul As always, great RP with you guys today
  3. Yeah, Thanks for the amazing RP today guys!
  4. As always, a pleasure to play with you guys @[email protected]_rouls @Joules @SoalXtractor @LewellynMoss @jangoskull
  5. That was the most fun I've had in a while and all we really did was sit in front of a house lol
  6. Too early for bandit groups?

    I feel like there should be a slow rise of bandit groups but as long as it's not everybody just robbing everybody, there should be some sort of happy medium. If there is no hostile RP it gets boring, if there's too much hostile RP it gets boring.
  7. @Roachya chooch @Anouk and everybody else who helped us swab the zombie snot today. Super fun!
  8. Proper military comms

    *comms are completely quiet* *Somebody coughs* Josh: COMMS COMMS SHUTUP!
  9. Jimmy Fixer

    Jimmy grew up inside the Bronx with his mother, father, and sister. At age 15 his father died from cancer and he only had his mother left. As a single parent, his mother started falling behind on bills and he had to drop out of school to help provide for his family. Working at his cousin Sal’s deli he would deliver and handle the meat. Every day he would notice that at a certain time 3 men would come in, 2 of the men wore tracksuits and 1 of them dressed in a dark blue suit. The men in tracksuits would open the doors for the suited man and they would take boxes from the back room while Sal talked to the suited man in the front. Every time Jimmy would ask Sal why they were just taking sandwiches and not paying Sal would just tell him not to worry about it and to be respectful to them. After a few visits Jimmy’s curiosity took over and he decided that if his cousin wasn't going to tell him then he would find out himself. Jimmy waited in the front room of the shop until they arrived and as usual, the tracksuited men would grab boxes and the suited man would talk to Sal. Jimmy stopped what he was doing and went up to the suited man said: “What's the big idea if you aren't going to pay for those then get out!”. Sal looked at Jimmy with a face and said: “This is my cousin Jimmy, he didn’t mean nothin by it, Just wants to look out for family you know?” There was a moment of silence and the suited man started to laugh and say “Don’t worry Jimmy I'm not stealing from your cousin, we have a business arrangement going on”. The suited man then gave Jimmy 100 dollars and said “But this is for all the inconvenience”. Once the men exited Jimmy asked Sal how the man was so rich and Sal told him. That his name was Tommy DeLuca but most people called Tommy 2 guns because he constantly carrying 2 guns. Sal also told him that he was part of the mob or as they call it “construction business” and that they sometimes store their “sandwiches” in his shop. Jimmy went to bed that night thinking of Tommy and the “construction business”, he had never had so much money in his hand at one time, It felt great. The next morning Jimmy asked Tommy if he could somehow help out to make some more money. Tommy replied with a stern no, said he was too young to get into that kind of shit. He told Jimmy to come back when he was 18. So Jimmy worked at the shop helping out his cousin until he was 18 and on his 18th birthday, he ran so fast to meet Tommy at a bar down the street. Tommy took Jimmy under his wing, doing small stuff with him, teaching him how the business worked. Jimmy would do stuff for Tommy and Tommy would introduce him to all the members. Jimmy used his connections to help out his family in any way he could. This whole thing had been a secret to Jimmy’s family until they started to notice the unusual cash flow and how people were treating them. His mother would walk into the grocery store and they would give her free groceries. After lots of arguing Jimmy’s mother and sister came to terms with his new employment. Jimmy went on rising the ranks while his sister went on to college, paid for by Jimmy. When Jimmy was 23 years old he was as high a rank as he could get without being made. Even with the new lifestyle, Jimmy went back to his roots. He would go and visit Sal every so often for lunch. One day Sal asked him to come by his shop for lunch so Jimmy did. Waiting there were Tommy and 2 other guys, all of them wearing suits with blank faces. Jimmy walked in wondering where Sal was but he was ordered into a car by Tommy. 2 things came to Jimmy’s mind when they told him to get into that car. He was going to get whacked or he was becoming made. They drove Jimmy down to a bar and told him to go downstairs into a basement full of the “family”. Tommy stood up and said “congratulations” and smiled, Jimmy was officially a made man. Once you were a made man you were apart of the family, one of them. You became untouchable, it meant nobody could fuck with you. In addition to being made, Jimmy was also getting a promotion, he was going to take Tommy’s place and Tommy was going to go up one. Jimmy would often go out to the casino’s with some boys and play some cards. On one of Jimmy’s trips to the casino he sat down at a table to play some cards and lost heavily, Jimmy noticed that the person who beat him was always winning. He ordered some of his guys to take the man outside for a “little chat”. Jimmy went outside with them and beat the man mercilessly. Jimmy asked the man his name which he replied with a low voice “Sam”. Jimmy went on to offer Sam a deal out of the hole he had dug himself because no matter how pissed Jimmy was he had to give it to him, he was good at what he did. Jimmy said that Sam would focus the tables Jimmy pointed him to and they would split the profits. It took a little bit of convincing but Sam took the offer and the two made loads of money. Jimmy would coach Sam over to high rollers tables and Sam would go to work. A couple weeks after Jimmy’s 27th birthday, he was playing a local casino with Sam when he noticed a real fat bastard playing 25 thousand a hand. Jimmy directed Sam over toward the table with the thoughts of making big money not knowing that the man was the Don of some Russian mob. The man had been alerted to Sam’s tricks and after Sam’s victory, he ordered his men to take Sam and Jimmy outside. They beat the pair, put bags on their heads, and threw the pair into a van. After a long quiet ride, they were told to get out of the van and get onto a plane. After more torture in the plane, they landed and the bags were put back on their heads, ordered into another car, went through another quiet ride, and thrown out the back. One of the Russians said, “Enjoy your new life in this shit-hole, Yankees” as the car sped off. Jimmy took his bag off and found himself lying in the middle of a forest in god knows where. Jimmy only thinking of himself left Sam and ventured off in hopes of finding some sort of civilization. Jimmy arrived in a town called Sinistok and he met Sam again, Jimmy blamed Sam for everything that happened and they started fighting with one another. After the fight, Sam went one way and Jimmy went another, they eventually met again in a Balota refugee camp. Jimmy had gotten into a fight with some of the guards after being accused of stealing medical supplies, Sam noticed the argument and went over to break it up and the pair went off to try and make sense of the shit that was going on.
  10. Your worst death in Dayz?

    I was sitting in gorka back when it was still full of people and some guy ran up to me with an AK with a drum mag and he yelled "CHICKEN TENDIES" at the top of his lungs and sprayed down 4 people, I wasn't even mad though I was laughing to hard.