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  1. -Police uniform -M1014 -Anaconda Colt -Sunglasses
  2. 1.I mean the nuclear strike and the following "cold winter" shown in the singleplayer-mod in my idea 2.Czech-Republic is AT THE COAST?I know that Chernarus is based on a czech area(except the coast) but it´s not in the Czech republic. Why is it russian language on the road/city signs then?I could read the Czech letters,but not the russian.There´s only one city in Czech republic which uses russian letters.It´s "Karlsbad",which was german in the past and then russian. 3.We´re talking about Zombies,so there´s no reason for me to talk about virus or nuclear winter iin real life.It is just my opinion,if somebody asked me ingame.But i will tell the virus story...not
  3. You´re right Sin.I think the map Chernarus(Chernobyl...) is not called like it is by accident.I prefer the scenario "end of the world" and when hell is full,the dead will walk the earth.Makes more sense for me then "a virus".Why are the animals not "infected" then?But OK,I will handle it,like Tama explained it
  4. and they were all infected with...a virus...yes
  5. Be honest,you got the virus-thing from the "Walking Dead"
  6. you didn´t play the the game in story mode...there was a nuclear strike
  7. Some people are just robbing other people without any roleplay in it.It´s a kind of pvp for them to get your "stuff and your backpack".I met some people who got robbed at NWA by the same guy.He took an AKS,AKM,Ak74 and a MP5.This isn´t rp imo,because you can get these weapons in the next barrack. (btw,he´s dead)
  8. Gustl

    What rules have you broken?

    NLR... Altar-castle was attacked by 15 guys or more. I helped defending, died as soldier and came back as civilian(with different name) I didnt loot anyone, I was just interested, how it ended
  9. They arent bugged... the black G36K is the one that can use the red dot if I remember correctly. The black G36´s can´t change the sight,as I said above.The G36K is only a shorter version of the A. I had dozens of them on my old RP-Server,because I thought,they will be fixed one day.The rifles with desert paint can switch the sight and they have the same names ingame.It´s a known bug: (http://www.dayzrp.com/t-g36-k-g36-c-bug)
  10. The desert version is working.Just remove the black G36 and add the right one
  11. My favourite weapon is the G36A(desert paint and you can switch the scopes),but i haven´t found one yet.Only the bugged,black ones.It´s not possible to switch from red dot to scope with them and that´s really annoying,if you know the G36 irl.I found 2 crashsites today and i saw 3 of these.Why are they still in the game?
  12. Governor changed his name after mass rdm.But it fits.From Philip with 2 eyes to Brian with one "I"...
  13. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-request-for-a-change-in-rules go to that page mate we are currently talking about that kind of stuff. will do,thank you
  14. I got shot 3 times at Altar since i came here(one accident; one fight,because i decided to fight back as Lewis arrived and one "oops,sry").Everytime in a firefight between some groups.Clan´s should think about better skins for themselves or a better communication(!) and movement/overview if they want to fight each other.Most heard excuse: you looked like a member of clan-xy because you wore mercenary10,5 or whatever...+1 for a "combat rule" to prevent civilian casualties.Red smoke grenades thrown by the guards as warning for others could work too(just a suggestion and there are enough of them at Stary Sobor).I don´t want people banned for that kind of "accidents" but perhaps a reset or...he´s wanted for murder for the rest of the day
  15. Some people didn´t believe that I´m german and forced me to say to german swear words as proof...Don´t trust the people out there.Most are paranoid