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  2. Does this mean that all those bombings never happened since they weren't in game? what about the radiation cloud in the north? Whats real anymore??
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  4. Yeah no problem @Eddie, it was fun playin with ya. Take care man, see you in game ?
  5. Sounds pretty fun, hmu when you all plan to do something ?
  6. Good luck with ya shit man, hope everything works out for you. It was fun playing with you ? o7 m8 o7
  7. That's the plan, thanks man ? @XxGrAipYyxX Can't wait to see you in game @AidanHs
  8. lol @SlimmDusty good job with the graphics @Clumsy
  9. The Moretti Famiglia is an organization based off of the old world Mafia principals. However, with these new times come new ways and methods to ensure the survival and safety of The Famiglia. It all started in August 2017 with but a few members and quickly grew as Tony had a knack to gain followers. The group never declared themselves a mafia until roughly December of 2017 when the idea came to Tony as he looked at his massive following. At this point, they had gained a lot of associates and allies but also started to gain enemies. After a break and recruitment up north to accommodate Tony's bigger plans, the Famiglia had returned and tried to settle as a business in Sinistok and called it Sin City. Many deals had been completed and the Famiglia gained trust within many allies. The Famiglia tried to form a Vegas type town but never had the time to complete that goal. In early 2018, they were forced to lay low due to a massive betrayal that left them wondering who they could trust. It was thought to be the fall of The Moretti Famiglia. In May 2018, almost 4 months later, Tony reappeared out of nowhere and alone. Thankfully, he was quickly found by some original members and they helped him remember his past as Tony suffered from Amnesia. Once his memory returned, they decided to go at it for the 3rd time and this time would achieve their goal of running a Vegas-like organization along with their usual underground work. They don’t go out of their way to tax other people or groups but rather tend to their own business with allies, associates, and civilians. They are what many would consider a neutral group simply trying to operate in this new world. The Famiglia is known to run a town filled with activities such as Gambling, Fight Nights and Entertainment. But they can also be known by close associates to deal drugs and weapons as well as being hired to perform captures, interrogations, hits/killings and much more. Although they act respectful towards most if not all people, they will quickly turn on those who lack the respect in return. The last thing anyone wants is to receive a fish from The Moretti Famiglia. This symbolizes one’s end. Do a favor or show good faith to them, and they will always be on your side. Shortly after their first little town up in Stary Yar, the group chose to move south to Lopatino, setting a new more accessible location. This brought with it a whole heap of great things. More people, more trade etc. We were able to finally get our currency starting to lift off. Fight nights were resuming, though being more accessible new problems starting to emerge. A group of nationalists were hunting the family for being associated with another group: Anarchy. The tireless conflict resulted in many members becoming injured, making mistakes that cost the family their lives. This was the first true test to see who and who did not know what they were doing, and Anarchy were soon on their heels telling them exactly who isn’t pulling their weight. And then the unthinkable happened. Don Moretti and the Consigliere Caterina De Luca were kidnapped by the local nationalists, angry and wanting to cause havoc. Calvin rounded up those he could and engaged them in a fight that lasted hours. Though victorious, they suffered many losses and the biggest blow was dealt to them: The Don was feared dead. Nobody knows where the Don is today if he was taken away and hung up, eaten by wolves or just lying dead in a ditch. It was a saddening blow dealt to the famiglia, striking hopelessness into them all, some of which crumbled under the pressure. Jimmy stepped up, and with it came more promotions to fill the place. The family was designed to be able to keep going after a Don passes, and it did for a while. Conflict after conflict, some stood strong, others began to crumble. Some saw themselves as fighting a war that was not their own, others were loyal to Anarchy for all they had done. Battles ensued for the following weeks before they eventually were given orders to move further south to Green Mountain, a proposition none of them liked. The group’s hope hit rock bottom, resulting in the collapse of the famiglia. They separated into their separate little groups, spending a few weeks apart to try and lay low for a while, hoping the conflict would end. After a few weeks, Don Jimmy Fixer started rounding up their numbers once again, starting with Eden Ripley and Kyle Williams. With word spreading of the family returning, soon enough Calvin, Caterina, Kyle Nelson and a few more started showing up. They managed to reunite and form a decent force, able to stand strong as their own group. They were the remnants of a past era, and they would start to do things their way. Find Tony Moretti (Ongoing) Find a town to call our home/just for us. This will be a ‘home’ to conduct business from and nothing more. (Day 375) Connect with outside groups in order to continuously provide us business (Ongoing) Recruit more Soldatos for when the family fully returns (Ongoing) Gather any and all major information that could advantage us (Ongoing) Find and deal with Asher Stephen (Ongoing) Find and settle debts with Ian and Everest (Ongoing) Train the current Soldatos to be useful (Day 380) Make deals and arrangements with other groups (Day 390) Get generators for our town and get electricity for the group (Day 400) Provide realistic and immersive Mafia type Roleplay with new world tweaks. Provide excellent hostile, friendly but mostly neutral Roleplay. Socialise with as many other groups and people as possible in order to further RP. Provide veterans/newcomers a large group to RP with (yes, newcomers are welcome). Keep the Don safe at all cost. Remain respectful. Always look for new recruits. Don’t disgrace the Moretti Famiglia name. You represent us now! Follow the chain of command Never retaliate right away, remain respectful. Consult high ranks to prepare a plan. Always be truthful to the Moretti Famiglia. NEVER SNITCH! Rats get exterminated. (Golden Rule) Don’t be a Chooch! Breaking the OOC or IC rules may/can result in your removal from the group. No OOC drama/salt whatsoever. It’s a game so keep it in game. You must be active at least 2 days a week with the group. Roleplay is priority. You must do your best at providing realistic RP. You must RP your injuries accordingly (we are not super soldiers). Respect the DayZRP rules and guidelines. Remain in character at all times in the IC TS channels. Do not cause drama on the forums. Only group leaders reply to the group thread. FIND US. WORK YOUR WAY IN, IN CHARACTER.
  10. Saint Jimmy

    1. SlimmDusty


      Ole Saint Jimmy

    2. Dank Mems

      Dank Mems

      I bless the rains down in africa

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      Actual photo of Saint Jimmy praying 

    4. SlimmDusty
  11. Server and Dayz are slowly dying, change my mind.

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      It's true, but I still have fun on it so it doesn't matter to me.

    2. GalloWB


      Purple face mask.

    3. SlimmDusty


      Im proud of you buddy, First status update, baby steps.

    4. Roland


      It's been dying since 2012, fact.

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    6. Dank Mems

      Dank Mems

      @RolandGame was dead when the devs kept making their 'updates' just a bunch of bullshit where they would add books and meat tenderizers lol and yeah @Mr. Blueit is still fun

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