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  1. runewr

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League - Season One [W.I.P]

    Legendary Eagle or lower? And here I was almost intrigued. HF participants, I heard CoD is a fun game :')
  2. runewr

    Mod Survival Probability

    With that attitude it certainly will, didn't know you could predict the future. Yes the population atm is a problem, but it will pick up soon™
  3. It's not far at all. Have you stopped to really look at SA? Or have you played it so much you just accept it for the broken piece of shit that it is? It's a Work in Progress! It's not done yet. You literally HAVE to accept it just to get to the main menu. They're not done with it, they've never said they were done with it. They're still diligently working on it, which is a hell of alot more than can be said for other Early Access games. So relax. We're all here to role-play in a partially finished game. We all accept that. BUT, it's a partially finished game that still has shit-loads of features more than other games out on the market now. Work in progress? They spent 2 years adding hats.
  4. runewr

    ArmA3 Desolation

    All hail! I believe the population will pick up when people open their eyes and see past the "milsim"-stamp it currently got.
  5. runewr

    RPG Appreciation Thread

    kek bur o/
  6. runewr

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    At this point I just assume all of these vehicles exploding are not because you shot them, but because it seems nobody in BHM can drive... Pretty much...
  7. runewr

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    Here comes the boom! ready or not? Here comes the boys from the south! Boom! I wish people would start realizing that the desolation mod is a gift by the gods . Comparing it to standalone is unfair, because standalone is so shit :-) soon™ ?
  8. runewr

    ArmA3 Desolation

    Low population right now probably has to do with the forced first person, as well as it being thursday. People should start to realize that Arma3 mod > Standalone
  9. runewr

    Strange and Silly Ads on DayZRP

    I got a "Drugtest for homeuse" - add when browsing the 4/20 thread on the forums... I mean, come on
  10. runewr

    New clothes

    It's all about them hats
  11. I bought my computer psu 5 years ago, and its at 750W. Anything below would be a bit low imo. Also cooling for CPU i'd recommend something of the hydro series. Personally I got the H60 and it never goes above 50-60 degrees Edit: Did not read full post, the cooling you got would do just fine I think. Edit2: As Storm mentioned, don't hold out on the PSU, its an investment for the future. About the ram, even though 8GB is usually enough, I'd go for 16GB and maybe upping the frequency to 2166Mhz.
  12. runewr

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    Yay, the Merlin is live! Nope, nevermind bloody choppers
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