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  1. This character is KOSable, you may shoot him on sight for any reason. -Service- PFC Mickey Welch, RET, US ARMY (1999-2002, Honorable Discharge) Det Mickey Welch, Seattle PD (2002-2010, Patrol for first 4 years) -Post-Service Work- Operator at Battery PMC (2011-2012, Security in SE Asia) Independent Smuggler in Bangkok (2012-2015) Potius Cras Corporation (2015-Present) Skills and Capabilities: Extremely professional, Fokke has treated his occupations on either side of the law with the same demanding work ethic. Whether or not he shares in the passions or morals of his employers is moot - he has a job to do, and he'll do it to the best of his abilities and within the ROE set for him by his higher ups. His specialties are in reconnaisance, security, and old fashioned detective work. Known Issues: The same detachment from responsibility or passion that has made for an excellent work ethic has also hindered Fokke's movement into any kind of leadership role. This may have been a motivating factor in his brief foray into independent work as a criminal before being hired into the corporation, though the experience seems to have had the effect of exorcising any notion or need for such leadership roles. As an aside, while his years on patrol and as a detective have left him capable of interacting socially from a position of authority, he has a tendency to come across as cold or uncaring in more recent years. Recent Status: Fokke has spent much of the outbreak at a classified forward base somewhere north of Chernarus, having extracted from his continued work in Potius Cras' SE Asian operations to aid in the continued security of the corporation's bases of operations. It's only in the second wave of deployment that Fokke has been called on to put his other specialties to use once more. A late arrival to Southern Chernarus, Fokke only showed up recently in the country (Early 2019), along with the rest of his team. Years employed by the Corporation: 4.5
  2. Benji Horton

    Bring Back Night Time!

    Dealing with the dark is a great aspect of survival and opportunity for RP. It can demand desperation when low on supplies at sunset, it can bring a caravan of players to a standstill to camp it out, or it can benefit the well prepared, rocking flares, NV, and flashlights. There's a lot of depth currently not present on the server for the absence of darkness, and a lot of useless items. Plus, it's creepy in the dark. +1 for two hour nights.
  3. Educated and from a safe background in the upper-lower class, Benji Horton left University with a minor in Political Science and Journalism and a decent enough portfolio as a photographer to score an internship at a major international publication, shadowing a war correspondent. Though, the efforts of his gap year in China and the language he'd picked up and since become fluent in was likely a convincing force as well. While much of his career before the outbreak was spent in the middle east, Benji would travel with his mentor to Chernarus on occasion as part pf a follow up series on the civil war that his mentor had covered. These semi-routine trips allowed Benji to pick up some Russian, but nothing fluent. Within a couple of years, Benji was given his own assignments, to get footage for the publication - though he would be called on to serve as a cinematographer for a partnered network from time to time. One of these times was the protests of April of 2017. And when the situation escalated, Benji and his crew were evacuated to a fishing boat commandeered by Chernarus officials. They left with enough supplies to survive, moored against a barge - sending out the odd expedition into the chaos and what followed, until incident after incident meant that only a few of the former residents remained. Benji woke up one cold morning in 2019 to find that who remained of his comrades had either dead or absconded with what supplies remained. Alone, and forced to venture off into the unknown.
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