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  1. Damian is a 20-year-old man who before the outbreak of the pandemic was an ordinary cop who moved to chernorus to continue his lonely life in a more pleasing atmosphere. However, when the pandemic started Damian was forced to abandon his career policeman for survival at any price. For the first three months, Damian avoided all contact with people and led a peaceful life, strewn with the corpses of the infected, until he began to meet people like him, who are peaceful and only want to live their life with dignity.
  2. Damien was NATO soldier, he served good for higher good but he got shoot and now he is dead. His life was peaceful being nato soldier is hard pece of bread but damien was lucky he had a friend - Eric Oak but he is dead too. life after pandemia is strongly hard and sad but with friends u can stay alive for much longer. His story has finally ended one year ago his grave is hided somewhere above svetloyarsk in place where he was killed. That story is warning for you if u try to help people no matter of costs, like damian was. Trying to survive was his goal he didn't want to create family or die alone so he sign up to NATO forces and now he is dead.
  3. Report #37 S1 EU - 06/06/17 21:05 - Invalid Kill Server: S1 EU Date: 06/06/17 Time: 21:05 Rule breaks: Invalid Kill Your in game name: John Klonovsky Allies: Razmor Enemies: Shadar Monarchy BigM89 Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: i don't have any evidence no screenshots or video capture Description: Me and my friend Strzyga were killed in Svetlojarsk with no RolePlay reason. One of the killers was Henry Wood (In game name). We were looking for medical supplies nearby Turovo at military tents when Henry Wood captured me as a hostage. My friend Strzyga didnt get spotted and shouted him from behind. Henry dropped his gun, we asked him about some medical supplies and left him alone. Then we went to Svetlojarsk where we met him again. When we were talking i've spotted a player at the field. We wanted to talk with him. When we've got close to the field unknown player sneaked behind us and killed my friend ( the killer had the same armband as Henry Wood). I somehow managed to kill the killer. When i wanted to talk to Henry he was already waiting for me with his gun in his hands...
  4. OK, my perspective is simillar like razmor said but i will tell u what I saw.. Me and Razmor was talking in svetlo when Henric woods aproached, we was shocked for moment because we though that i scared henric with my weapon aimed at his face when HE aimed first at razmor before (at tents) so we had killing rights i guess but we didn't killed him cause we had to hurry cause we were sick. Sooo when we saw henric heading toward us we said "hello" and we started to speak with him, he gave us painkillers but that was just ambush for me but we didn't know yet that he planned attack us after couple sec. So after couple sec. Razmor saw a guy behind bushes so it's normal that we aimed that way (part of our rp) but I personally didn't saw anything but I still aimed that way (still part of our rp) couple sec. after henric or someone else started to shoot me from behind I was shocked cause we didn't done anything bad razmor said it was henric but i don't know now.. BUT i realy realy didn't heard ANY of shouts or warnings just chaos and anarchy from behind it was bad RP from that guys side not ours henric could said that is a "trap" and "hands up" blah blah blah.. but they just killed us. Razmor killed that guy cause it was self and group defense.. it's not fair i have lots of items in ours tents that what happend it's not worth for us but they was just unfair. And im sorry for that PV msg i was angry asf. that is my last POV admins will decide who is right i hope it's end
  5. Report #1 Server 1 EU - 06/06/17 21:05 - kill on sight, he used chaos to kill me and my friend Server: Server 1 EU Date: 06/06/17 Time: 21:05 Rule breaks: kill on sight, he used chaos to kill me and my friend Your in game name: John Klonovsky Allies: Razmor Enemies: Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: Description: Me and my friend Eric Oak (Razmor) were killed by dude called Henry Wood and his friend they just killed us on sight when we saw his friend (henry's friend) in bushes so it's not fair cause we had more chances than them but the just used chaos to kill us with cold blood pls give me feed back if u ban him, thanks
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