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  1. I do not have anything recorded that I could provide. I was with @thomas_y83, so the POV he provided as well as the footage help explain and show my POV in detail. To summarize, everything Thomas said is accurate. We discovered the camp, stalked it out, then ransacked it while they were away. Upon someone returning, we held them up, then attempted our getaway. But, this ultimately resulted in our death.
  2. Brock Kane, prior to the outbreak, was a young man from New Iberia, Louisiana. In his late teenage years, he struggled a bit within school. He knew he wasn't very book smart, but he knew he had some common sense; enough to get a job as a laborer at a factory or some place similar. A place where he'd be able to use his hands, get the job done, while at a decent pay rate; regardless of how tough the job was. To ensure his goal was met, he took up courses at a trade school just after high school for welding. Employment came quick, as a natural gas company was in search for a pipe welder; perfect for Brock and his qualifications. He stayed with the company for around a year before putting in his two week notice, deciding that the job just wasn't for him. Searching deep down inside, he applied online for a job aboard an oil tanker as an equipment operator. He spent less than a year aboard the ship, getting along well with his crew mates, before the unfortunate day they had to pull into a seaport in Chernarus. It was there that local military forces had requested them to stay docked and be relocated to a camp due to the local outbreak. Things got worse, and tensions in the region grew higher. After being convinced by a good friend of his, a coworker, they had took their first chance at leaving the camp and getting out of the area.
  3. Bradley was a full-time mechanic back in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was very fond of going out hunting when the season was right; as well as crabbing, shrimping, fishing and likewise. He had been good friends with a person over an online hunting discussion board who had been from Chernarus. After being invited out to Chernarus for a hunting trip, Bradley had booked a stay at a nearby camping resort in South Zagoria. Once there, he and his friend would go on to go out and do some hunting, which they had both been very passionate about. Unfortunately, by the end of his stay, the Frenzied Flu had caused Bradley to be stuck within the region; unable to board any flights leaving the nation. This troubled him, but it didn't take him very long to start preparing for the worst, although he didn't expect things to get as dire as they did. His friend was kind enough to give him some currency, as well as offer shelter at his home; however Bradley was granted stay at the resort until things were fine- which was never going to be the case. After society had begun to panic and abandon their basic societal functions; Bradley took to the woods and lived off the lands.
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