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  1. I was born in Dallas Texas, in May of 02, to a cherno russian immigrant mother and a Mexican-American father. I grew up in Dallas. I went to your average high school, and learned your average classes, and did your average teenage things. My dad was a Rep for a steel working company, well he received a job offering by my mother's grandfather. Well on top of that my mother wanted to head home to visit family. Me never being out of the US i was excited for this trip. We were gonna move to Chernarus for 5 years for work. Then move back to texas. I was a little upset that i had to leave behind my girl and my job and friends but, it was necessary for my family. So in late 2019 we packed up and set sail for a new home. Leading me here to this shit show.
  2. wouldent it be out of game mechanic to maka it push to talk?
  3. what if you acctualy used the raideo in game bc in game you dont half to push the buttion making the rule pointless
  4. Theres just less of the people who only bait and pvp sure they can follow us but for probbly a day or 2 there will be less. plus theres less ""sensitive people" who get offended when someone ses hi
  5. Sorry if this is bad i have never done this. But this starts with the CTF being in vybor we set up shop. Later that night most of us had gotten off. i was over in a orange brick down the road when i crashed (internet was bad so i relogged) i got back on and heard shots went to see what happened and i saw many dead CTF and a man looting i took the shot and grabbed his M4 and ran for cover. Well i saw this man chasing me so i ran further almost out of town. i circled back and apparently i was lagging and got killed through 5 building and died but i was lagging hard.
  6. um no i just want to claerify that none of this is personal i enjoy the RP and look forward to more but.... I still havent seen anyone jump over and no one in our group has seen that ether but idk
  7. i appreiate the responces and im not mad about any of the RP i was just kinda confuzled about someone appering in my camp I guess we just need to build the walls
  8. i couldnt jump myself and i havent SEEN someone do it but i wont say its impossible ive tryed countless times and i couldent and nither could anyone els in our group
  9. Server and location: 2:00 AM Chernogorsk Dock Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Your in game name: Seth Lonegan Names of allies involved: @YAKMOUTH Name of suspect/s: @ImGrimm @Ducky 8 other unknown members EST Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: There's nothing wrong with the holdup itself i enjoyed the RP and so did @YAKMOUTH. So first we heard gunfire off in the distance. So we locked the base up... later a person came up with restraints on. A group of people went out to get him and they all got gunned down. So we hunkered down about 30 mins later a group was spotted going around at this point there was sporadic gunfire around the city. A group of sporadic survivors went out for a fight one came back. About 5 later a group of people came up and ASKED: Give up donut or die i said Come in here and get him. Inwhich they did. But what was so pressing about the matter is there's no way to get in other than the gates which are unaccesable from the outside.
  10. GREAT ROLEPLAY TODAY @thehouse it was amazing you guys shutting down the shop with tons of RP
  11. loads of fun playing with a old friend @YAKMOUTH today. We set up a store and enjoyed hanging out. We made some good trades and helped some people out. and sorry who died at NWAF i found your M16A4 thank you itz nice.
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