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  1. Dank Mems

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    Just from my personal experience with yall, I can already say your RP is phenomenal. Good luck with the group guys!
  2. Donald Eddleton was the oldest child of William and Darya Eddleton, he was born on February 24th, 1990 in Richmond Virginia. Donny was always an outdoorsy kind of boy, he used to always go hunting and camping with his dad every chance he could. Donny never liked being inside much, always an outdoorsy kind of person. Donny was very introverted, the type of kid to always sit in the corner and read a book, rather than go and socialize with the other children. This introverted lifestyle meant that Donny focused more on things like his schoolwork and his family, which aided in landing him a comfy spot at the Virginia Commonwealth University. After an easy 4 years of university and some years off, Donny bought his own place and started working as a hunter for a small meat supplier in Richmond, making just enough money to keep himself afloat. Soon after taking up his new job, he got a message from his father. His mother, Darya was approaching her 50th birthday when the family decided to surprise her by taking a trip down to her hometown in Berezhki, Chernarus. The children had never been to Berezhki and were excited to visit their mother's hometown and learn about their mother's birthplace. William Eddleton and his children saved up their money to buy all the plane tickets and the family flew away from their cozy lives in Virginia to live in the small fishing village of Berezhki. The family landed on an airstrip close to the town and were greeted by their relatives. With it still being a week out from her actual birthday, the families decided to explore the country, visiting towns like Novodmitrovsk and Severograd. They spent plenty of time fishing with their grandfather as well as participating in daily gatherings around the bonfire. Over the course of the trip, Donny gained a very close relationship with his grandfather through him teaching Donny more about properly butchering animals and hunting, the other children did not care as much for those types of things. After a little over a week, the children finally became comfortable with the new atmosphere. Not wanting to go back, they decided to stay an extra week. Finally Darya’s birthday came around and her mother spent all day cooking up a traditional feast to celebrate. The day was spent enjoying this feast with family and other village members. As the sun began to set, the family gathered around the fire and told stories for the entirety of the night. After the fire died everybody headed back to their houses for some much-needed rest. The family was awoken by loud banging at the door several hours later. Their grandfather and father approached the door, curious to see who could be up so late. As they opened the door, people who were drooling, making faint grunting noises, and covered in blood began to storm into their house, pushing their grandfather and father down onto the ground. They began to eat at their faces and bodies, picking them apart limb by limb, eventually killing them. In a panic, the rest of the family quickly tried to escape. They all ran into their grandfather's room and barricaded the door in an attempt to shut out the monsters outside. Donny quickly ran to his grandfather's dresser and grabbed the Winchester Rifle that was stored inside it. He then began to help everyone out of the window, while Donny helped people out the window, Bruce and Lucas held the door closed. Eventually, the rest of the children, their mother, and their grandmother were able to escape and they all ran into the woods. The grandmother being an old and fragile women fell whilst running away with the others. Darya attempted to go back and save her mother… but it was too late, they both got swarmed and consumed by the monsters. Ellie tried to run back and save them, but her brothers insisted they had to go before they too would die. They had no idea where they were heading or where they would end up, just trying to be anywhere but there. Once things died down the siblings began to set up a makeshift camp in the middle of the woods. Bruce and Lucas began to gather resources to start a fire while Donny kept watch with the rifle, trying to make sure he could protect his younger siblings. He began using things his grandfather taught him to increase their chance at survival. After a little bit, Bruce ended up noticing a hunting stand a little ways away. With everyone very hungry, almost to the point of starvation, Donny decided he needed to do something fast so he stuck only a knife in his back pocket and started walking over towards it. He ended up meeting a man named Frederick Wellins, a man who had traveled over for the hunting season. After a bit of conversation with Donny, the man mentioned he had some food at his house and he offered Donny to come over and get some. After some time, Donny came back by himself, covered in blood holding a decent amount of meat. His siblings asked him what happened and he said he ran into some deer. Skeptical, his siblings asked how he hunted a deer with only a knife and Donny just said “I just did, I would do anything to keep you all alive. Just know that”. Soon to die from starvation the family began to cook it over the fire. Donny smiled as they ate the meat and continued to tend to the fire. After they ate, the fire went out and the family began to start walking again, hoping to make it somewhere soon.
  3. Dank Mems

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    o7 Boyos It was fun playing with you all, even you new chooch's. See you all around, don't be strangers now. o7 o7 o7 o7 o7
  4. Dank Mems

