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  1. Lootable Mercanary skins

    Personally I think that every skin in-game should be lootable for RP reasons. What if you character is a big metal fan from Chernarus but you can't find a rocker outift and you're wearing Worker clothing, you find one, change and all of a sudden your hair has grown. I think it would help people RP from when they spawn.
  2. Settlements or just Anywhere Farming

    Of Mice and Men? I think this would be a great addition as it would give the people who RP as farmers something to do that's more in their role/ Give more reason for people to choose other backgrounds.
  3. Terra´s Adventures

    Shame they didn't take advantage of the situation, I had a brief time RPing with you Terra and really enjoyed it. And my god does it bug me when people rob the free medics!
  4. Is this good or bad?

    They are trying but so far the ideas they have put in are a load of s**t IMO. EDIT: Forgot to add that I dont think they should stop people from killing others in normal servers, I myself switch between being good and bad.
  5. Eat/Drink half

    I really like the idea of this! Also I agree, not so much the hunger but the thirst meter races down like its on a mission.
  6. What do you listen to ?

    [video=youtube] Everything by Muse and pretty much any Rock!
  7. Box

    Aaaanndd... Now I gotta listen to it. God damn, Just got it outta my head!
  8. 1 hour poll: zombies and vehicles

    I have voted for yes. It doesn't pose much of a challenge scavenging a city if you have a car because as soon as you start getting overrun you can just hop in your car and carry on to the next building full of loot/mow the zeds down.
  9. Game keeps crashing

    Lucky son of a gun I was told it is now open even if you haven't got 4 pre-ordered, is this true? If so I know where I'm heading! Yeah it's open beta. Just go download it Sweet! I have my few days of sorted. DayZRP and BF4 Also I just tried playing again and it seemed to work fine now.
  10. Game keeps crashing

    Lucky son of a gun I was told it is now open even if you haven't got 4 pre-ordered, is this true? If so I know where I'm heading!
  11. Game keeps crashing

    Ahh ok, I won't start deleting and re-installing stuff yet as I've read online to do Thanks for a quick reply.
  12. Game keeps crashing

    I have not had any problems so far with DayZRP but when I just logged on after about 3 minutes my game closed and said it has stopped working, I went back on and it done it again after about 5 or so minutes. I tried one more time and couldn't even get past the server loading screen. Any suggestions?
  13. Failed Robberies Thread

    Unfortunately I didn't get footage but I was searching for food in Elektro school, went right up to the top where there is only a ladder access, I heard some guy shouting but couldn't make it out. He came outside on the top of the school but still below the ladder. He asked me in a rather unsavory way to drop my weapon and get down there or I shall be shot and killed(Note, I took out a lot of the profanities. Let this be a reminder, please don't initiate on people when they have a good sight on you but you cant see them.
  14. it's just who we are. Well personally I'm going to get a car shove heli parts in it a get to teh chopper.*coughs* on a serious note I will looks for heli crashes and start robbing some people. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with you guys
  15. Find me some of that Banane cake and try not to get repeatedly robbed by B-17... again.