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  1. John "Strzyga" Klonovsky

    My name is John Klonovsky I am 25 years old my appearance is slightly above average because of military stay I am a medium height well built man with good condition which is the result of several marathons in the past. I have gray eyes and I am a brunette with Slavic facial features. I was an active Polish soldier on the services of the American army. My military rank was a sergeant and I commanded a handful of the best people in the Polish Army on American soil. My people called me Strzyga, Strzyga was a brutal monster from the Slavic legends who sat on his chest and choked on his weight and then savored the meat of the victim, referring to the way I fought 1v1. By nature I am a nice man, brave and with principles, you can trust me and in case of trouble you can count on my help and my people. In 2009 we were sent to Chernarus to deal with CHDKZ when we filled the task we were the unit to prevent chaos in towns and villages. This was great until we found the first infected in 11th october 2014 when we found out that the epidemic was beginning to grow, my people started to panic but I prevented unnecessary chaos and I explained that we have to adapt to the situation even though it is difficult. It was hard for them to explain that they would never see their families again as I would not see my beloved wife and my little son. When we received a message from the radio that myshkino and zelenogorsk were lost we decided to disassociate ourselves from the army to save ourselves, we left the military weapons to no one suspected, we changed into civilians to return as the power of chernarus with people trained to annihilate the threat of bandits and infected . After the final loss of humanity we stuck to the north chernarus after several patrols I was alone, my people died from the infected hands I had to kill them when they begged for a shot to not become one of them. Once after a month I came to terms with the fact that I had to hear a single shot from the gun, I immediately recognized that it was a winchester so I thought I would check what happened. I ran into the woods and saw a hunter who was deer hunting, after a few minutes I decided to talk to the hunter. It turned out that it was Eric Oak my childhood friend who as it turned out to come to chernarus to hunt deers, interesting that even when the world was falling he was still developing passion. After a brief conversation he showed me his base in which he lived and decided to join forces and look for new people to change the world for the better.