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  1. Damien Klonov

    Damien is a 24 year old guy who wanted something more from life. When he was 20 he joined a special police unit where he was the best on the team What made him a little bored was because he was looking for a real adventure and a huge dose of adrenaline, which police units did not offer to fight street gangs who use "water pistols". After a year in the police service decided to join the 12th Infantry Division where during the first training mission was surprised by one of the soldiers who followed him and followed a small fight that won Damien unfortunately was not satisfied with it because he won with his good childhood friend Eryk Kretowski after this victory Damien was called "Strzyga" because he fought with great fierce ... It was a fight for leadership in the 12th Division. After hearing about the incident, the commander assigned Damien to the team. After many successful missions, the Unit was sent to Chernarus to join NATO forces to support their troops in the fight against the infected.