    Moretti Famiglia

    *An Italian accent would be heard over the radio* "Oh wow, Mr. Asher you killed a low ranking member of my mafia. God, what will I fucking do now, guess I should shut shit down and just cower in fear right?" "You are fucking pathetic if you think that scares me" *He chuckles* "I'll be seeing you real soon now Asher, and god am I looking forward to it" *The transmission would cut out*
  5. Dank Mems

    Interview with a Community Member: Prince

    Looks good man, it’s fun to see how others experience dayzrp and the community
  6. Dank Mems

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Group looks bad, good thing I'm not in it haha..... wait a minute (I'm just kidding don't get triggered)
  7. So umm shit just fixed itself, thanks guys haha. Basically, Discord was fucking with my game and I just put it in window mode and it works lol, the Chinese shit is still there but my game works so I don't really care.
  8. Hmm I don’t know why the screen shots are gone, I’m gonna try some more things. Thanks for all the suggestions
  9. Yeah English is the only one in windows settings and dayz settings
  10. @Strawberry Thanks for trying but it didn't help, it actually added more of those Asian letters lol
  11. what does that do @Strawberry?
  12. @Chewy I put a link in the post if u wanna take a look
  13. I've tried everything I can think of, I have no clue what to do. So basically I loaded up Dayz in full screen, got in the game, tried to move and press escape and use all of the keys on my keyboard and it didn't work. So I switched keyboards and it still didn't work. After that, I loaded up Dayz in window mode and it said "Dayz" in the top left corner of the window, like it should. Then I hopped in the game and pressed W to move and the "Dayz" in the top left corner turned into a bunch of Chinese/Japanese/Korean letters (couldn't tell what language) and the problem still kept happening, I could use my mouse but not my keyboard. Couldn't press escape or anything. I've tried restarting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling Dayz, and verifying the game files. and before you ask, no I have not edited my Dayz files in any way at all. Either my game is fucked or Kim Jong Un is coming for me. Please help. https://imgur.com/JfpySvQ (Screenshot) https://imgur.com/h7kN5md (Screenshot zoomed in on weird Asian characters)
  14. Jacob was born in Austin Texas in the city with his father. His mother had left him when he was young and his father was the only person he had. Jacob was really close to his father all of his life, they would bond over things like fishing, camping, hunting, and almost any outdoor activity you could think of. At age 16 his father gave him his prize model 70 Winchester rifle and taught him how to hunt, skin, and prepare the meat of an animal. Jacob instantly fell in love with the sport and soon they moved out of the city to live full time in the country. Jacob and his father would travel all over the US going to hunting competitions as wells trying to complete their bucket list. Over the years the 2 had made a bucket list of animals to hunt together and they would go on trips all the time trying to complete that bucket list. Right near Jacobs 24th birthday, his father got very sick and it wasn’t looking good. Jacob tried everything to help his father and maker him better but nothing would work and he passed away. Jacob was heartbroken and fell into a life of solidarity not wanting to do anything but hunt and be alone. The outdoors became his release because it reminded him of his father and the times they used to spend together. After a while, Jacob came to terms with the loss and started to become normal again, but one thing was stuck in his mind. When he and his father would go hunting they would always talk about how the animals in Russia were some of the most dangerous and sought after, his father would always say “One day I'm going to hunt a Russian bear”. Jacob sought out to honor his father's wish and hunt the most important animal on that bucket list. So he grabbed his father’s model 70 Winchester and headed for chernarus. Once in chernarus he talked to some local tour guides and set out on his hunt. The first day was unsuccessful and the night was coming fast so he decided to make camp. During the middle of the night, he was awoken by several shots, both automatic and semi. Curious about what they were he packed up and went to the ridge that overlooked the Russian mountain town. Looking through his binos he saw horror, people shooting each other, dead bodies everywhere, absolute warfare. He looked everywhere and saw the only carnage, he noticed some military vehicles parked near the edge of town and looked towards them to try and make some sense of the situation. He saw something that would keep him up for several nights to come. He saw a man run at one of the soldiers get shot in the chest twice, recover from both wounds almost instantly, and bite the soldier eating him alive. Horrified Jacob avoided civilization for as long as he could using the skills he learned to keep himself alive, just to find that he was avoiding nothing. There was no more civilization left. From there, his main goal was to just survive.