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  1. Growing up in Frankfurt Wolfgang would always watch the massive shipping boats float by beginning a journey to somewhere in the world. This rooted a sense of adventure and longing to explore the world. This culminated in Wolfgang signing up on a cargo ship at the age of 18 to begin his journey in exploration. One day while manning a cargo ship off the Coast of Georgia returning to Germany the Ship was hit by a freak storm that Split the ship apart. Wolfgang was the only one lucky enough to make it to a life raft after the abandon ship order was given before the boat snapped. After being adrift alone for days He laid eyes on chernarus but unaware that going ashore would cause his death not salvation. He would come ashore just south of electro and find out that he had just landed in hell.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I think this verdict is not fair because I used the „//„ when making my comments to stop the RDMer from killing me after he RDMed my friend. And the person who rdmed me he was 183 meters away from me so he would not have even seen my messages and let alone that he had logged out 8 minutes after he had shot my friend and shot at me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was trying to prevent the RDMer from commuting another rdm and get a harsher punishment What would you like to achieve with this appeal: have my ban lifted What could you have done better?: Not have typed to prevent a player gaining another rdm
  3. Butterblade


    Me and chill2001 where basebuilding at my base when a shot rang out confused by the close proximity of the gunshot and the wizz of the bullet i told chill what direction i believed the gunshot was and then another shot ragout and chill was dead so then i ran into my base and hanging inside of my base for several minutes and then another bullet hit the building i was next to. i then proceed to type unaware if able to see it that "you do not have kill rights" and after several other messages i locked my base up and fled the area fearing that the unknown sniper was still wanting me dead.
  4. Its been talked about. i would like to request that this is closed
  5. Server and location: Us server north of green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:10 2/6/19 Your in game name: Franz Polo Names of allies involved: n/a Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: i left green mountain and headed north and when i left the woods around green mountain i heard gun shots close by, so i proceeded to run away then i started taking sniper fire from the town and was chased down and killed.
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